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Finding of the other part of himself. (open)

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  • Finding of the other part of himself. (open)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-23-2002 06:01 PM:
    Finding of the other part of himself. (open)

    :: Dark walked around the sith headquarters to find his room for quite a long time. Once he came to his door he noticed that it was partly opened. So he rushed inside to find that nothing was taken but something was left. It was a bow and arrows. These were of elven made. There was a note also there that read;

    ' Dark,

    This bow that is set before you was once your mother's. If you haven't guessed all ready was that she was an elf. Now i leave you with the hope that you wil find more soon. Good Bye.'

    After Dark read this he ran out side to see if he could see anyone. But he saw nothing. So Dark sat in his room and thought about everything he just found out. for he is half human and half elf. He would have never known. So he sat in his room contiplating everything and holding his new bow. ::

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    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-26-2002 08:15 AM:

    :: Dark inspected the Bow more carefully. The bow and it's arows were all black so you could not see them if then were used in the night time. But the bow was magnificent it was perfect shape and design. If a drop of water was to drop on the bow it wold just roll of with out leaving a trace that it was there. But you could tell upon instint that it was of elven made by the fact that it gave of a glow. But it wasn't a white glow like normal elven bows are, but a deep black glow like it was givng of a shadow all around it. This meas that his freal mom was a Dark elf. THis means that it was true then that his parents were really both sith masters in there day. On more insoetig of the bow he saw a design on it. There was a dragon with vines of thorns around it. This design reminded him of something but he does not remember of what. What this means he does not know. So Dark held the bow looking over it to see what else he could find out about it. For he knew the bow had many more secrets to be held. With all this going on Dark forgot to close his door again so it stood ajar. ::

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-26-2002 11:31 AM:

    Lina strolled down the hallway, humming a rather eerie tune. She was in a rather weird mood, and decided to let it show. Her feet stopped infront of Dark's door .. she noticed him staring down at something. She canted her head a bit, and gave a little knock at the door.

    "Umm .. hey Dark, something up ?"

    She gave a gentle smile, and noticed he was staring at a bow ..

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-26-2002 12:40 PM:

    :: Dark looks up from the bow and sees Lina standing in the dorr way.::

    " Oh hi. Well I came into my room and I found this bow on my bed. There was a note to that said it had once belonged to my mother and it turns out that she was an elf."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-27-2002 10:03 AM:

    She nodded, but the look she wore turned puzzled.

    "Did it say who these things were from ? The note and bow I mean."

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-27-2002 06:02 PM:

    " No there was no name. If I would guess I would say it was from one of my parents friends. BUt I do not know why they left so fast."

    :: But then Dark just realized something. That if someone had found out were he was staying then how long will it take for his fake parents, that want to kill him, to find him. This is why Dark now knows he needs to train harder then ever. He has to defend himself from them and he still can't face them for they are to strong. He must think of something to do. If he's ever to defeat them he will need to figure a plan out of how he can do it. ::

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-28-2002 10:47 AM:

    "Umm .. you ok ?"

    Lina canted her head, for she noticed how Dark's expression turned into a concerned one ..

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-28-2002 11:29 AM:

    "I have just realized this is so much more dangerous then I thought. For someone out side of the empire found out where I am. "

    :: Dark could not see the way out of this mess except if he dies. For he does not know how long it Will be A year a month a week or even today. Dark doesn't know what he should do. ::

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-28-2002 03:49 PM:

    Lina swallowed roughly, jerking her head back to the direction of the door, she quickly shut it, and looked back at Dark.

    "Maybe we should inform someone about this .. ? "

    She tried to keep her voice as calm as she possibly could.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-28-2002 04:16 PM:

    "Who can we tell there really no one we can go to. I think I should be allright for now."

    :: Dark calmed down and looked for the familar sorce that he hate so much and he didn't feel that he was anywhere near where he was right now. He should be safe for awhile as he could tell. ::

    "I think I will be fine for know anyway. In fact I know I should."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 08-30-2002 10:56 AM:

    Lina smiled and nodded. She didn't wish to protect him though .. thinking of the fact of a girl protecting a guy was a bit odd .. Especially in Dark's case ..

    " .. Who's after you, just out of curiousity .. ?"

    She canted her head a bit, her blue eyes shimmered a bit.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-03-2002 09:13 PM:

    :: This was something Dark didn't want too may people getting into but since she allready knew alot then he could tell her.::

    " They are Two Wandering Jedi masters that are stronger then you could amagine.

    :: Dark paused knowing that she knew that wasn't all so he hasitated to speek.::

    Well they are.... They are my Foster parent's."

    :: Dark paused but knowing she would want to hear more about this, so he went on.::

    "They killed my real parents because they were sith. So they tried to make me a jedi but they couldn't. I was just born naturally evil. But they were to persistant to give up. But then one day I found out that they weren't my real parents from a strange letter that I found on my bed, just like this. But once they knew I knew they wanted to kill me thinking I would be to strong. So I ran away, and that why I'm here today. So I can train to become stronger."