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Reclamations, Reflections, and Revalations.

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  • Reclamations, Reflections, and Revalations.

    In a different room in TSE HQ. Not quite as lavish though it was as large as their previous room, Ogre sits in a chair in the center of the open space and looks around. There were several storage containers spread throughout the area, besides the pair of chairs and bed.

    Having given up his seat on the Council had harmed his standing here at the Empire, and in his conversations with other members, he could tell that he was still viewed with suspicion and mistrust, even after swearing life long allegiance and service.

    Things would most likely never be the same, much like the room he was in now. Not as it used to be. But change is what makes one’s life interesting, without change there is no thrill, no excitement, no flavor to living. His new position as just a Sith Master of TSE would prove to be different than what his previous time had been, but he looked forward to it.

    He stood from the chair and began to unpack the storage trunk he had brought back with him, setting miscellaneous weapons on a shelf. They were the prizes which he had claimed and which his apprentices had claimed in his name.

    After removing all the items from that case there remained another smaller case inside, one he had been saving for a little while, after having just recently finished constructing what it contained. He withdraws the small box and sets it in front of the shelves, turning towards another storage trunk, so that he can begin unpacking it next, so that the room can once again be comfortably and lavishly decorated and furnished.

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    Since she was finally accepted back at the Empire, Dalethria weaved her way through its Headquarters, seeking out her husband so the renewal of their presence here can begin. It was quite the blow to her when Ogre left, but then she too in turn had to leave. She listened to the demons in her heart and they had to be squelched. Strangely enough, most of her belongings were still here. Must have been some sort of Omen that she was going to return her eventually. The Empire was her home and it always would be.

    She followed the link that her and Ogre shared which led her going another way then where their room once was. It was still on the same level but Dalethria wasn't sure as to why Ogre decided to change it without asking her first.

    Then it made sense. They both came back and they were starting over in a sense so a change of rooms seemed appropriate. In having their minds be one, she easily keyed in the code and entered their new room.

    Her eyes darted left and right seeing it quite barren but smiled when she saw Ogre. He was beginning to rearrange the room like it used to be and knew that the unfamiliarity would soon vanish.

    Coming up behind him, she laced her arms around his waist and rested her cheek upon his back. She let the silent act speak volumes as she projected her love for him into his mind.


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      Before she even entered the room, he knew she was heading this way, and every other thought that her mind held. Having <a href=> returned</a> things to how they had been before the Incident in Rama’s, which severed their mental link, made each of them ever so aware of the other.

      As she embraced him, his eyes closed and he sighed a content breath. Something no one had heard him do in what seemed like eons. Lately there had been little else besides angry and harsh words erupting from his mouth, towards all around him. Perhaps it was in part because of the severed link, or perhaps it was just his nature to think differently then the others. Only time would tell for sure.

      His eyes opened again after a few moments and he spoke softly, something else different than how he had been acting as of late. “Shouldn’t be too long and we’ll have things as they were before.”

      He considered her thoughts from when she approached the room and decided to respond to them without being asked. “Changed our room, so that we could have a fresh start. A new beginning you might say. I figure that applies on many levels and may as well apply on this one too.” He turned around slowly as he spoke and too her face into his hands, smiling as her eyes met his own.

      “Don’t you think it appropriate as well?”


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        She smiled briefly and turned to kiss the hand that held her face. Everything that he said was true and she couldn't fault him at all for his decision to move. Something nagged at her and Dalethria didn't like it all. Frowning, she looked at Ogre sternly, If you are happy that we have the link back, why are you not using it?


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          His head lowers, showing his shame at having utilized their link. ”Its only been back for a short time and I guess I still have to adjust. Being without it was a tough adjustment, and now having it restored will take some adjustment too.”

          While his head was still lowered, he noticed something different about the saber hanging from her belt. Instead of two, there was now only one. And the one he saw, was not either of the ones he had made for her, or the one she had made for herself. It was however a saber he recognized from a previous encounter with its original wielder, a long time ago, before he fell from the light and into the darkness of being a Sith .

          His head raised and he looked into her eyes again. ”You now carry Shenlong’s Fang. I had no idea that you now carry you Master’s weapon.”


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            Her eyes and thoughts showed that she understood to some degree. It was hard thinking that their link was another adjustment but nothing could ever be perfect. No, perfection was never in the ways of the Sith.

            She smiled though, even with those dark thoughts since finally the presence of her husband's were in her mind, I understand my love.

            Then she felt his confusion about the weapon at her side before he even voiced it. Dalethria released the embrace and wrapped a hand around the still unfamiliar weapon at her side, He gave this to me after our fight. When I accepted his offer for him to complete my training. He wants me to become what he couldn't ...


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              Her final thoughts projected into his mind, confuses him even further. ”Become what he couldn’t?”

              Absentmindedly, he reached out and touched the hand she placed on the weapon. Lifting it so that he could get a better view of it from so close. He had not seen it at such close range in the past, at least sitting still, and he had to take a moment to admire the craftsmanship.


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                She took a step back, forcing Ogre to drop the weapon from his hand. Crossing her arms, Dalethria looks at him with a pout, Your admiring my weapon more then me.


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                  A grin forms on his face as he looks directly into her eyes again, piercing them with his caring green-eyed gaze.

                  ”Actually, in admiring it, I was admiring you at the same time, and your appearance carrying it.” He looks to the single purple hilted dagger hanging from the other side of her belt, already knowing what happened to the other and pleased that his wife has restored her friendship with Dara.

                  ”I have something for you that would look much batter garnishing your bodily adornments with the bright silver hilt of that saber then the purple hilt of the dagger I gave you a few months back. You might could stash that dagger in a boot and show off what I have for you instead.”


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                    Her eyes lit up immediately knowing that her husband had a surprise for her and was curious to know what he constructed for her. Dalethria knew that it had to be new blades but what kind was being blocked from her to keep the surprise.

                    One thing she was able to know is that Ogre was pleased with what happened to the dagger that he gave her a few months ago. At the time she wasn't too sure, but as usual, her fears melted away being in his presence.

                    Relaxing her arms and moving up against him, she smiled, So, what did you get for me?


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                      One of his hands moved up the side of her arm as he replied. ”I made something from a deposit of silver ore that I discovered on Meras. Something crafted by my hand, from the stuff of our home.”

                      After squeezing her arm gently, he releases it then turns and picks up the small case from in front of the display shelves and holds it up out to her. ”You wish to see what I have made? Open the box.”


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                        Not only was it a gift from her husband, but he made it from metal from their world. Truly more precious then she first thought.

                        Taking the box with a smile, Dalethria sat down on a nearby chair and opened the box ...


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                          The top of the box hinged open, and lying inside on top of a small cushion, were two silver hilted and spined, crystal daggers shined in the light of the room.

                          <Img src=>


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                            She ran her hand over the blades and hilts with gentle care. The silver weapons were crafted beautifully and when she lifted one of them in her hand, the balance was superb. It was just like holding her old crystal daggers.

                            Dalethria looked up and smiled, thanking her husband with no words, only her feelings of love that was expressed through their link. She took the blade out of its place at her side and place it in the small pouch that was there. She then took both of her new daggers, sheathed them on her belt, and stood up.

                            Placing her hands on her hips, she grinned at Ogre, Well ... what do you think? I know this is a big change for me for many reasons, but ... at least your helping me deal with it.


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                              Ogre stands motionless, his eyes fixed on her form before him, scanning it closely while he wears a grin that grows larger with each passing second. ”Dressed for success Gem.”

                              He raises a hand to his chin. ”I think your enemies won’t know whether to admire you or run in fear. Your beauty is so very compelling, it could definitely cause hesitation and or distraction.”