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  • *In His Room...

    *Skroth woke up in his room in Sith Headquarters. A bead of swear ran down his face. He had his usual nightmare which snapped him out of sleep. It was the same nightmare he had been having since he was in the orphanage. A group of fellow orphans tormenting, and beating the hell out of him. He had never gotten used to that vision, and to this day it fueled his rage. He went to his sink and splashed water on his face. It steamed and evaporated off his face due to the intense heat Skroth produced. It still bothered him to the point of enragement, and to this day the protoss longed for revenge. One member of the group (Shreth) had already reconciled. A wise decision. Skroth slammed his fist down upon a neerby shelf. It dented from the impact. Skroth wouldn't let this go on any longer. He would have his revenge this day.*

    *Skroth put on his red templar cloak and walked out of his room. It was roughly 1 AM. Skroth walked down to the disciple's level and knocked on his old friend's door.*

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    For a long moment there is silence... Skroth knocks again, and still there is silence... The Protoss jiggles the doorhandle to find to the door unlocked. When he opens the door, he finds Shreths small bed empty, he enter, figuring that he might be elseware in the room...

    After a long tediouse time of searching, Skroth dosnt find him. Upon reaching the door, he finds Shreth standing in the doorway.

    "Hey man, what are you doing here?"

    "I was looking for you, where were you?" Replies Skroth

    Shreth pauses for a moment, then says "I was talking a walk... Because of......... stuff"


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      *Skroth quickly scans Shreth's mind, but finds it clouded and unreadable. Skroth finds this odd, but nods and procedes to ask Shreth the question that has plagues his mind for quite some time now*

      Skroth: finally reached my breaking point and I need to know something.

      *Shreth nods*

      Shreth: What is it?

      Skroth: Do you know where ANY of the other orphans ended up after I left?

      *Skroth leans up against a nearby wall*


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        Calmly walking over to the table in the small dining room, Shreth pulls out two chairs, one for Skroth, and the other for himself, setting down, he speaks.

        "I wish I knew that myself... To be honest, after you left, I was the next to go.... If you were to go looking for them, I'll go with you. We could probably check the orphanage out first, see if any records could possibly point us to where they were put at, then we could look for them by asking the foster parents"