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  • Lightsaber...

    Shreth arrives back at the Sith Headquarters after part of his <a href=>training</a>, Shreth walks the halls of the Headquarters, limping from an Injury to his leg most of the time.

    He eventually stops at a massive room, dome shaped, and mostly obsidian black for the most part, Shreth looks up at the roof to see numorouse windows...

    Without these I bet this whole room would be pitch black Shreth thinks to himself with a slight smile.

    He then aproaches the center of the room, slides off his trenchcoat, discards it to the side of him. He then closes his eyes, and reaches out with the Force... He senses his Masters location, concentrating harder, he sends a mental message to him.

    Master, it is I, Shreth. I am at The Sith Headquarters......

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    Night brings out some of the most terrible creatures thought Saurron as he traveled the underground labrynth that was the TSE. Stepping quietly into the room where Shreth was he stood staring...unblinking...until noticed.


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      After a long moment, Shreth opens his eyes seeing his Master stand at the other end of the room.

      "Hello Master."


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        Greetings my apprentice, ( walks towards him)tell me of your progress in constructing your Lightsaber.


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          "It goes..... I have run into a problem constructiong it..."

          Shreth pulls out a black lightsaber and tosses it to his master.

          "I am unable to figure out as to why it does not ignite... How I figure, I goofed somewhere in it's construction... Although you might be able to figure out what is really wrong with it. What you having constructed a lightsaber yourself."


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            Catches the saber <a href=>hilt</a> in one hand and spins it to face outward, then presses the activator switch.

            Well, it definitely does not ingnite.

            Walks over to the table and sets it down. Taking one of the tech tools, his cold hands begin to take apart the hilt. It was an impressive hilt. Black as his was, almost sucking in the light that tried to invade its own darkness.

            Once apart the error was the same he had made years ago. It wasn't the crystals alignment...they were perfect. It wasn't the activator assembly all the electronics were neatly connected to each other with precision.

            I must say my apprentice, you have yourself a tool for destruction here...however it appears that the power cell is defective.

            Saurron smiles... You just can not trust anyone anymore

            ooc: If you like the hilt I have a <a href=>pic</a> of the lit version uploaded, just let me know if you want it and I can get the pics off my hard drive.


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              OOC: I like the hilt, the lit version i dont care for so much, but it'll work

              Shreth follows his Master, watching over his shoulder as he takes apart the hilt of the saber to discover what is wrong.

              "The powercell's defective?? Damnit.... But once thats taken care of it should work right?"


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                OOC:Great I hoped you would, if you find something better just use it as a spare or something.


                Yes, your work is to be commended my apprentice. It will burn the flesh of many a Jedi

                Saurron turns to Shreth with an evil grin after he speaks.


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                  OOC: alright

                  IC:"Excellent... If you wish Master, I will go and get a new powercell. It might take a day or two, but I should be able to get one... This time it shouldnt be defective."


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                    Yes then we may continue your training. Until then I bid you farewell. I will listen for you through the Force.

                    OOC: Just post when you want to train some more


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                      Shreth gathers up the hilt, the silently leaves the room to find a new, functional powercell...


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                        Returning less than a day latter, sooner than Shreth expected, he arrived back to the room he was at the day before when he discovered what his problem with his lightsaber was. He then speaks to his master through the force.

                        Master, my lightsaber is now functional.