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    Posted by Nikka on 09-01-2002 11:04 PM:
    The Goodbye

    (OOC: Don't get the wrong idea here lol This is pretty much closed, but if anyone would like to join, please IM or e-mail me first. Thanks )


    The young Warrior sat at her desk late in the evening, so many thoughts dwelling and swirling throughout her mind. She couldn't even see straight as she stared at her computer monitor. It was probably from the tears welling up in her eyes. A goodbye was imminent and Nikka had to fight it no matter what. She may have been crying over this, but she knew the time to say goodbye is now.

    Depressing a button on her control console, she began to speak. Her eyes were still flushed with tears.

    "Phantom...I really need to tell you something...This has been on my tongue for the last few weeks... While you were gone, I met someone..."

    She hesitated, almost choking on her words but then continued. Anger began to grow gradually as she spoke.

    "I wanted to tell you earlier.. but it just kind of happened really fast. But I will let you know of one thing... Don't interfere with what's going on in my life, I care not for your opinion because I will not be with somebody that is never here. That's it. Farewell."

    Nikka sighed and closed down the message, then slumped down in her chair, furious with anger.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-15-2002 01:05 AM:

    *Many hours passed since she sent the message. Liquor bottles lay scattered about the floor and on the bed around her passed out body. Seemed Nikka was dabbling into one of her old habits again. She vowed to give it up, but in this case, it wasn't so simple. So many emotions overlapped each other that Nikka couldn't take it anymore so she decided to drink until she fell out, but maybe she did this for a purpose--to keep from hearing any messages in return. She didn't even want to bear the look on his face or the sound in his voice when he received the message, and in fact, she didn't want to be around him at all because in that instant, she knew she would probably break down... or worse...*

    *Nikka's near-lifeless body still lay on her bed, half-dressed--several smaller sized JD bottles lie all around her where she had laid there for hours drinking. It was almost if she wanted to die, but didn't. There was still a glimmer of life felt in her...but just barely. Someone would have to get to her very soon...*

    (OOC: Anybody can join this thread now. It's open.)

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-15-2002 08:19 AM:

    Xam had just left Rama's and was on his way to his headquarters. It was dark in the hall and Xam could see a small line of light coming from under a door, he stopped in front of it and read that it was Nikka's room. He heard a bottle scatter and knew there had to be something wrong with her.

    Xam knocked at the door, to be polite, he couldn't know in which state she was so he would give her the chance to clean up very quick if she wanted.

    "Hello Nikka, is everything all right?"

    Posted by Nikka on 09-15-2002 10:37 PM:

    *Nikka's arm had fallen to the side of the bed when the crashing was heard. She had a bottle clasped in her hand which fell to the floor and broke into dozens of pieces scattered about the ground. That was the only movement heard from inside her room. She was still unable to speak, muchless get up and answer the door.


    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-16-2002 07:46 PM:

    Talus had been up wandering about the Headquarters, his own sleeping arrangement was far on the other side of TSE's compound. He had been itching for a fight, but that was the old prizefighter in him, he was always itching for a fight. But no one was up for sparring in fact not many were up at all. So Talus' mind began to wander as well as his feet. He thought of his training, he was happy with it, although if he had it his way, he and Lord Darkstar would never leave the training grounds but to conquer some pathetic excuse for an enemy.

    Then his thoughts moved on to other things, Talus' mind was a paradox of sorts, at times he never thought of anything, those blessed/cursed with the ability to read minds normally got a blank slate from Talus, it was a defense mechanism so he couldn't have his thoughts betray him. But at night when people were asleep he thought, he thought alot. Recently, besides his duties to TSE and his training all of Talus' thoughts were on Nikka. Ever since the night they spent together he had not stopped thinking over her. He was in love with her, he had said it as well, but it would not be something he said often. He didn't like to show affection, he thought it made him weak, made him soft. But when he was alone with Nikka, his emotions ran roughshod over his often cold and calculating logic.

    I need to quit thinking, Nikka usually conforms my thoughts into one topic...her, He approached the door to see a Xam looking with concern at the door. Talus picked up his pace and moved Xam gently but forcefully out of the way. "Excuse me friend." He said as he nudged him over. He depressed the button to call on Nikka.

    "Nikka, what's going on in there? Open the door it's Talus." Talus was becoming worried and enraged what was going on in there that she would not open the door.

    "Open the frelling door Nikka!" He shouted, pounding on the frame. His anger rising, the veins in his arms and head were throbbing as his muscles bulged. He more than likely couldn't knock the door down, but it wouldn't stop him from trying.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-16-2002 08:19 PM:

    "No...No...Please leave him alone..."

    *Nikka's soft voice murmured as another loud crash was heard from inside her room. She was still passed out, but the images she was seeing inside her mind were frightening and very disturbing.*

    ~It was all jumbled at first, but it cleared moments later. There were two men fighting hand to hand with no weapons. One appeared to be Phantom-a dark figure shrouded in black robes-cold red eyes beaming from under his cowled hood. The other looked a lot like Talus-Long locks of braided black hair extending down his back, strong facial features, skin that had been kissed by the sun (dark or tanned), black trousers, boots and shirtless. The fight was brutal, and went on and on until Phantom pulled a large dagger from his belt and lunged at Talus, who had been knocked into a table or bar. Nikka appeared to be watching in the distance and tried to break free from someone's grasp, but couldn't. The pull that held her back was too strong. A crowd blocked her view then, but the sound coming from Talus' throat was horrible. A loud cry--her name screamed into the darkness. As the crowd cleared, Nikka's view was Phantom was standing over Talus, staring straight at her with those cold, red eyes. Her view moves down at Talus... His body was still. Broken. The dagger plunged into his chest. Nikka screamed and tried to break away again, but no help. Phantom moved toward her, pulling a lightsaber hilt from his belt. She appeared to be next, but broke away from the grasp that held her back. "Get away from me!!!!!" In one swift move, she decked Phantom across the face, knocking him down to the ground--too easy (but it is a dream) and then moved over to Talus. He was gone.. lifeless. She knelt down and held his still body in her arms, crying, writhing and screaming his name.~

    *It was then over and more bottles were heard crashing about the room. Nikka was a little more moveable, tossing and turning in the bed, but never awoke to hear the knocks at the door.*

    ...Open the frelling door Nikka...!

    *Talus' yelling was heard, as well as more banging on the door, and in that instant, as if it was heard, Nikka cried out his name.*


    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-18-2002 09:19 AM:

    As he neared an uncontrollable rage, Talus brought both arm to his right side and drove his left shoulder into the door, the steel frame groaned as the door twisted violently. Talus' frame heaved into it once again, the door nearly gaved this time, It had all but pulled away from the frame. Then in one great push the door was blown off the frames and landing with great clamor of on the floor of Nikka's quarters, scattering the many bottles of liqour that layed strewn about on her floor.

    "What in the hell is going on?" He asked with anger in his eyes. His beloved layed sprawled out on her bed, he night gown disheveled and her hair wild.

    Moving quickly to her he grabbed her by the shoulders and sat her up right. "What have you done to yourself? Speak to me!" He ordered loudly. Her intoxicated frame, flopped about like a cloth doll, only serving to enrage Talus all the more.

    "Why did you do this? Am I not there enough for you? Do I not listen to whatever you have to so, no matter how trivial? Do I not worship you as a Goddess enough? Why must you drown out the pain of the past with this?" Talus growled smashing a bottle of alcohol on the floor.

    "Instead of with this?" He spoke gently this time as he kissed her lips. He could taste the pure alcohol on them. His was trembling, the anger that she would turn to something else instead of him was maddening.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-18-2002 11:51 AM:

    Xam looked at Talus, he was enraged, he had never seen him like that.. After he destroyed the door which was standing in his way he looked inside, it was a chaos there..

    "Ah, I'll leave you both."

    Xam lifted the door and put it back in its frame.

    "Well, that door won't attract the attention anymore."

    He turned and walked further back to his room.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-18-2002 04:52 PM:

    *Nikka began to stir around slightly as Talus sat her upright in the bed. She groaned, but didn't hear anything he said as it was all a muffled sound to her hearing. Then, Nikka's senses fell into place again and she could tell it was him. She leaned forward, her arms fell loosely around his waist when he kissed her. It was then when her eyes fluttered open, seeing him standing over her with his hands clasped firmly around her shoulders. She focused harder, the best she could and then could tell he was angry, but she didn't understand why. Everything she had done had blacked out in her mind and she couldn't remember a thing.*

    "T-Talus?" She cried out weakly, recalling bits and pieces of the nightmare and held him tighter seeing he was alright. "You're... okay."

    *Tears fell down her cheeks. She had never been so happy and relieved to see him. The dream seemed so real to her she thought for sure he was gone.*

    *Stirring around a bit, she then noticed the empty liquor bottles laying around her, and saw the door busted out if its frame. A clean-up droid rolled into her room and began to clear away the mess. She looked back to Talus and saw the anger burning in his eyes more clearly. It nearly frightened her to see him this way. Burrying her face in his chest, she sobbed uncontrollably, more emotions running over one another. This time, she felt she couldn't control it.*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-19-2002 11:57 PM:

    Talus' anger was fading to confusion.

    "Of course I'm ok..." Her question was puzzling. But he was still angry that she was drunk, not just drunk, she was out of her mind.

    "What in the hell has gotten in to you Nikka? Why are you drinking like this?" There was a mixture of anger and rage in his voice. He was unprepared for the tempest of emotions she poured out at once. She sobbed, confused and dumbfounded, he just held her close as she poured her emotions onto his shoulder.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-20-2002 12:28 AM:

    *Nikka's sobbing began to subside as Talus spoke to her. She hated the fact that he was angry with her for drinking and began to feel overrun with guilt from resulting to such a disappointing habit. She began to choke again, thinking it was on tears, but raised her head up and forward as if she is getting sick.*

    "'re gonna have to me..."

    *The burning sensation moved quickly up her esophagus, nearing into her throat. She couldn't speak but gave Talus a look of helplessness, telling him he had to move quick.*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-21-2002 12:43 AM:

    Talus noticed her complexion completely change and he grabbed her when she asked for help carrying her to the bathroom.

    "Serves you right..." He growled.

    "You could have talked to me, told me what was bothering you.... did you not think I would care? Well no you are paying for it." There was a mixture of concern and disgust in his words.

    Reaching down he pulled her hair back so that she could purge herself uninhibited.

    "Why didn't you just talk to me?"

    Posted by Nikka on 09-21-2002 01:35 AM:

    "I'm sorry..."

    *She sputtered and then slumped back against the wall after finishing her business. Not a good sight for a newly promoted Warrior. She was so weak and frail... and disappointed she had let her best friend down.*

    "I just... needed to be alone. I'm so sorry."

    *Weakly, but determined, she crawled over to the bathtub and hung her body halfway off the side. She turned on the cold water at full blast, allowing it to drip all over her half clothed body.*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-21-2002 02:19 PM:

    Talus watched her try to clean herself up, he was still angry and disgusted with Nikka, but that didn't mean his feelings toward her had changed. Walking over to her he grabbed a wash rag and moistened it. He then began to wipe off the tears and other substances off her face

    "Pitiful..." He mumbled. Not sure whether she heard him or not. He didn't really care he was angry with her and if he shamed her maybe she wouldn't do something so foolish again. He then lifted her frail body and began to undress her so that she could bathe. He wasn't worried about modesty at the moment, she reaked of booze and purge and he wanted her to get cleaned up. Once he got her down to her undergarments he sneered at her.

    "You can finish the rest, lie down in the tub and let the shower clean you off. When you're clean and refreshed. We'll talk..." With that he turned sharply and slammed the bathroom door.

    Entering her room he opened her fridge, there were still bottles of booze lying around. There wouldn't be for long...

    Posted by Nikka on 09-21-2002 02:36 PM:

    *She winced as the door slammed and swallowed back tears. Removing the rest of her clothes, she reclined back in the tub and allowed the cold water to rinse her off.*

    *Later, she entered the bedroom fully clad in her dark, shrouded robe and jumpsuit. She still felt weak and needed something to rejuvenate her strength. Something to eat sounded like a good idea, but she didn't need too much since her stomach was still queazy.*

    *Talus was seated in the chair on the nearest wall. Nikka could feel his anger and was almost hesitant to approach him. Walking over to a control panel, she typed in a code and a droid appeared on the monitor.*

    "~How can I be of service to you, Warrior Darkstorm?~"

    "Have a pot of Hapan herbal tea and a larbe bowl of broth sent to my quarters."

    "~Yes, Ma'am. I'll have it sent right away.~"

    *Nikka nodded and shut off the monitor. She turned to Talus and spoke, before sitting down on the chair next to him.*

    "Do you want anything?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-24-2002 05:59 PM:

    "No..." He growled softly. Talus was not in a pleasant mood and was not a believer in tact.

    "Have you cleaned yourself?" He asked coldly, "And are you finished purging the toxins you put in your system..."

    He didn't even look at her, the rage inside of him would have boiled over had he looked her dead in the eyes.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-24-2002 06:19 PM:

    *She nodded slightly noting the tone in his voice and could tell he was still angry at her. Her stomach began to feel ill again, but not from the hangover-From Talus' aura.*

    "I am fine, Talus." She replied sternly. "This isn't the first time this has happened..."

    *Letting out a short sigh, she awaited for her nourishment to arrive in silence. Nikka was too overwhelmed to speak again. Several moments later, the doorchimes went off and Nikka stood up to answer it. Opening the door, she took a tray from a server droid's grasp and closed the door. Not saying a word, she moved over to a small table and sat down with her food and began to eat slowly. Just smelling the broth made Nikka feel so much better. Glancing to Talus, she noticed his eyes never diverted. She sighed and sipped from her tea.*

    Boy I've really done it now... he'll never speak to me again... It was the only thought that came to mind...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-30-2002 12:05 AM:

    Talus couldn't contain his rage, his eyes were as brimstone on a starless night. His nostrils flared as the reasons for her actions rushed through his head.

    Am I not good enough, are you regretting your actions because you had a Dark Lord at your disposal and you chose a lowly disciple over him, you had one who could have granted you life eternal, and now you are stuck with me....

    Finally he could not hold these thoughts in his head anymore he opened his mouth and roared; "Do you regret your decision, now that you have had time to consider you passionate actions, is the bed of a Sith Lord more appealing to you than the cot of a Disciple. Am I not worthy of a warriors affections..."

    Standing he ran his fist through her coffee table, destroying it. In his madness a shard of the broken wood rose in the air and pointed menacingly at Nikka, Talus then averted his eyes and sent it flying into the wall on the other side of the room and impaled itself deeply into it.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-30-2002 12:40 AM:

    *Nikka nearly sprang out of her chair as his voice suddenly roared throughout her room. Then the piece of the coffee table flew toward her, and then was diverted toward the wall away from her face. Nikka was stunned and nearly speechless, but she stood and faced him, fearlessly. This time she knew what to say and roared back at him.*

    "I shared a bed with him?? Is that what you think? Well, that you have wrong! How could that have happened if he wasn't around? I even thought he was gone and never wanted to see me again, so I made the decision to break it off with him. He didn't die like my husband did, he just left! And I have let him go!"

    *She sat down on her bed and began to compose herself. The tone in her voice lessened a bit, but there was still fury within it.*

    "When he returned, he changed dramatically and it overwhelmed me. I got caught up in what he has become and it made me believe I had to change to be like that as well, and I can't do that. I can't be what he wanted me to be. It's just not the right path for me."

    *She stood from the bed and looked straight in his eyes, speaking softly this time. Emotions clogged up her throat again as she spoke.*

    "My path lies with you, Talus and I couldn't dream of being with anyone else." Nikka took his hand and placed it over her beating heart. "Feel that? The heart that beats within this chest beats for you... and only you."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-30-2002 02:15 AM:

    Talus motioned as if to rip his hand away from hers in contempt, but her grip was too strong and his rage was subsiding. He growled like a confused hound. He didn't know what to think;

    Why did you drink yourself to a stupor, I would have listened to whatever you had to say, but rather I had to see you weak and pathetic...

    He did not put these thoughts into words, they passed as quickly as they game. Then he spoke, his voice much lower than before. "Then why the secrets, why did you wait to tell me of Phantom, why do you wait to tell me what causes you pain. There is nothing of me that I know that you do not why is there so much of you that you will not share..."

    Posted by Nikka on 09-30-2002 02:25 AM:

    "Talus, sometimes you will find that we women do not always tell our deepest and darkest secrets due to the walls built around our hearts... even to the ones we love. I'm sorry you had to learn this the hard way. I didn't know who to tell first. I thought he was going to be gone for a long time, even forever, so I just chose not to bother. I didn't know he was coming back and I decided to move on."

    *Nikka never let go of his hand from her grip as she spoke.*

    "I never meant to hurt you..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-05-2002 12:12 AM:

    Talus nodded he did not know what to say. He was feeling anger, embarrassment and confusion all at once. He was falling to fast for this Sith Warrior. Love was a trait he oft frowned upon and now he was experiencing it and all the side effects.

    "You would withhold things from me, why? Why am I not privy to the things of your heart since you say you love me, should our hearts and souls not be bare before one another?" Talus stopped, he didn't know what else to say.

    Posted by Nikka on 10-05-2002 12:25 AM:

    *The shaken warrior sighed and looked down at the ground. Now would be the moment of truth and she bit her tongue before she said it.*

    "Yes, we should be as one, heart and soul, I agree. I do not regret my decision by leaving him but..."

    *She could barely finish the sentence but she had to despite the emotion welling up in her throat. For the first time, she was afraid of one of her own comrades...*

    "I feared him and what he could have done when he received the message. He has this dark and overwhelming power that could destroy the both of us, and I do not want that. My actions were due to my own fear for both of us."

    No.. how could I fear? I'm a Sith. Sith do not fear... Why do I feel so vulnerable?

    *The thoughts swirled as she stared into his eyes...*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-06-2002 07:05 PM:

    "AFRAID?!?!" Talus roared incredously. His proud, arrogant eyes lit up in the dark room. "We are Sith, death and destructions is not to be feared, we made our choice, that we would follow the dark side without remorse or fear of it's consequences. And though it may be terrible to bear, death is one of those consequences. "

    Talus jerked away from Nikka, it complete abhorration. He wouldn't, he couldn't believe that she admitted fear. Talus respected those who were more powerful than him. He knew they could kill him with but a thought, but he was not afraid that they would, for he did not fear death. Perhaps it was part of his genetic code that he did not fully understand the horrors of death or the reason people feared it so greatly, but he did not fear it nor run from it, it was simply apart of the universe he lived in.

    "Did you think Mistress Shadowtide or my Master, Lord Dagger would allow him to harm us over something such as this. You should not be afraid of anything, you are the hand of death, just as all others who follow the path we do, why fear what we are apart of, it is inconcievable."

    Talus was stunned he didn't know how to react, he'd never heard another Sith ever admit to being afraid, it bewildered him.

    Posted by Nikka on 10-06-2002 08:57 PM:

    Nikka slumped down on the bed after he turned away from her. The look on her face displayed many mixed emotions. She couldn't even think straight. The warrior hadn't experienced fear since she was back home and knew wherever Phantom was... he could smell it from her. As she listened to Talus speak, she nodded at his every statement. Everything he spoke of was the truth. Nikka would have to try a little self-discipline to get over this ordeal. Now would be the building of the new wall...

    "Now I must truly disappoint you..." She said with her head hanging low. There was no need to apologize for anything now... Nikka was disappointed in herself.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-07-2002 05:55 PM:

    "... I'm just awestruck that is all. I do not understand how you could be afraid of him. I know he is great warrior and strong as well, but we are do not dissappoint me, my love not at all." Talus stopped, he was no longer angry, just confused.

    Should I know fear as well, should I allow myself to be afraid of those stronger than I? These and other thoughts ran across his mind.

    Posted by Nikka on 10-07-2002 10:21 PM:

    Nikka managed a small smile with a slight nod of her head, but she didn't take her gaze off the ground. She couldn't believe she was feeling this way: Scared. She was supposed to suppress these emotions and bury them forever. But perhaps Nikka would be able to build on the fear later on. She would need to focus.

    "What am I going to do?" She asked in a near panicky whisper. Her nails dug deep into the mattress of her bed, almost shredding the sheets. Her palms were drenched in sweat. Her chest heaved with every panic stricken breath she took. She appeared to be having an anxiety attack. Looking up into her soulmate's eyes, she looked as helpless and as lost as an abandoned child. She hated for him to see her like this and could sense that it bothered him greatly.

    A few moments went by. He never answered her. Nikka stood from her bed and headed for the door.

    "I'm going for a walk... I might be back; I might not." With that, she stepped out, shutting the door behind her.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-13-2002 12:04 AM:

    The door did not stay shut for too long. Talus roared to life as the door flew out into the hallway.

    "Damnit... why must you be so frelling difficult?" He shouted.

    "Do you expect me to have all the answers? I'm but a disciple, I'm young, training and I have to deal with this! I don't understand you, what in hell do you want from me?" Talus called out to Nikka as she stormed down the hall.

    Posted by Nikka on 10-13-2002 12:37 AM:

    Nikka halted when she got halfway down the hall. She turned around and saw Talus chasing after her. His voice pierced into her ears. She was about to break, but bit her lip and turned around, facing him. More tears were in her eyes. She couldn't stand hearing him yell at her...

    "I'm sorry..." She spoke softly. "I shouldn't have done that. I don't want to fight with you... please, just calm down.... you are making a scene."

    Another repair droid rolled down the hall to fix her door yet again. Nikka couldn't help but laugh.

    "You keep knocking my door down like that, I'll make you fix it by yourself." She sounded almost jokingly, hoping it would calm him down...but doubted it would. He was furious with her...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-13-2002 05:49 PM:

    Talus laughed, his rage completely subsided.

    "Well it seems it's the only way I can get your attention."

    Moving forward he took her in his arms and looked into her eyes.

    "Do not fear for me or for yourself my love, the empire will protect us, I will protect us, together we can withstand anything, even death itself and if we can not, then there is nothing we can do about it. Fear is confusion, which is best left to those who have reasons to fear, we have nothing to fear, for life comes and it goes and it is what we do with it that matters, not how long we live it." As he finished speaking he kissed her and took hold of her hand.

    "If you'd still like to go for a walk, why not take along some company?"

    Posted by Nikka on 10-13-2002 07:09 PM:

    Nikka laughed again and wiped a tear from her eye, then embraced him as he took her in his arms. That was really all she needed, to be held by him again. While he spoke to her, she never took her gaze from his. Everything he said was true. There was no reason for her to be afraid anymore. As he kissed her, she kissed back and remained holding onto him, just as he suggested going for a walk.

    "Of course. Let's go."

    Posted by Nikka on 10-18-2002 10:18 PM:

    (I take it this one's done too. Admin, please lock it.)