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The healing of Abydos Nighthawk

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  • The healing of Abydos Nighthawk

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-23-2002 04:46 PM:
    The healing of Abydos Nighthawk

    *After crashing through the doors of the MedBay, he briefly brought his ming back to the attacks in training that had brought him there. As he stumbled forward he fell onto the nearest table. He layed there until he began to be attended to.*

    *The MedBay Droids proceeded to place him into a bacta tank. He closed his eyes and meditated on his training and how he had done. His master told him to be proud of his efforts, he was proud even quite impressed with himself, but he would never forgive himself for making the stupid mistakes that he had made. He felt a surge of some type run through his body then subside, as he continued to be attended to.*

    Posted by Callista on 08-26-2002 10:08 PM:


    Callista's nostrils flared as she took in a whiff of the air. She could certainly smell it. Someone had just come through this corridor, no doubt heading to the medbay that was but yards from where she walked. Rounding a corner she nailed the toe of her boot against something hard...and metal by the sound of the connection. Tripping, she about fell forward onto her face, but managed to steady herself against the wall. "What the..." Glancing behind her she noticed the small maintenance droid now laying on it's side, the mechanical arms flailing wildly in order to try and get turned right side up. Scowling, she helped the thing up and let it get back to its business of cleaning the floor.

    "Hmm..." Callista eyed the red pool of liquid that trailed along the concrete floor right up to the doors of the medbay. Curiosity got the better of her. She marched into the room, quickly scanning the entire place for the owner of the lost blood.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-28-2002 04:01 AM:

    *Poking his head out of the Bacta Tank he saw Callista enter the room. With the liquid still dripping over his face, he shook his head to move it from his eyes. Aches and pains shot through his body, he was burnt, battered, cut and beaten. He winced form the pain and managed to speak.*

    "Hello there. Be careful of the floor... it's slippery when wet."

    *As his strength left him for a moment he submerged completely underwater and as quickly as he bounced down he was back up again, he slicked back his black hair and looked past Callista. His mind was not all there at the moment.*

    Posted by Callista on 09-01-2002 01:58 PM:

    Callista smirked as she leaned her back against the wall to support herself. She folded her arms over her chest and looked Abydos up and down. The bacta had healed him of any serious wounds inside and out, but he still looked the worse for wear. His skin tone seemed more ash color than what she remembered. "What happened to you?"

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-07-2002 08:27 PM:

    *The words echoed throughout his head, he had a headache, but the words still hit through. He wasnt too sure what had happened. It was all a blur, but he attempted to put it to words.*

    "For me, it was a test of endurance, I mean, I've been tested before, but gee... that was hell. I dont think I've even began to feel what my Master can dish out, but seriously, she took to me to town."

    *Looking down at his body, he was feeling one hundred times better then when he arrived, but he still ached. He noticed he had become quite tanned, not tanned, more charred.*

    "The roasting of my body was at the hands of Master Shadowtide."

    *Feeling the need to jusity his Master's acts he continued*

    "Before I came to the Empire I had never been in touch with the Dark Side, in fact, I am a happy-go-lucky guy and once again quite happy, I really had no idea how to tap into the anger and hatred... so... my Master gave me something to tap into."

    *He cringed as a pain shot through his body, if felt good and he sucked it up.*

    "It was worth it though, and as you can see, I am getting better by the second."

    *He was beginning to get confident in himself... too confident. He began to climb out of the tank, as he finally reached the ground again his knees buckled and he fell to the ground with a loud thump.*

    Posted by Callista on 09-08-2002 09:03 PM:

    Callista idly scratched at her chin, hiding a short chuckle as she watched Abydos. Served him right for being too presumptuous. Pushing her body from the wall she moved to his side and knelt down, taking his arm to alight it around her neck and wrap her own around his shoulders. “You should be more careful…’slippery when wet,’” she repeated his very words with a grin. It was apparent that had not been why he had fallen, but she let his impudence slide…no need to further embarrass the guy.

    She continued to speak as she aided him to a bed, “Master Shadowtide can be unyielding…but that’s what makes her an excellent Master.” Such words reminded her that she hadn’t seen Dara in quite some time…to train, to talk, to do anything. As soon as she was finished seeing Abydos well she would have to pay a visit to the Sith Master.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-24-2002 02:38 AM:


    *He uttered as he lay on the bed. He knew he wasnt going to make it by himself, but it was worth a shot. He was feeling much better and just needed to rest for some time and recuperate. He looked over at Callista*

    "What brings you here today?"

    *He asked because he figured not many would wander into the medbay for no reason. He arched his back in hope to let it crack, but to no avail.*

    Posted by Callista on 09-24-2002 05:26 PM:

    “The blood…you left quite a trail in the corridor.” She shrugged as she pulled up a chair and sat down. “Figured I’d come see who it was that lost it all.” Sloping against the back of the seat she crossed a slender leg over the other and looked at him a long moment before realizing she was staring. Pursing her lips, she made a move to rise. “I should go, you need rest.”