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    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-03-2002 05:30 PM:
    The Open Door...

    ... The Clone of the Sith Knight Athena Lady Darknss, sat on the large backed chair in her quarters. She knew most of the people here and had seen a lot of new faces. Thinking to herself, "I could only train, and bring honor to my Master, then I cant fall like my Maker. "

    She didnt know what to do next, but then the time and people would point her in the right way. The way of the darkness. Her door was open as she watched people walk back and forth within the hall.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-04-2002 01:15 PM:

    Zeta did not spend much time within his own quarters, sleep was not something the Zabrak really felt the need for, only getting it when he needed it.

    The Sith Disciple did not know very many of the memebers within the Empire, and already he had been amongest TSE's ranks for quite a few months now. Though such things as this could have possibly been prevented by Zeta's own actions, if he actually took the time to make his presence known among members.

    Zeta knew of Athena, but only by word of mouth, he had never actually met the lady of darkness, but what he had heard of her was good, at least in the eyes of a Sith. Athena was skilled in combat, and rather good with Sith Sorcery. Still, the Zabrak did not know much else about the woman, except her place within the empre and whom her Master was.

    He'd heard what had happened to the Knight, but the news had surprised him, he knew that the Empire had lost a great warrior.

    However, soon after the lady of darkness' death, word soon, after a short time, spread to him, and he learned that the Empire now occupied a clone of the late Athena.

    Clones were not unusual to Zeta, he had seen a few in his day,and he usually adjusted well to them.

    Ever curious and observant, Zeta, for some unexplained reason, found himself stopping within the middle of the hall, looking into the open doorway. It was not often that the Zabrak walked within the hall and found an open door to someones quarters.

    Yet as he looked onward, into the room, his eyes fell onto the Lady Athena, though he himself was rather clueless to who her presence was.

    He stood at her doorway, not wishing to step inside without being invited, he waited to see if she would invite him to enter.

    The Zabrak had observed, through silent observation within the force, however small the feelings were to him, that Athena was troubled.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 03:05 PM:

    Her training done under Dara Shadowtide allowed Athena to sence the breath of a person near her. Looking up she noticed A Zabrak, Zeta... Athena's memories kicked in as she made a mental note that he had joined just before the makers death.

    She studied him for a moment and then finally spoke.

    " You may join me if you so like. Do you drink? "

    Athena already had her normal glass of Red Wine sitting on a table not far from her. she was dressed in normal attire she had found in the closet of her Maker.

    " Zeta right? "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-04-2002 04:26 PM:

    A slight moment of hesitation was brought forth on Zeta's part just after Athena invited him in. She'd mentioned his name, startling the Zabrak for a moment.

    Slowly, the Disciple walked into the room. As he did so, he took a few seconds to observe his surroundings. His gaze fell onto Athena's glass of Red Wine. His gaze fell back onto her as he answered in reply.

    "No, Thank You. I do not drink...often."

    He gave the woman standing before him a questionable glance.

    "Yes, that's right. I do not recall us ever meeting.."

    He paused, trying to recall a chance meeting, but he remembered none.

    "Forgive me, perhaps I should know who you are already, if you know me, but I do not."

    He would soon learn that such a statement was wrong.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 04:30 PM:

    With nothing more then a smile she offered him a seat.

    " No I was there when you were brought into the Empire. Or well in a way I was there. My Maker was. "

    She listened to his comment on not drinking to often.

    " Water, would that be better? "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-04-2002 04:55 PM:

    A moment of silence seemed to fall between the two, Zeta's doing. He was taking a moment to reflect on what the woman had told him.

    Her words seemed odd to him, speaking as if she had seen him once before, but not.

    It confused the Zabrak a little, his questionable expression towards Athena only seemed to grow.

    She had said her maker, Zeta was not sure of what that exactly meant. A slight look of frustration crossed his face as he answered her again, he seemed to avoid her comments all together, moving directly on toward the question.

    "Water then, yes..."

    He pondered silently to himself as to who this woman was.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-14-2002 05:26 PM:

    She looked at him, he seemed deep in thought.

    " I am a clone of another member of the Empire. "

    That she thought would help to make him understand. She grabbed the glass and filled it with sparkling bottled water. Athena never trusted anything that was not already ready to drink. Things could go wrong.

    " My Maker hide within the shadows so you may have never seen her. But she saw you interestingly enough. She loved to lurk in the shadows of the recrutment area. "

    Athena walked back to the man and offered him a seat. Then handed out the glass of water.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-14-2002 05:52 PM:

    "I understand now then," the Sith nodding in acknowledgement, pausing to walk over to the seat that was being offered to him.

    "There are not many clones that I know that dwell within the Empire," he said as he took the glass from Athena.

    "You are...Clone to the great Lady Athena, otherwise known as the Lady of Darkness, Apprentice to Dara Shadowtide. Skilled in the arts of Sith Sorcery, as well as combat."

    Only now did the Zabrak bring the glass of water to his lips to drink, silence falling between the two as he took his drink.

    He peered within his glass for a moment, as if half expecting the contents within the glass to do something, and then let his gaze fall onto the clone again.

    "I never met her, nor have I yet to meet her Master. Athena was someone great to the Empire..."

    Zeta paused yet again, but this time he locked eyes with the woman, observing what he saw.

    "...She brought a great deal of honor to her Master and to those of the I've heard. Many remember her well...."

    He watched as the clone's gaze broke away from his, his gaze however, remained on her, still content with observing.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-16-2002 12:28 AM:

    " from what I know there is only two clones. Myself and that of Sith Master Lynch. But I could be wrong..."

    Athena returned to her seat after picking up her glass of red wine. She took a sip and placed it on an end table within her sitting room.

    " As for my Maker being trained in the arts of Sith Sorcery, as well as combat. Yes she was, and so am I in the exact same fashion. She trained me and taught me everything she knew before her death. "

    She watched his eyes shift from his glass back to her.

    " As for Mistress Shadowtide, She is a great and powerful member here. You should talk to her sometime. She knows more things then many here. "

    With a slight flash of her iced violet eyes that turned to a deep and deadly crimson...

    " I plan to keep that same honor to the Empire as well as my Master. Tell me Zeta how is training going? Who is your Master once more? "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-16-2002 10:59 AM:

    There was a rather long pause before the Zabrak said anything.

    "I do not..."

    The Zabrak seemed to stammer with his reply.

    "...know how I should address you.."

    Zeta always tended to be careful, to think ahead with anything he ever did, wanting to tend to draw out conclusions and situations before they actually happened. Thinking ahead usually helped to keep the Zabrak out of trouble, but he never did seem to mind if trouble did look his way, he liked it.

    He took note that he was heading off track with the conversation at hand, quickly he made himself fall back into the conversation, answering her replies with his own.

    "Perhaps I shall meet Master Shadowtide's acquaintance someday soon. I've heard she is a rather busy woman..."

    Zeta had kept his gaze on Athena as he spoke, making sure, purposely, if he could help it, not to take his eyes off of her.

    He did this often with people upon first meeting them, he was mindful, and not trustworthy of many. It was never against anyone personally, it was just how the Zabrak was.

    He caught the change in her eyes, and what he saw, didn't surprise him.

    "I'm sure you will..."

    Something tugged at Zeta's lips, as if a change in expression were going to occur, but nothing ever did as his face continued to remain without expression.

    The Zabrak did not like talking about himself much, and he never really gave away a whole lot of information about himself. When asked though, he answered, no one usually prodded too deeply.

    Except for just one...but he hadn't seen much of that person in a good while...

    "Sith Lord Raine Sarin is my is light, I suspect my training will pick up again soon."

    He answered only the things asked of him, giving no more detail than he needed to.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-17-2002 02:52 PM:

    " Raine is your Master and you have never meet Mistress Shadowtide. She is your Masters, Master. Im shocked you have not taken the time to greet her. "

    She looked at him, and studied him close, he didnt like to speak of himself.

    " So Ummm, you like your time here within the Empire? "

    she was thinking of things to ask that was not to personal, seeing how he didnt like that. And trying to keep the converstation going.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-17-2002 09:58 PM:

    "Yes, Mistress Shadowtide is Master to many. It is just one small fact I know of my own Master. He is...much like myself, secretive. He does not share much about himself."

    The tiniest hint of amusement crossed Zeta's face, though it could barely be seen.

    "I'm still here, am I not?"

    The look on his face quickly left him and he nodded toward Athena.

    "Your eyes...I see a look of a longing to be accepted. I see...fear....It is the fear of failure."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-18-2002 01:05 PM:

    " My eyes? "

    She smiled.

    " I have seen things you can never dream of. I have watched myself die. I died within the Empire walls. I seek to only Honor my Master once more. I was a very well known Fighter within the Empire, now few know me. But soon you all shall hear of my name once more. I dont want to belong, I just want to be here once more. My fighting style is my own and I have only lost one fight. To a Jedi Master, other then that I have showered my Master in over countless different sabers I even returned home with the saber of the Jedi Master who damn near killed me. My eyes only show my soul.....Emptiness. "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-18-2002 03:20 PM:

    It was the Zabrak's turn to smile now.

    "...but you are here. Your is here, and I doubt that it has ever left this place. You speak as if you've come and gone, well that may be true, but I believe there is always a piece of the dead that stays, be it by memory or spirit. There are those here that remember you well, and they carry on your memory. It is through memory that I learned of you, though perhaps at too late in time. Nonetheless, I still know of you, but not enough. You should not believe that you are not already here. How do you expect others to believe if you do not believe yourself?"

    Zeta's facial features slowly formed to express nothing once more.

    "I do not mean to question you, but you speak as if you've come and gone, only to say you've returned yet again. I believe that you never left. I believe this because it is in the way that you are mentioned, how you are spoken of. What I have been told of, it is no lie, and if you had already come and gone, I would not know of you in the first place, who you were and who you are, that would not be made evident to me."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-19-2002 10:19 PM:

    "I guess that all depends on who you talk too. My Maker was well known and spoken of. But I am somewhat different then my maker. If I was not, I would be yes I am here. And yes she never left. If I may ask... who did you talk to about my maker. I know everything she knew of herself. And everything she ever saw. But I dont know what others thought of her. I guess I just want to know what others really think of me. Seeing how she/I was not gone long. "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-20-2002 06:57 AM:

    "I have not spoken to anyone, specifically, but I do not need to, me ears tell me of what I don't speak or ask about."

    The Zabrak was not nosy by any means, curious perhaps, but not nosy. The Sith Disciple could not often help the conversations that went on within Rama's. Though he tried his best to ignore conversations that did not pertain to him, sometimes that just was not possible.

    "Do names really matter to you? Does a name change anything for you? If you really wish to know, ask. That is how I know and learn, I ask."

    Zeta fell into a state of quiet, watching and observing the clone, a question on his mind. A question the that he did not hesitate to ask, he could not help but pry now.

    "What makes you different?"

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-20-2002 02:58 PM:

    How was she different? She was an exact twin of her maker. But her anger and temper where just slightly off. A little more short.

    " Names mean nothing to me, I just wondered who spoke of a dead person. Or someone they thought was dead. My anger and temper are not what they should be. I could control them better but I dont. Im sure you fight with standard weapons right?"

    She knew it was an odd question but something she wanted to know.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-21-2002 09:58 AM:

    "Weapons," the Disciple whispered, thinking to himself.

    Zeta did not have much taste in weapons, then again, he was not too big on battle. He was not too big on battle for the simple fact that he did not know how to fight.

    He had no interest in weapons, the force was what he liked.

    Sith Sorcery would one day become a hobby of his own, but now he was not ready for such things as Sith Sorcery, only a mere Disciple of the darkside.

    "I do not take much interest in weapons. All I have is my lightsaber. I wish to gain a dagger one day perhaps. Any other weapon, well, I know of none. I am inexperienced when it comes to battle, unfortunately."

    The Disciple's gaze wavered away from Athena's for a split second or two, he did not wish for the clone to see the small hint of disappointment that had settled on his face. He returned his gaze to her as he spoke again.

    "I have taken a spark of interest in Sith Sorcery, I shall take the opportunity to study it when I become stronger with the Darkside. For now I shall work on my weaknesses."