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Revenge at last...

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  • Revenge at last...

    Posted by Saharia on 10-10-2002 03:48 AM:
    Revenge at last...

    :;Saharia flicked through the holopad of clusters of stars and a long list of planets. What she was looking for was not a labelled one, there were many unmarked planets whcih did not show up. A message had been recieved earlier, one that had taken herupmost attention. Marion. The only way to reach her here was to be in this universe. That meant the one she had to teach was far closer than she expected and a cold dark smile that held no humour lifted onto her face. To honour the memory of what she must do she used her voice, soft spoken and melodic, the voice of an innocent which was why it never had suited her. Nor had the face really but that came to her advantage::

    So you wish to 'catch up' with me, there is much to 'talk' about...

    ::She felt the coldness grow and felt the prickles in it, no, not much talking. Revenge. The word seemed to whisper in the air, revenge. She remembered Darth Zetas words and smiled. Play with the mind. She would strip it like an onion. But death would still have to come, for the honour of her people.::

    Judgement comes to those who sin against their own.

    ::With those words she stood up and looked at her bags. Replayign the message once again the face was fairly hidden but she would know those eyes anywhere, and that traitorous voice. It wasnt Marion but if he was here then so was she. The man that reminded her so much of a man here.::

    Ah, Lovely Sahariasah, pevalisht muski. Or in this tongue which I may speak is it be good speaking to you. Been long time it has and many things to catch up on we must, there is much to discuss.... We will see you on Mon Calamari at 48 hours. Someone kindly me gave your number contact. See you in the bar of Taskoki.

    ::She smiled at his speech, he seemed to have trouble no matter how much he had flaunted himself as a scholar. He was brillient but also vain. and dangerous..she would never forget that.
    Her two most hated enemies on Mon Calamari, she would follow their trap and spring her own.

    Walking to Ramas bar,s he would celebrate the chance of this meeting before going. Taking her things she left the room with a note; I will be gone for a while, I am on a personal mission. If anyone desires to contact me, my contact code is written below. Feel free at any time to use it. I have some lose ends to deal with. Saharia Saryin-Azalin.::