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    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-13-2002 06:44 PM:
    A Spartan Existence

    Talus wandered down the halls of the Sith Headquaters, he carried under his arm a duffel bag, it contained all his worldly possesions. As he turned a corner he came across what he was looking for, the old dormitories of the Sith Empire. No one had lived in these buildings in a very long time, but the appeared to be in habitable condition. He walked into the building and found the stairs, he only used a lift when absolutely necessary.

    Looks secluded, just what I need...

    Talus surveyed the 3rd floor, it seems that it was being inhabited by a family of rodents so he decided that the 4th floor would be more appropriate for his needs. He selected a corner room down the hall from the stairs, it's 8'x12' size was spacious in comparison to some of his past quarters.

    Bed doesn't appear to be rotten... Desk is in shape.

    He tested the lights


    Amazing these things still work. This will do.

    Talus opened his bag and pulled out a simple bed sheet and a quilt, he'd have to go to the supply room for a pillow. He pulled out 3 pairs of black cargo pants, 1 body glove which he put aside, 2 pairs of workout shorts, enough undergarments to last a week and 4 shirts, 2 long sleeved and 2 without sleeves, he placed his clothes in the dresser in his room. Next came out his holocrons and he holoscanner. He placed these on his desk so that he could read and study them at night. Finally he took out a sheathed stilletto, generally he carried this on his person, but seeing as he had just been inducted into the empire he wanted to keep from provoking a jumpy disciple with a light saber and basic training on how to use it. The last thing he pulled out was a meditation pad so that he could focus himself on his objectives each morning when he woke and reflect on his progress each night before he went to bed. He laid this in the center of his room and slipped off his clothes, putting on the body suit he had laid out for himself, he assumed a lotus position on the floor of his new spartan quarters, this would be home for quite some time.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-14-2002 10:25 PM:

    Talus awoke from his sleep early in the morning. Rolling onto his back he glanced over his right shoulder towards his clock;

    5:30 am, everyday, without fail wake up, roll over look at the clock its 5:30.

    Talus swong his long, muscular legs over the side of his bed and sat up. Grabbing his body glove off his bed post he pulled it over his bare skin, it was cold and sent chills down his smooth skin. In his youth Talus was a prize fighter of sorts and kept his arms and legs shaved so if he had to tape a wound or injury it would not grab on to his hair. He shaved his chest because it intimidated his opponents gave him the appearance of even more defined and larger muscles than what his genetically engineered body was already blessed with, but now it was just out of habit that he kept himself well groomed. Though now that he was training under the infamous Sith Lord DarkStar, he wasn't so sure if it wouldn't just be best for him to be prepared to be bandaged on a regular basis again.

    Talus took a deep breath after placing the body glove on and began to stretch, preparing himself physically for whatever training lay ahead of him that day. Once his body was stretched out, he dropped into a lotus position on his meditaion mat and began to focus himself, mentally and emotionally for the ordeals his mind and soul would be put through today as well. Unlike most Sith, he was not driven by hatred or anger, he had nothing to be especially angry about. No it was ambition and his acceptance of the consequences of his actions that he fed off when using the Dark Side of the force. Which made him dangerous, because he was focused, never blinded by rage or obsessed with revenge, his only motivation was the fact that he wanted to be stronger than everyone, he wanted all who heard his name to tremble in fear, he simply wanted power and it was this power that he meditated on.

    Power, to become the very wrath of God, to become his vengeful hand. To become the most powerful Sith, no the most powerful being that ever lived, this is my goal.

    He continued meditating on power and the cold, manipulative strength of the Dark Side and as he finished meditating he slowly said these words aloud as if to reassure himself of his choice;

    "I have chosen my path. I will follow the Dark Side and in my death, there is only oblivion. So I will hold onto life like a wounded animal, lashing out and destroying all those who dare take that away from me."

    After he completed the phrase that had become his mantra, he rose to his feet, it was time to go for his morning run. 5 kilometers alone just him and the universe, this was the closest he came to heaven

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-15-2002 01:11 PM:

    Talus exited his quarters and began walking towards the lifts that would take him to the surface so he could jog unecumbered. As he neared them he saw that a few were closed for maintenance;

    I wonder if there is a service tube where I could just climb to the surface...

    The young man looked about his surroundings and found what he was looking for, a maintenance shaft with a ladder that would lead him to the surface. A smile crossed his face, he hated turbolifts and would rather climb stairs or a ladder than ride one of those infernal contraptions. In his mind a turbolift instilled laziness upon its user and Talus was far from lazy.

    As he climbed he allowed his mind to wander, he asked questions of himself, of his past, and most importantly of h is future. He wondered if he could ever satisfy his ambition, if he would gain his master's trust and respect and in the same vein if he would gain the respect and trust of the Council and other members of the Empire. He was not as concerned with friendships, he had never had any and he had survived, but he desired respect and honor. Talus had read that it was better to be feared than to be loved, and for the most part he agreed, but if he could have both, he would not shun "love/friendship" away, for it too had it's purposes.

    After nearly 4 minutes of climbing, Talus reached the top. As he opened the hatch and surveyed his surroundings he took a deep breath, fresh air always tasted better than the recycled air used in underground compounds, starships, and starports. He glanced to the east and saw ruins of a great tower on the horizon, to the north there were the shattered remains of a forest, but when he glanced east he saw something that caught his attention, it appeared to be the remains of a temple. This would be his destination for his run and morning calisthenics. A smile nearly visited his visage as he began to run towards the temple.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-16-2002 08:43 AM:

    Talus began his run in a mild jog, his large booted feet falling gracefully in rythm. As he continued his pace began to crescendo, until his 2 meter plus frame was nearly in a dead sprint. His long black dreadlocks were tied behind his head but they flailed loosely behind him. He thought of nothing as he ran, he was completely oblivious to his own thoughts and the world around him. He ran faster, now jumping over obstacles that were in his way instead of running around them. Long powerful strides followed each long graceful leap, he never lost a step when he landed, his eyes began to brighten and slowly a few beads of perspiration began to form on his brow.

    His warm up was nearly complete. As he looked ahead the temple came into view more clearly and so did the path he would have to take to get to his destination. The stairs, delapitated from years of weathering, were not an option, they'd never get him to the temple, but there was an interesting rock face that looked like it would be ideal to use to climb to the top. Talus loved to climb, he enjoyed it almost as much as accumulating more and more proficiency in the force. As he neared the wall he kept his speed up, but he ducked low on a step picking up a hand full of a chalky soil to make sure his grip was dry, when he was approximately 5 meters from the wall, Talus lept high into the air towards a hand grip he had already picked out 4 meters up. Even when his body collided with the rock face, he did not drive into it, he had firm control over where he was and he instantly began to climb. If you could call what he did climbing, it seemed more that he was throwing himself higher up the rock face with every move, in under 30 seconds he had already climbed 30 meters up.

    Talus was pleased he had never climbed this well, his training with Lord Darkstar was paying off, he was able to use the force to augment his natural abilities even more than he did before he joined the Sith Empire. As he neared the top of the 100 meter climb, he mad one last lunge upward and grabbed onto the ledge, pulling himsef upward. He looked about, surveying his surroundings. Slowly he began to focus again, focus on the darkside and his ambition. He dropped again to a lotus position and began meditating before he started his work out.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-16-2002 06:53 PM:

    As Talus meditated this time, he felt something different, something he had never felt before, a sort of power that was unlike that which he had encountered, even in the prescense of his master or the council member Dara Shadowtide.

    What the devil is this?

    A black cloud began to enshroud the young disciple, choking him, stinging his lungs and eyes, his skin felt ablaze. He lept to his feet but suddenly his body was out of his control. His arms shot out to the side, like he was being hung upon a crucifix, his legs went limp beneath him, but he did not fall something held him in the air, but his head dropped as if his life force had left his body.

    What is going on? I demand to know who assails me! Show yourself coward and I will rip you limb from limb.

    Talus could not speak but he used his limited telepathic abilites to send out this message to whoever, whatever was crippling his powerful frame.

    "Ssssilence fool!" A disembodied voice commanded; "Do you truly want to know who or what I am? You may regret your choice of wordsss, if I grant you your pathetic wisssh.

    Suddenly Talus was released, his weakened body fell to the ground, slowly he began to rise.

    "In the presssscence of one sssuch asss myssself, you'd do well to ssstay on your kneesss..." The voice hissed authoritatively.

    Having no other choice Talus knelt before this invisible force.

    "What do you want of me?" The young Sith inquired.

    "Who are you? " The voice answered.

    "I am Talus Invictus, apprentice of Lord Darkstar, a Disciple of the Sith Empire"

    "Why have you visited this damned place?" The voiced replied.

    "I was running, meditating, making myself stronger, so that I may grow in the Dark Side. The temple peaked my interest because it seemed to be more of a challenge to reach." Talus returned.

    "Yesss, I sssee. You wisssh to become powerful? Yesss? "

    "Of course, my ambition knows no bounds, I seek power undescriable."

    "What makesss you worthy of such power? " The voice asked.

    Talus looked up and before him was a strange image, nearly transperant, it appeared to be a Massassi, the long extinct inhabitants of Korriban. But it was reformed not as brutish as the holocrons had depicted them as, it seemed to be an evolution of the species. A Sith, a true Sith! Talus' breath stopped shortly as he attempted to comprehend what he had deciphered. Then he looked directly into the eyes of the appearition; "Because I desire it and what I desire, I make my own!" His voice took on a new tone when he answered the Sith spirit. He had power in his voice and he answered with an arrogance that he had not displayed, since Lord Darkstar had humbled him in his recruitment trials.

    "Yesss, I can sssee. It isss true then, you do have Sssith blood flowing through you, but it ssstill remainsss for you to prove your worth to ussss. Talusss Invictussss.... " The voice's tone had changed to one of curiousity and it seemed, approval. "Enter the temple, in it you will face a resssurrected Massssasssi guard. If you passs thisss tessst you will be allowed to ssssecure a cryssstal that will sssserve you in time. Go now before I change my mind and take your body assss my own... " The appearition faded and the black cloud dissipated. The Temple entrance was only a few yards from where the spirit had deposited him. Steeling himself for what was to come, he ventured towards the gates.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-18-2002 01:32 PM:

    Talus looked around him, the smoke was cleared, the apparition gone, but the voice still hissed in his mind; "Prove your worth to usss, Talusss Invictussss... " The voice echoed its words flowing through his thoughts, it begin to have an effect on Talus, his ambition was growing even more, but now there was purpose to it, to prove himself a Sith, not just to be accepted as one, but to prove himself a true lord of darkness, he would have to prove his worth, to the Sith's of old, whose blood flowed through his genetically altered veins, and to the Siths of the Sith Empire, his masters and comrades in arms.

    Where is this gate that the vision spoke of, that will be my first task, to enter the Temple. Talus began to survey his surroundings looking for the entrance to the Temple and begin his quest for this Sith crystal the apparition had told him would someday serve him well.

    Talus began climbing amongst the ruins, jumping over crevices and ravines, climbing ruined walls. He was searching for the gates to the temple, he needed to know where they were so that he could find his promised treasure.

    Where are these supposed gates, blasted apparition there probably is no cyrstal or gates into these ruins. Just as Talus finished this thought, the wall he was climbing gave way underneath him and he tumbled head over heels to the ground. Cursing himself, for his folly and the wall for its lack of sturdiness, Talus lept to his feet and dusted himself up. When he looked up he noticed two Iron gates in front of him, with a strange inscription in an odd language.

    Oh ye of little faith Talus laughed to himself as he passed through the gates and forward on his quest.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-19-2002 07:59 PM:

    Talus began walking towards the iron gates, an uneasy feeling passed over him as he passed through.

    This feels far too easy. Talus felt a chill move up his spine as he walked through the gates an into the courtyard of the ancient temple. There were skeletons lying everywhere, most of them lacked limbs and skulls. Looking around he saw ancient script seemingly written in blood on the walls of the temple. He moved towards the main entrance, everything was falling into place too easy.

    Why has no one else come here before, Lord Darkstar has never said a word about it, what could possibly be left in this temple that no one has found yet. These thoughts raced through his mind as he entered the doorway into the Temple. It was stunning, scupltures of what had to be Sith Masters of the past, ancient warriors of the Sith race, the ceiling was a masterful arch that seemed to hover far above the ground, it had the images of great battles impressed on it and seemed to be illuminated by a crimson glow. Talus spun in one spot, in complete awe of his surroundings.

    It's magnificient, I've never seen anything like it. Talus was still awestruck when he began to feel a cold wind blow through the temple, he quickly began to survey his surroundings, in his inspections of the statues and impressions, he had failed to notice the Sith Sacophogi that were located in the 5 corners of the pentagon shaped temple. These coffins began to glow and shake, it seemed that whatever was in them wanted out.

    Well he said I would have to prove myself, guess he wasn't lying Talus laughed when he thought this, he remembered that he was unarmed so he began to draw in the Dark Side of the force to enhance his strength. He would have to have the added power of the Dark Side if he was to over come these undead warriors. As the first sarcophogus opened, Talus charged at it, with force enhanced speed, the Massassi corpse had not yet readied itself when its decaying face recieved a wake up kick from Talus' size 15 boot. The zombie beast flew back into its coffing and then roared in pain, lunging forward with its sword taking a swipe at Talus. As the blade came in a diagonal path from Talus' upper left to his lower right, he spun to his right, quickly and the Massassi blade struck the rock covered ground right to the side of Talus' boot. Talus then led with a left jab, hitting the creature twice with his left hand in less time than most people could throw a single punch, planting the entirity of his weight on his left foot he pivoted violently and planted a right cross on the chin of the creature, which was followed by a sickening snap and its head pointed in an odd direction, the beast fell to the ground dropping it's blade. As Talus reached to obtain a weapon he heard footsteps stop directly behind him. Quickly he lunged backwards, driving his body into his assailant as it rose its blade above its head to strike Talus down.

    As the beast flew back the young Sith spun to his right only to be met by two more Massassi guards, Talus backflipped away from his newest attackers and quickly surveyed the area, there was the Massassi he'd just killed, the one he'd knocked away, the two he had lepted away from, he was missing one. He didn't miss him for long though as he heard the whistling of a sword flying towards his head from the left, Talus ducked low and came up behind the overzealous guard locking one arm around its throat and another around it's sword arm. He spun the captured Massassi around and used it as a living shield against the three other fast approaching guardians. Sliding his arm down to the creatures wrist he snapped it with a quick spin and kicked it towards the remaining charge. In a move that suprised even Talus, the guardians sliced through their unarmed comrade and continued towards Talus. The fight would be much more interesting now that he was armed. Picking out the one he'd already struck he made a bee line straight at it, putting his sword up to deflect the beasts downward strike he dropped to one knee and burying his hand it the creatures midsection, lifting it above his head and using it's own momentum to throw it across the room. Talus then turned and ran for the other sword on the ground, he'd like to keep the number of blades per side even.

    I've given the one a couple of good blows, if I could seperate him from the rest of the group, I might be able to finish him off. Talus was now starting to come up with a plan instead of just plain old hit and run. As the duo of Massassi guardians approached him this time they moved much more controled and slowly, they'd seen their friend be thrown around too much to not learn from his mistake. The one of Talus' left began the attack with a horizontal strike at Talus' midsection, the one on his right came at Talus with a diagonal strike from right to left. With his left sword he deflected the horizontal swipe and spun the blade in his hand attacking with a sort of slashing motion downwards. He blocked the horizontal attack with his right sword and seperated himself from the attacker with a quick kick in the stomach. In a move similar to a pirouet, Talus spun bringing his right sword in an upward stroke at the guard on his right, then planting on his right foot he reversed his attack coming back with a reverse grip diagonal upward slash. The guardian skillfully blocked both and buried his forehead into Talus' mouth, drawing blood from his lips. Talus staggered back, looking up he noticed the third guard on his feet and moving again towards Talus. Talus had to get to him and strike him down before he had a third blade to deal with. Even though he'd never fought in a life or death battle with blades before, his training as a young man and his own dark nature allowed him to take these creatures lives without hesitation. Talus parried a stab from the guard on his right and spun its blade up in the air. Moving with speed enhanced by the force, he stepped into the creatures body and drove through it with his shoulder, knocking it to the ground. He had created his oppurtunity. Moving still force aided he arrived directly infront of the lone Massassi guardian, as the creature attacked with its blade in a thrust maneuvar, Talus parried with his left blade removed the guards head from his shoulders with his right. As he stood there for a moment, taking in the slaughter he noticed, either by the force or a glimmer in the corner of his eye a blade coming straight for him. Talus managed to block most of it, but the blade still clipped him on the left shoulder, creating a superficial flesh wound, and enraging Talus. Calling all the power he could from the Dark Side, Talus turned towards the one who had wounded him. As it raised its blade Talus force pushed the creatures hands back, delaying its stroke enough time for Talus to bury both of his blades in its chest, to the hilt. Then feeling a tingle on the back of his neck Talus ducked and as he did the last Massassi guard's sword passed through the neck of its fallen comrade. Talus pivoted and positioned the dead body between him and his last assailant, using the force he pushed the body towards it's living partner, Talus reached up in the same motion and grabbed the creatures blade from it's still outstretched arms and followed behind the moving corpse by a step. As the remaining guard side stepped to avoid collision with the Massassi projectile it failed to keep its blade up to protect it and Talus made sure it followed its comrade into the next world with a viscious swipe that cut it in half at the stomach.

    More, I want more! Talus' mind screamed, he was experiencing a euphoric state from his battle, the blood was still dripping though from his shoulder and he was going to need to stop the bleeding soon. As he began to survey his surroundings for more attackers he noticed a glowing red crystal. It had seemed he had proven his worth for the moment. As he moved cautiously to claim his prize he heard the voice of the apparition once again.

    "Thisss isss not over young disssciple. You have proven yourssself for the moment, but we will be watching you, Talusss Invictusss.

    And Talus answered, watch me, Dark Lords, watch me and stand in awe as the Empire and I, take the name of Sith higher than ever imagined. Smiling he placed the cyrstal in his left arm and began walking back to the compound. A change was beginning.