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In the med bay..

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  • In the med bay..

    :: Vega lay, hall asleep in a bacta tank. He was here care of the newly promoted Knight Anakis Moreven due to a recent fight the two had gotten into. Vega grunted, the pain in his lower back stabbed sharply again, sending a wrenching pain around his body. With a groan, Vega tried to get comfortable. He would be here for a while. ::

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    The Sith Master entered the med bay having felt the pain Vega was trying to seize through darkside techniques. The Master approaches and pulls back the hood of his cloak..

    “Greetings young Knight.. How fare thee?” he says as he examines some of his injuries..


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      :: Vega blinked as he looked up through the tank at the Sith Master who bore such a resemblance to Vega himself.

      Ah, Greetings Lord Havok.. said Vega, shifting in the tank. I'm doing a little better than I was earlier. My wounds are less painful than previously, however this only fuels my hatred against that damned Jedi Anakis Moreven..

      The Knight groaned, thinking of how he would punish Anakis on their next encounter. ::


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        The Master incisively Nods to Vega..

        “I sense a tenseness in your back Sir Derveld...” He says as he presses one of his hands against the glass and closes his eyes in a moment of deep concentration. The muscles in Vega’s lower back spasm for a moment and then suddenly begin to loosen, brining less discomfort and aid in more efficiently healing the battered Sith..

        “Many secrets lye in wait within yourself, seek them out.” he says as his eyes open.. “In unlocking those secrets one can better serve himself and those around..”

        Returning his hand beneath his cloak, his eyes meet Vega’s.. “Rest now, I will leave you.”


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          :: Vega took in Havoks words slowly, working out piece by piece what there meaning was in his head. He then silently nodded to the master. ::

          Thank you for visiting me and for your words, Darth Havok..