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Hidden Truths(Raine Sarin)

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    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-14-2002 10:08 PM:
    Hidden Truths(Raine Sarin)

    It had been only a few days since Zeta had seen his Master last. The Sith Lord and Sith Disciple had exchanged no words when last they has seen one another, but Zeta could sense something within Raine, something not quite right.

    He remembered what had happened just a few days ago within the recruitment area. The Zabrak had watched in silence, observing as he often did.

    Words had been exchanged between Raine Sarin, his Master, and Darth Phantom, another Sith Lord of the Empire.

    Those words had nothing to do with him, yet still, what he had seen, troubled him...

    ...Because he had watched his Master leave the recruitment area, and it was the way the Zabrak had left that troubled him most.

    He had shaken Darth Phantom's hand, their words ceasing to a close, and the conflict becoming resolved.

    Yet he had watched his Master ever so closely, and he remembered the way he had gripped the other Lord's hand.

    Not firm. Just....quick and without meaning.

    The words his Master had spoken to Phantom upon Raine's exit, appeared true. Yet the Sith Disciple had sensed more, as if Raine had held something back.

    Hidden words that were not spoken, only half truths. He wondered about this, and why no one else had sensed it.

    It was what troubled him. Raine was what troubled him most.

    Zeta did not spend very much time with his Master, both men spent more of their free time alone, rather than wishing to take opportunities to spend it with the members of the Empire. Yes, time with other members was spent, but not as often as most.

    Yet it would always bring a sense of mystery as to why Zeta could see so much in Raine already, as he did with many members upon just one encounter. It did not matter if he found himself in his Master's presence often or not at all, he still could observe.

    The Zabrak liked being observant. No, he was not always right in his observations, but there were more times that he was correct in his observations rather than wrong.

    Raine was by far, one of the most secretive presences Zeta knew within the Empire. However, that in itself was not saying much, Zeta did not know very many members within the Empire. He often tended to keep to himself.

    The Zabrak could not help but have his thoughts dwell upon his Master as he paced silently within the dark of his quarters. As hard as he might have tried, he could not get the event that had happened within the recruitment area, off of his mind.

    He found that there was only one thing that could cure him of his troubles, to talk about it.

    He needed to talk to his Master, even if Raine did not want to talk to him. He had to at least try, it was the only way to aid himself away from his troubled thoughts.

    Reaching out with the force, the Sith Disciple stretched out with his mind, seeking and trying to find his Master's presence. He waited patiently(though with some difficulty), waiting to see if his Master would answer his call.

    Master, I wish to speak with you....

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 10-18-2002 09:29 PM:

    *It was not long before Zeta heard his master's voice in his mind. It seemed to glide on waves of chaos as it came to the apprentice.*

    "Then by all means, feel free to do so. I am within my quarters at this moment. Come now, or it may be far more difficult to do so later."

    What Raine had been doing all this time was a bit of a mystery to anyone that had known him. He had been sitting at a desk in his room, reading. He was fairly calm at the moment, having gone through another set of the form of therapy he had designed for himself. However, these moments did not last long and it would not be long before the Sith Lord was once again consumed by the rage that had been flowing through his mind since the event in the recruitment area.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-19-2002 02:09 PM:

    His Master's words only seemed to make the apprentice ever more curious.

    Zeta did not dwell within the dark of his room for much longer, taking just but a minute or two to ponder what he would say, then he was off to Raine's quarters.

    Raine's door opened just as Zeta stepped toward the Sith Lord's door.

    Though Zeta had been invited, he still made himself stand close toward the entrance of the door as he entered Raine's quarters.

    "Forgive me, Master, I do not mean to dsiturb you, I know how busy you are within the Empire. I am...disturbed about something."

    The Zabrak paused, only now taking note of Raine's living quarters. His eyes centered on Raine again, though he had thought of what he would say, Zeta had trouble letting his words escape his mouth.

    "There is no one else I feel that I can talk to abouit this, I thought it best that I come to you...I saw what happened in the recruitment area, Master. I did not like what I had seen. I saw you shake Lord Phantom's hand, not firm, but a hand shake nonetheless. I listened to the words you spoke to him, and the words he spoke to you. I listended to everything. I waited for what more would come, but it never did. I waited for you to say more, and you never did. I know you had more to say, but you did not, that is what has me disturbed, my Master."

    Zeta did not ask, but his eyes said what his words did not.

    His eyes said and asked why.