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Seperate ways... (Closed)

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  • Seperate ways... (Closed)

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-23-2002 03:58 AM:
    Seperate ways... (Closed)

    This is the best thing I can do... I need closure. I can't stay here anymore knowing he's just down the hall and doesn't bother visiting anymore. What the hell did I ever do to him?

    Warrior Darkstorm had all of her belongings packed and ready to be taken to her private esatblishment, the ridge. She held no regrets. Nothing will ever have to burden her heart again if she took her business elsewhere. But there would always be something to remind her and haunt her of her past with him for the rest of her life. It will be hard to get over....

    As the droids completed moving everything out of her room, she prepared to exit. She made sure there wasn't a trace left of her ever being her,. but those who knew her well would know where to find her if they needed her for anything.

    New discoveries drove Nikka to be away from any activity also. She couldn't believe her husband was still alive after all these years. So many questions ran through her mind as she stood there, staring into a void of nothingness. Why did he fake his own death? What would happen if I were to see him again? Will I still be able to love him like nothing ever happened? Nikka was beginning to feel betrayed by him. All this time of mourning her loss was for nothing. Oh, no. Nikka would never feel the same way about him again. So what will happen if she sees him again? She will kill him...

    Nikka shook the thoughts from her mind and peered down the hall, letting the droids get a good ways down there before setting off to her home. Nobody was stirring since it was so late. It was the reason she cnose this hour to depart. To be honest, she dreaded going back to the ridge after not staying there for such a long time. The one night spent would burn into her memory just as it had faded weeks ago. That was the true sign that this wasn't right.

    I'm sorry, I don't know if I can do this anymore. It's too complicated, even for me. My heart breaks when I'm with you... and it breaks when I'm without you.

    Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought this, hoping wherever he was he would hear it. Pulling the dufflebag strap tighter around her shoulder, Nikka exied her now former quarters. Never did she look back as she left... she only looked down at the sleek, black flooring as she departed.

    You know where to find me....

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-24-2002 11:22 AM:

    If I had two dozen roses and open bottle of wine, If I could have really of hung the moon, would it change your mind...

    Talus wandered down the hall-way towards Nikka's door, he had been pre-occupied as of late and just flat out ignoring her. In his right hand were 2 dozen purple Hapesian roses which he held by the thorns, letting them dig into his skin, in his left hand was a bottle of Alderan Wine, one of the few bottles remaining since the destruction of the planet. A look of fear was on the young man's face, fear of how she would react, fear of what she would say, fear of what she wouldn't say.

    "Nikka, these are for you... No no, too childish. Hello my love, I'm sorry, let me make it up... No no, too groveling. Damnit how do I do this..." The young Sith Disciple mumbled to himself, he had never been in love before, he had never experienced love before. He was unsure of what was expected of him and he often let that and his ambition cloud his judgement when he was with the red-haired warrior.

    He approached the door with even more dread than he had approached his first training session with his master. Pacing back and forth, trying to decide whether to just drop the roses and the wine and run screaming back to his quarters and hole himself up or press the button and face the wrath of a woman scorned. Thrice he approached the door and thrice he withdrew, cursing himself for cowardice. Finally on the fourth try his finger pressed the button, his whole body shook as he awaited the door to open.

    "Nikka, it's Talus. Are you there?" His voice trembled.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-24-2002 12:48 PM:

    Nikka decided a quick stop in Rama's for a quick drink before heading to the Ridge would be in order. Perhaps she needed a little more time to think than she thought.

    You know this isn't what you want.

    Her conscious fought harder and harder with every step she took away from the headquarter halls. And then she heard it....

    `If I had two dozen roses and open bottle of wine, If I could have really of hung the moon, would it change your mind... `

    ...and halted in her steps just as she came to the door that lead outside. Silently she shook her head, brushing a tear from her cheek and continued on, but shortly after she heard the message, she returned only a few words to him.

    Follow your heart... you will find me.

    A surge of guilt ran through her soul as she got closer and closer to the bar. Her thoughts of leaving were rather harsh and would give anything to take it back. If he heard what she said, he was probably torn to pieces just as she was.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-24-2002 06:08 PM:

    Talus stood outside Nikka's door, looking ever the fool. His hands gripped the roses tighter as his own blood trickled down his arm. She wasn't answering the door or she wasn't there. He knew he should have called first.

    If I could cry a little harder, and get a little less sleep at night, if I had two dozen roses would it change your mind...

    Talus laid down the roses outside her door and opened the bottle taking a large swig he laughed. Fate had saw to it that he was born without parents, that he had grown up without friends, that he drove anyone who might be considered close away with his arrogance and pride. It seemed that the universe was just keeping things the way they ought to be for the young disciple.

    But the way things ought to be is shaped in my image...

    Drinking another swig of the wine he wondered towards Rama's, he was going to need some scotch for this evening.