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The Journal of Jedah Lynch

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  • The Journal of Jedah Lynch

    Another day is passing before my eyes and another day I reflect upon which is, what was and what may yet be. No matter the changes, differences in opinons or battles that the Sith Empire undergoes one thing is for certain.

    It is eternal.

    Seemingly as adaptable as the cosmos itself it manages to push through the pity complaining of a small minded few who often leave in their own serach for power forming their own factions. They are Sith after all it is often the way of things. Even once I attempted such an foolish action in my younger days thinking myself right in all matters.

    Through death and destruction we move and transform the universe in our wake as Sith, the only allies we have that I can belong to that of our fellow Sith in The Sith Order. Those that left the idiotic leadership of one Itala Marzullo who once ruled The Sith Council, an ego maniac if there ever was one who often was laughed at by many of the universes people, be it Jedi or Sith. scorned by the very dark side and other force users in common agreement. Its almost impossible to believe.

    Every other group is a target, it does not matter if they are the Black Hands, the ShadowFaenes or the New Republics. Those not with us are against us, those who we do not ally with are destined to be destroyed. If they didnt know they better get in the game, for the game will be brought to them. The Jedi are only a small part of the universe, they are nothing more than an speck on the cosmic floor of floor meant to be swept aside.

    Through death and destruction, manipulation, trickery and betrayal we will conqueor those who are not of us. Does it really matter how it is accomplished? The answer is no of course for we are Sith, the true Lords and Masters of everything we see. The Gods of old will be washed aside so that those in our organization will be placed upon pedistals to be worshipped.

    It is not such acclaim I care for, nor desire. I myself only seek the warriors path, the path to creation and destruction. Give me your old, your young, your weak and your strong and I will kill them all. It is not out of any need, it is simply because I can. Power is the dark side and with such power will come greatness, one only needs to harness it in the proper way to achieve only greater deeds and stature.

    Yet with great power must come great responsibility and foresight, a lack of sight caused me to mix vampire DNA with that of my own, soon now.....very soon that will be fixed, when I'am done I will fix this, get rid of this....change that is affecting me so I can make sure I stay who I'am.

    Then I can plan, plot and destroy as I see fit once more. A Sith is little do few understand that. A true Sith can kill any man, woman or child. The injuried or the weak. But its only through destruction of a fitting rival does one ever get any satisfaction, the thrist clenched.

    Soon perhaps one of those that I mentioned will be destroyed....torn asunder. What a delight it would be to see. This hand, my hand, the hand of a killer, the hand of a destroyer, the hand of a creator and hand of a giver. To which will it soon cause again? What do I care for the pain and misery of those not with us?

    The answer is simple.

    I care not at all.

    As a Sith in tuned with the dark side I take no joy in the destruction of a foe, only I do what must be done. I do what the dark side commands, those in the game better learn soon or the final check mate may cause their total and utter doom.

    Jedah Zaknafein Lynch