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  • Looking to an empty Room

    <font color=green>[i][b]Stepping into the room he looks around, he walks to the bed and sits on it...He sadly has nothing to fill it with...

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    <font color=crimson>[b][i]He stared at the empty bunk and sighed, he leaves and comes back and puts a dark sheet over it, he hangs up one of his paintings and puts his gear in a corner of the room, he sighs as he looks about..


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      Darth Sipharus turns to the door and is startled by Shreth standing in the doorway, his leaned on one side of the doorway.

      "hey man, what seems to be the problem?"


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        <font color=blue>[i] Turning to the sound of the voice, he looks to his face, he stares into the expression and lets his words come out...

        <font color=green>
        "Nothing, I am just adjusting to new things."


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          "Adjusting to new thing... Yes, I know how that is out of personal experiance...."


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            <font color=green>[i][b]He walks to his bed and holds a bottle of red wine....

            [u]<font color=blue>"Care to share a drink with me, i would have better but i dont right now".


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              Shreth shrugs, then steps foreward, twoard the man.

              "Sure, why not... Dont worry about not having anything better, it'll do..."


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                <font color=green>[i][b]Pours him a goblet and pours himself one, he hands it to him and he puts the bottle down, he then proceeds to sip hsi wine..

                <font color=blue>[u]"I wont."


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                  Shreth takes a sip from his goblet.

                  "So.... Care to tell me alittle about yourself?"


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                    <font color=green>[b][i]He sips at his goblet again, he then looks up to shreths question, he opens his mouth to reply...

                    <font color=navy>[u]"I dont really have alot to tell, i dont have a past, i dont care to talk about my family...All i really wish is the sith to unite to crush the jedi...I am trying to make a home here, that is all"


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                      Shreth takes another sip of his goblet.

                      "No past? wow... thats the first"


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                        <font color=blue>[i][b][u] "I have a past, just not one i would reveal to the current time."


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                          Nodding, Shreth silently takes another sip from his goblet


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                            <font color=green>[i][b] He looks to shreth as he sips the red wine from his goblet...

                            <font color=red>[u] "Do you have a past my friend?"


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                              Shreth lowers his goblet.

                              "Yes, I have a past... Back when I was younger, my parents were killed, or possible just left me, I dont know which. I was then put into an orphanige... That was were I joined this 'Jedi Gang', it involved abunch of us kids, running around with broomsticks as lightsabers pretending to rid the universe of evil. Skroth was also there. At the time he was a pacifist so he wouldnt fight back, and protoss looking as he is, we considered him evil and we would beat him up. Aparently he eventually killed someone and left, so they started going after me, which then I started to develop special attacks to take most of them out... After awhile I got foster parents, and during my stay there untill I left I was a big troublemaker"