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  • The Change is.....

    After the <a href=> battle with TBH</a> Lord Firebird limps off of Lynch's ship and begins to head to the medbay. Delerious he does not get very far past the hanger door. One of the spells that had been used against him had returned, eating away at his flesh, and blood began to trickle down from his right eye socket. He continues to stagger down the hallway until stopping about five feet from the door of the medbay...

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    *Lord Firebird struggled to get to his feet, he had survived worse at the hands of others and he cursed himself for going to the Medbay without checking on his Master first. He very slowly stood up and headed to the council room, trying to stay on his feet.*


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      *As he rounds the corner, he thinks to himself of the battle and what happened to him during the battle. He wonders what has happened to him during the battle. He has more questions now then he did before. He doesn't even know if Firebird is his name...*


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        *Lord Firebird stumbles into his room, where his droid, K9 is finishing recharging. He sees the Sith Lord's condition...*
        K9:Sir, we must get you too the medbay now!
        *K9 sees that Lord Firebird is deliourous, so he grabs some bandages and a cloak and heads off with Firebird toward the MedBay...*


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          The Sith could sense the pain in Firebird, during their trip back it seemd as if the Sith Lord had been paritally preoccupied fighting a battle within.

          Trace and Rama has already been carried to the med bay, he assumed that was where FB had been heading as well to treat his wounds. Despite all that had happened the Sith Master had come out without much of any injuries to speak of.

          Now walking down the hallway his mind drifted to other matters.