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    *Syren glances at the nameplates on each of the doors as she passes each one down the long corridors. Finally, she finds the one with her name on it. Looking at who shall now be her 'neighbors', she allows a small smile to curve her sweet lips as she notices Vega is only a few doors down and across from her.*

    *She places her palm on the place indicated, then looks into the retinal scanner. After a moment, a small green light appears and her door slides open with a hushed *swoosh* sound. Stepping in, the lights come up to a gentle glow automatically, then the door swoops closed once again.*

    *Raising a brow subtly, she takes in the beautiful decor and spaciousness of her quarters. Looking to her right, she sees her belongings placed in the entry closet neatly arranged. She tours her apartment completely and is rather pleased with her new living arrangements.*

    *She walks to the kitchen and finds a bottle of Sith wine in a bucket of ice, rare flowers in a lovely vase and a welcome note.*

    "Nice touch."

    *Syren removes her cloak and tosses it neatly over the back of a chair and looks to a set of double doors. Curious, she walks over to them and draws the lush drapes back, looking out into the enclosed atrium filled with lush greenery, rare, exotic flowers from other lesser known worlds, and rare avian species. She steps out into the enclosed balcony and sits down quietly on a chaise lounge chair and looks around, enjoying a moment of rest and quiet before continuing with her training and adventure with Vega.*