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Studying the Way... (semi-open)

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  • Studying the Way... (semi-open)

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-04-2002 11:38 AM:
    Studying the Way... (semi-open)

    OOC* This is semi-open/Semi-closed. Unless your character is familiar with ancient sith writings IC or a long standing member of TSE, please PM me before joining in btw, this doesn't mean I'm trying to learn Sith spells or anything like that, it's basically an in character way of teaching a disciple what is and isn't expected of them. This isn't written in the ancient Sith Tongue, just older languages Talus isn't familiar with. Hope that clarifies, he's not trying to learn anything a disciple shouldn't know.

    Talus was angry, he'd been insulted in the recruitment hall by a Sith Lord he did not know, for something that Talus had believed was his duty to perform. He'd made his thoughts known, luckily without reprimand, but he was still unsatisfied. No one told him how to behave once he was accepted, it seemed his arrogance was greatly frowned upon, his loyalty continuously questioned, and his skills dismissed as trivial. So Talus did what he thought was best and held his tongue, he didn't speak outloud like he had wanted to and returned the favor to the Sith Lord for his embarrassment, which more than likely would have meant sudden death. No, instead he came her to the library to study the ancient texts and learn how a disciple was expected to behave and while he was at it to learn of the skills that he should be able to perform as a disciple, so that he could have his master train him in the abilities that one could expect to do at his relatively low rank.

    Talus gently thumbed over a few covers in the library, any who's text he couldn't read he ran a translator over. Two of these books caught his eye; The History and Duties of the Sith and Skills of the Shadows Talus sat the books down and opened the first and began translating them. He would read all night if he had to, he was tired of being chastised for his ambition.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-07-2002 08:17 AM:

    ::Thoughtful. That is how DM found himself at the time. What happened earlier in the recruitment hall, had not been the most pleasant experience of them all::

    ::Lost in his own mind the Sith disciple arrived into his chambers. He was ready for a good night's rest. Or wasn't he? Too many things were in his head, he just couldn't be still. He decided to take a walk and keep knowing TSE facilities::

    ::Pondering, walking with no direction, is how the disciple with the tattooed face ended up in what seemed to be a library. A light called his attention and he approached it. As he got closer, he could noticed it was Sith Disciple Talus Invictus. He did not mean to interrupt the dread-locked Sith, so he was ready to turn around and leave when without noticing he dropped a few books that were in the edge of a studying table::

    ::Talus turnd around quickly, his attention caught by the sound made when the books hit the floor::"Sorry, by no means was it my intention to interrupt your studies, I saw a light and was curious. Now if you'll excuse me...":: Mundus picked up the books that were on the floor and placed them in the desk. He was getting ready to leave as he heard Talus voice::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-09-2002 09:36 AM:

    "T'is alright Mundus, I knew you were there, the books falling just made me wonder if my Zabraki friend had buried himself in an avalanche of text. I was hoping to get a good laugh from it." He grinned. Talus had heard every step of the Iridonian. His genetic modifications gave him incredible hearing.

    "Please sit feel free to study at my table, I am simply trying to translate some older texts that were not written in a tongue I speak." Talus motioned to the chair in front of him and used the force to push it away from the table.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-09-2002 01:58 PM:

    ::Mundus sat down on the chair his fellow Sith had pulled out for him::

    ::He then took one of the texts::

    "Ya yew otse atse otircse ne Zab'hrakí ogüitna" * 'Some of this is written in ancient Zabraki' *

    "Interesting":: The tattooed face Iridonian kept fliping thru the book's pages, while Talus seemed somewhat surprised, or was it glad? that his Sith peer, spoke such an archaic language::