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    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-08-2002 10:58 AM:
    The Holopad

    *Bio was at his desk, sitting on a handled chair, with his head resting in one of his arms placed on the desk, and a lamp on his desk set to a dim setting. He had removed his cloak without taking off his hood, as it was detachable. His gaunlets and boots were still with him, but his weapons were placed within his closet. As he lifted his head away from his arm, he looked into a mirror which was placed on the wall right in front of his desk*


    *Bio stared at himself alittle longer in the mirrior, his hood blackening out any light from the dimmed lamp. Despite his shrouded look, Bio was in fact, close to the mid 20's. Of course, his shroudness had no doupt spread rumors that he was 200 or higher*

    (It's amazing how silly rumors can well as how gullible people will eat them up with no facts to their meaning...)

    *Directing his attention away from the mirror at to a desk drawer, Bio opened it and took out a holopad, one of the few technologies, Bio would accpet to his arcaic-style of fashion. Waiting for it to load up Bio started punching in a word...*

    Galatic Planet Data Base

    *...Followed by clicking Search. As he waited for the info to upload, Bio remembered that he had recently talked to Kekoa about a planet named Belsavis that somehow caught his attention. Her mention of how the Mother Nature of that planet offered elemental endurences peek his interest. Bio looked at his holopad to see that his info was finsihed uploading. It was the Data Base of Planets within the Sith Empire's Data Base. typing once more, Bio then typed in Belsavis*


    *Less than 5 seconds later, the info on this planet appeared*


    Located in the Ninth Quadrant near the Senex sector, Belsavis (an independent ally of the New Republic) is a world of volcanic rift valleys separated by miles of icy glaciers. The inhabited, steam-filled rifts are heated by the planet's core, which feeds mud pots and hot springs on the surface. The cities within the rifts, some of them covered by light-amplification domes, include Wutz, Bot-Un, Mithipsin, and Plawal (formerly called Pletwell). The enormous rift-covering domes, buoyed by antigrav units in their apices, support a vast network of hanging gardens and moveable growing beds. The vine-coffee and vine-silk grown in these beds account for thirty percent of Belsavis' total economy and require a temperature shift of thirty degrees or more. The domes also protect against the periodic cold storms that formerly swept into the rifts from the surrounding glaciers. The gangly, short-lived Mluki species are representatives of Belsavis' original population. The rift valleys were largely jungle until the Brathflen Corporation, Galactic Exotics, and Imperial Exports arrived and began cultivating cash crops such as vine-coffee and vine-silk in the hanging beds, shalaman and podon orchards, brandifert, lipana, bowvine fruit, and slochan.

    *There was more to the planet but it was mostly a history about it and Bio was never one for history lessons. Placing his holopad on the desk, Bio returned his head back to his arm on the desk, and pondered various things concerning him and Belsavis*

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-09-2002 08:32 PM:

    *Still in his pondering position, Bio realized it wasn't getting him anywhere. Standing up, he walked over to his window, gazing out at partiluarlly nothing. Since he started living in Sith Empire, Bio had visited a few worlds such as Tattionie, Hoth, and Vortex. All planets were visited for various reasons. Afeer that, Bio felt this planet hopping thing would die down in him. But it didn't...
    Bio rarely fought at the Training Grounds and he distested the Simulators programs as "simulating soldiers". With this in mind, Bio prehaps felt that the flame of planet hopping that he wanted to die out may in fact serve another purpose*

    (Out of the three planets I visited, Hoth was for endurance training of the element ice. Maybe that should be my reason to rekindle my flame of planet hopping...merely for training of my own eudurance against the Mother Nature's of this galaxy)

    *Bio didn't care if others consider that belief a cowardly way of not wanting to fight fellow sith in a spar but Bio didn't see it that way. If there's one thing Bio had learned from his near death on the planet Hoth, it was because the climate effected his ability to fight. His body wasn't use to extreme colds and he couldn't function at his best. With this elemental endurance running through his mind, Bio could train himself against plantary elements and learn to coup with them in order to fight effectivly within a planets enviroment. With his mind already set on his elemental training, Bio felt he should begin it soon*

    (And all start with Belsavis...)

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-10-2002 01:39 AM:

    *Bio walked over to his closest and opened it's doors to reveal the three tiny walls. On the far left wall were hooks to hang his gaunlets. Below it, he would place his boots along the left wall as well. To the far right of the wall, was his Father's Sword, currently leaning against the right wall, with it's sheaklth and belt hanging above it a another hook.
    Bio had yet to name it but couldn't figure out a apporiate name for it. Finally, the center wall held a hook for his cloak and hood. His cloak was not one of one mass of black but a shreded mass of black. He didn't tell Kekoa that his shreded cloak was the result of the Wamba's that nearly killed him on Hoth. Instead of getting a new one, Bio kept the torn up cloak as a reminder of his foolishness that day.
    Reaching toward it, Bio took the cloak and swung it around his body, reattaching it to his hood. Next, he took up his Sword and shealth/belt and put it around his waist*


    *Walking over to the desk mirror and chekcing his atire, Bio bend low and opened up a second drawer in the desk. In it contained his grey saber. Grasping it in his clutched hand, he clipped it onto his belt. Lastly, he patted his left side to feel if he also had his Sith Blade. Knowing he had all his stuff, Bio started walking out of the room when he suddenly stopped*

    (..........she should know, just to be safe)

    *Walking back into his quarters, Bio snatched up his holopad and began typing...*

    Master Shadowtide, I will be going on a trip to Belsavis for a few days for elemental endurance trails. I realize you must be disappointed at my lack of activeness in The Sith Empire...I am truly sorry. I have no excuse for my actions but I'm hoping these trails will get me back into active duty soon. If you want, you can infrom the other apprentices of my wherebouts just so they know where I am. I seriously doupt I will run into problems but one can never be sure which is way I'm sending you this. Take care of SE while I'm away Master Shadowtide and I'll see you in a few days, 2-3 at the max....take care Master.

    *Finally finished, Bio pushed Send on the holopad, then placed it back on the desk. Now that the others knew where he would be heading, he didn't have to concern himself if he ever got lonely*

    (Best head out now...I wonder how my Dragon's Teeth has been...haven't gone traveling with her for some time)

    *Bio walks out his door and started making his way toward the hanger bay where his TIE Interceptor was being housed*

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-10-2002 02:11 AM:

    OOC- Opps...double post

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-11-2002 10:36 PM:

    *Bio walked the silent and long halls of the Headquarters toward the Hanger Bay, which many ships of all sizes, many owned by fellow Sith such as himself. Bio let his foot falls echo through the quiet hallway. Totaly silence is what Bio prefer mostly as when it was silent, he could focus on letting the Dark Side bath his mind in darkness. "It's quite a wonderful feeling actually" he thought, still continuing toward the Hanger Bay.
    Everything about Bio had to be something void of features and color, or some color. His atire was black, his saber grey as was his gaunlets and boots, and his face was fasked by darkness.
    Sometimes he felt he was like a executioner, covering his face just before he killed his enemies so they wouldn't know who killed them should their spirits ever come back to haunt him*

    (Just a silly myth....nothing more)

    *But Bio didn't let that myth get to was just something silly people think up to explain things they know little to nothing about. And besides, he liked his executioner look, made him feel right at home at the Sith Empire*

    (Ah, here we are...)

    *Bio finally reached an elevator that would take him to the Hanger Bay. Pushing the button to open the door, Bio stepped inside. No one was using the elevator so he had it all to himself. As the doors closed, Bio couldn't tell if he was going up or down as the elevator had improved greatly, running so smooth, it felt like you weren't going at all. The doors finally opened to reveal the Hanger Bay.
    It was quite a sight for any non-Sith memebers, provided they weren't killed on the spot. Bio walked over to the glass window and looked down at the ships. So many lined up in neat rows with driods and maintence probes all around them scanning for imperfections or galatic viruses that might have gotten onto the ships. Bio continued to look at the rows and rows of ships, trying to see if he could see his*

    (Sight won't do me any good here...)

    *Moving away from the window, Bio walked over to a button on the wall and pressed it. This would call the lead maintence driod to assited him. It would take awhile so Bio sat down on one of the leathery seats and relaxed. It was true the Sith Empire was evil but that didn't exempt them from having any forms of relaxation. Lowering his head, Bio waited until the driod arrived*

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-14-2002 05:18 AM:

    *Five minutes had past before Bio's was waken by a metallic voice. Bio rose up his head to see a C-PO Unit standing before him. As Bio stood up he assume this was one of the lead maintence droids since most were eiether C-PO units or Battle Droids*

    "Are you the lead maintence bot?"

    Quite correct Sith Sir, my name is C-P45 at your service. How may I assist you today?"

    "I'd like to know where my ship is being's a TIE Interceptor called the Dragon's Teeth..."

    "Kindly hold sir...just checking my database for your ship"

    *As Bio waited, he walked back over to the window again. He'd after look at the ships than a droid. Droids were another peice of technology Bio had come to accept. However, he was only fond of Astro Driods as they were more reliable at anything that a C-P0 Unit could do*

    (Their only in charge of lead maintence is because their the only ones who can speak english in the Hanger Bay...)

    *Finally, the droid turned toward Bio*

    "Excuse me Sith Sir, but I have found your is being held in Sector A1D4 of the Hanger Bay".

    *Bio turned to look back at the bot and walked toward it*

    "Good, get me their ASAP...I'm in a rush if you don't mind...".

    "Yes sir...this way please".

    *C-P45 lead Bio toward another elevator just out of eyeview of the lounge. As it opened, Bio and the bot stepped in and headed toward the bottom level. The ride was hardly noticed as the doors opened yet again. C-P45 stepped out first followed by Bio. They walked toward the ships that Bio had overlooked at the window. At bottom level, they were much bigger than from above. Continuing their walk, C-P45 summoned one of the small astro maintence bots and said something in robot. The tiny droid sped off as soon as they were finished*

    "I sent him off to get the gravitional lift that will take us toward the sectors where you ship is being held. It will take just a few moments Sith Sir".

    *Bio's fist tightened alittle at hearing the few moments part. Bio was in quite a pateint man but everyone's patiences can only go so far. For higher ranked Sith, Bio's patience was extremly long. But when it came to bots, Bio's pateince dramatically lowered. C-P0 Droids where the type of droids Bio hated the most*

    (Bunch of metal that just likes to message should of reached Master Shadowtide by now...and I'm still here...)

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-15-2002 06:45 AM:

    *THe gravitional lift finally arrivedand landed right in front of them. C-P45 and Bio stepped onto it and it quickly lifted back up into the air and sped off toward the desired location. As they zoomed past the rows of ships, Bio was at least thankful that this lead maintence bot wasn't into human relations. He probably would have caved in his metal skull by now. The lift finally came to a stop in front of a ship that was well-known to Bio...his TIE Interceptor "Dragon's Teeth"*

    "Seems to still be in good condition..."

    *Bio stepped forward and started climbing into his ship without even saying thanks or goodbye to C-P45*

    (I'd sooner say hello and goodbye to a non-english speaking Asto Bot than those dimwitted humaniods...)

    *As Bio engaged his ship, he manevured it toward the Hanger Bay's locked doors and inputed a clearance code that allowed Sith members to go inside and out. His code was still usuable and the doors opened up. Bio sped out toward the vastness of the galaxy...toward his objective that he was finally getting*

    (Now to head toward Belsavis...and finally begin my elemental endurance trials...)

    *Checking the distance gauge to insure he was far enough for light speed, Bio pushed the botton and was then thrown into light speed like a shooting star*

    OOC- Man, what long replies yes? Hope I didn't bore you guys and stuff