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Less elbow room.. [Klis' haven]

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  • Less elbow room.. [Klis' haven]

    Posted by Klis on 08-23-2002 12:22 AM:
    Less elbow room.. [Klis' haven]

    Klis was heaving box after box after box, jam packed from his cargo space deprived vessel. A nicely sized stack of boxes had been made aside his door, drops of sweat were forming upon his pale face, he removed his coat and tossed it over his pile of boxes. Under his beloved coat he wore a tight black shirt which conformed to the mild build he held. His pants were made of denim, baggy, but attached firmly to his waist.

    Klis stared at his door in admiration. He had never officially 'moved out' on his home planet. Was forbidden at such a young age.
    He smiled and slid a bony finger along the silver door. He punched his passcode into the panel on the door, and the shoor slid open quickly with a hiss. A stale air had flown out of the room and lights flickered to life from inside the empty housing.
    Peering inside the room from outside he noticed furniture covered with plastic, the plastic looked old, untouched for some time. A long couch extended along one side of the furthest wall. Next to it was a smaller desk and in front of the couch, a table. A desk with a lamp was in the far corner of the room. The floor covered in a white tile.

    He took his first steps into the room. He pulled the plastic from the furniture, bunching it up and stuffing it in a corner.
    He flipped on the lamps and the bulbs flickered to life, then died. He groaned.
    "Bloody things.."

    Klis began to heave the boxes into his room, and began the long process of unpacking. But he will pack, and unpack for the very first and last time.

    [OOC: This is just a place for Klis to be. Should someone need his attention, this thread would be approiate to do so. =D, but a new thread would be just dandy. This thread is also open to all who please to post. Happy Hunting!]

    "So, too, our grandsires will rise from the ground
    They break their fast on the first part of us
    They will consume us whole."

    Posted by Saharia on 08-23-2002 12:44 AM:

    ::Saharia watched the new sith disciple unpack silently at the door. Knockign on the door she half smiled and nodded a greeting::

    Wish for some help?

    Posted by Klis on 08-30-2002 05:50 AM:

    Klis saw the other Sith and smiled with a hint of exhaustion.
    "I'm meant for killing, not for heaving heavy things around."
    He grinned and wiped his forehead.
    "I hope I don't have to move with every promotion, and if I do... I don't want to get promoted.."
    He stepped forward to meet the lady, extending his hand.
    "Templar Klis, but just call me Klis."
    After the introductions were made, he spoke again.
    "Just grab anything you think you can carry and heave it in here, where you put it, I don't care. I just want it in the room."
    He grabbed another box and carried it inside.

    Posted by Klis on 09-04-2002 08:47 PM:

    A deep yawn and a depressing sigh let out from his lips. The only sort of things to ever escape his mouth.

    He finally loaded everything into his room, decorated the tables a little bit, cleaned off the furniture, packed him limited supply of clothing into the closet, and hung a few decorating and prismatic painting amoung his walls. The prismatics were meant to make meditation easier, and reenergization more complete.

    He missed home.. nothing would ever compare to that, no doubt about it. But the inhabitants... weren't so great. He missed the temples, the vastness, the society. But if only the personalities could've been altered.

    And the chaos... such chaos. You were lucky to live a week if war was upon us. Which peace was very rare. Always some kind of alien infestation, or new human settlement. Or a protoss star ship ready to blow the hell out of the properly beaconed planet.
    Setting the beacons weren't fun... You had to plant the thing, enter into the coordnates, the distress.. and had about 12 hours to get yourself, and all your other people off the planet.

    Not simple to do..

    Klis fell on his couch, he failed to remember to lock the door, but not like it should matter, he tucked a pillow under his head and relaxed.

    [Open to whomever may choose. If you're that bored, jump right on in.]

    Posted by Saharia on 09-07-2002 07:03 AM:

    OOC: didnt see this *whaks herself out fo stupidity* sorry dudes.
    The second post ahs put me out of wack so we can continue with the first or maybe have a chat in ramas?
    also in 7 days ill be awya for three weeks so if you decide to continue you might have to wait a little. sorry again dude

    Posted by Klis on 09-07-2002 02:54 PM:

    OOC:Hey hey hey, no problem. No need to beat yourself up about it. I figured you had forgotten about it. and I seriously didn't wanna waste a new thread so i was just like, "ahh.. she'll understand.. i hope."
    So sure, if you wanna start a thread in rama's, i'd join in. but no need to fret about this one.
    Have fun in.. wherever your going. =D

    Klis yawned and stretched out, just letting his body conform to the couch however gravity would pull at him.
    He looked at the time, realizing he hadn't set up a clock yet. He sighed.

    Klis walked to the few painting of symbols on his walls, waving his hands in a quick and, graceful way. They began to glow softly, as he 'activated' each other painting, the previous would glow brighter, til his room was shimmering with the soft halo of light. He moved to the middle. Waving his arms slowly, doing an odd dance that looked native he somehow managed to entwine his body is a cross-legged sitting position, but yet he was levitating 4 feet off the ground.

    The lights focused themselves on Klis. Onto his chest and everything went black. Then a loud thud was heard, as the light bulbs of the room flickered back on. Klis was on the ground.
    He had been reenergized for the night. And was planning on going to Rama's for a drink.

    Klis picked up his things and began to head out the door.

    Posted by Saharia on 09-10-2002 03:27 AM:

    OOC: Ramas it is. and leaving in six days so if ya get no reply aint cause I've forgoteen. It's cause im not here lol.

    Posted by Klis on 09-23-2002 05:34 AM:

    The next few days were dull. Nothing happens anymore. His training sessions were the only thing he could participate in that could get his heart racing, get his adrenaline pumpin. But everything else... seemed like a dull atmosphere.
    The sessions were spanned out by days, weeks, months. It makes sense though. Such difficult tasks for such an extended period of time.

    Klis glowing orange eyes wandered to the clock. Only five minutes have passed since he'd last checked. He groaned and rolled onto the floor with a thud. Lying there in silence for a minute, the soft coloring of his eyes rolling around the room, in a vain search for something to do.

    He began to scroll through his mind, thinking of past things he's acomplished. He remembered the first time he came here. As akward looking as he was.
    The venture's through the halls his first days....
    Then his master... His master working so diligently on something. His Master's lightsaber.
    What was this art of forging? He pondered. He rose to his feet to the leave the room and find out, but glancing back at the clock. [Five more minutes had past!] But yet.. it was too late to be there.

    "Oh boredom you are a clever demon."

    Posted by Klis on 09-24-2002 08:51 PM:

    The metalic door whizzed open, and the stagnant air whizzed from inside to out. Klis stood motionless in the door way as the wind blew his hair and coat back forcefully. He entered the room with an armload of books, the door snapping shut behind him, resettling the comfortable pitch black setting.
    His eyes dimming to the reduction of light and slowly focusing.
    Klis trotted into the room and dropped the armload of books onto his table, one falling off the top and landing on the floor, with the first couple of pages open.

    The disciple removes his overcoat and tosses it aside, he slowly kneels down and pulls the book into his hand, sliding his hand across the hardback cover. His fingers tracing the letters of the book carefully. "A-L-C-H-E-M-Y".
    He sat down on the bed and flipped open the first page. His flourescent eyes acted as a flashlight in the darknes, making it quite easy for him to see close ranged things in pitch black.
    Also felt good on the eyes too.

    He thumbed through the first few pages, seeing complex chemical formulas, and techniques.
    "Not the book to start with.."
    He tossed it aside and pulled at the next book on the stack. Thumbing through the first few pages. Looks simple enough, he kicked his boots off and his feet up on the couch, and began the longest study session of his life.

    "So, too, our grandsires will rise from the ground
    They break their fast on the first part of us
    They will consume us whole."

    Posted by Klis on 09-26-2002 08:03 PM:

    *THUD* Another book was tossed aside. Into a large stack of other books, all unorderly stacked. Klis' rubbed his eyes delicately. His head was pounding. Having read far too much in such a short time. He didn't quite grasp it all. All seemed so unimportant. He had lost his motivation to learn the arts of Alchemy.

    Klis pulled one of his saber's from the floor and set it on the table. He gazed at the crystal which so imperfectly protruded from the end. The blade's were unstable, and highly unreliable. But he loved them none-the-less. For the fact the crystal's belonged to his beloved. And he made the saber's himself. But yet he had a slight idea on how they worked. For he read the alchemy books... kind of.

    Klis rubbed his forehead, gazing around his room. He yawned loudly. Stretched out and curling into a ball. He felt worthless. He felt he'd never amount to anything.

    He felt he needed her...

    Posted by Klis on 10-05-2002 07:54 PM:

    The metalic door whished open, the gears churning quickly as it came to a loud stop. In the doorway Klis stood.. once again.. holding an armful of books.
    He entered the room and once the sensor felt his presence withing the room, the doorway slammed shut. The desciple slammed his books on the table and slumpped onto his couch.
    Kicking his feet up over the couch, he pulled one of the books into his hands and began reading. The intermediate part of the alchemy books. Fun fun...

    Posted by Klis on 10-09-2002 06:52 PM:

    (((Journal Log: First year anniversary of Joining the sith Empire. )))[Just an estimate IC, if this is too long, inform me and I'll fix it.]

    (((Name.. Templar Klis
    Race.. Protoss
    Current Rank.. Disciple
    'Tis been a true pleasure to be within the Empire. Good people.. good masters, good shelter... Far better than I've ever gotten. The constant war from days past and the memories of my brethern.. being infested.. destroyed.. the debris.. not from buildings but the chaos of the final screams. The chaos.. such chaos.
    I think it's begun to wear away at my sanity. Perhaps the force is helping me, perhaps it's keeping me in one piece. I can't lose my sanity.... yet. I admit when I've achieved the power i desire I will lose myself. I'm smirking, I'm grinning, my mind is beginning to swell with knowledge.
    Hah, i can feel the CHaotic... ::Erase erase:: ChAO.. ::erase erase:: CHAoTi... insantiy welding, BURNING so deeylp ::Erase erase:: Deeply within my brAIn.)))

    Klis rubbed his temples, the orange glow in his eyes grasping a hint of redness, he shook his head and focused his mind on defense, guarding himself.
    He rolled on his side, curling into a ball. He needed to tell someone what was on his mind.. He didn't know who was trustworthy tho.. He needed guidance. And he knew who to talk to.

    Klis tossed his pencil aside and grabbed his greatcoat, sliding into it on his way out the door.