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  • Revitilization

    *The past three days had been hell. Not for Snack, but for those who opposed him and his three fellow apprentices of Master Ogre. Utter chaos and mass destruction was left in their wake on the planet of Talasea. Ogre gave the four united Sith orders to kill everyone in the city of Talas and bring the city down to shambles, all in a 48 hour time period.

    It was now over, and Snack had just returned to his room at TSE. He reeked of damp cloth and blood. White bacta patches, applied when he arrived in the Med Bay, were placed under his clothing to cover his blaster wounds on his leg and arm. The blood from the injuries had stained his black cloak, smeared from the water which surrounded the now annihilated city.

    The training mission had worn Snack out. Never before had he done anything of that magnitude. The hatred grew within him, tightening its grip over Snack. What really exhausted Snack, however, was the amount of Force snack had conjured up in his Force Wind. The amount of concentration for Snack to do this was great, and wore Snack down quickly.

    With a quick glance at the jarred head on his table top, Snack fell to his bed. Sleep was what he needed to regain his strength.*

  • #2

    *Ten hours have passed since Snack began to sleep. For the first time in a long while, he was not plagued by nightmares or dreams; only blackness and a void filled his mind.

    When his eyes did open, this first thing which they fell upon was the ceiling structure. Bland as it was, it caught Snack's attention. He felt anew. He could feel the darkness rushing through him as he became more its servant. The light which was in him became less a part of hiself with every passing day.

    With a wicked smile, Snack stood from his bed. After getting around, and now fully rested up, Snack walked out of his room, not sure of where he was going, but knowing he was at home.