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  • :: At Rains quarters ::

    Vega stood, looking up at the gold plaque with "Rain Feral Sarin" engraver upon it. He smiled lightly as he brought a gloved hand up to knock on the door of his friends quarters, hoping she would be in this night.

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    *Rain looked up, suddenly realizing just how much of a mess her room was, broken glass from the mirror she broke a few nights ago still littered the floor. She quickly motioned with a hand, sending the glass into another room and quickly closing the door behind it all.
    She stood up and went to the door, already having a good idea as to who it would be. As she opened it and saw Vega, she smiled.*

    "I guess this means Ame gave you the message?"


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      Well, I didn't actually SEE Ame. But I sort of assumed she had brought it.

      Vega crossed his arms over his chest, canting his head to the side as he looked to Rain.

      You said I should come and see you if I had anything I needed to discuss with you on the matter, well.. there's a few things.

      His arms slouched down, leaving one hand lightly resting on his hip.

      Maybe, if you're not too busy, I could come in to talk to you about them?


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        *Rain nodded*

        "Of cource, come in."

        *She motioned with one hand for him to enter as a chair slid from her desk for him to sit in as she sat on her neatly made bed, her legs crossed, still wearing a similar slightly oversized outfit she had when she had made the holotransmission for Vega.*

        "I'm afraid I can only offer you water to drink this day, I left my wines and such over at my other home. But, anyway, how are you this night, my friend?"


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          Vega took the seat, sitting facing Rain.

          How am I this eve? I am fairly well..

          He nodded lightly, reminded of one of the matters he wished to speak of.

          ..and yourself, Rain, how are you feeling?


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            *Her eyes seem to grow a shade lighter as he asked the question. Her face was blank.*

            "I've been dealing with conflicts. However, this evening has been fairly peaceful."


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              He was convinced at all by her answer, but decided to accept it for the moment.

              Alright then. You mentioned in your message, a possible problem with you being a bridesmaid for Dara.. according to my knowledge this shouldn't be a problem..

              Vega watched her intently. He knew something was wrong, but he wasn't sure what.


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                *She nodded*

                "Good, then I'd be happy to go with you, Vega."

                *From the way she sat it was hard to tell what she was thinking, what was truely going on in her head. And she liked it that way.*


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                  He glanced around, picking up the feeling that he might have interupted something.

                  .. I should probably be going. Glad we've sorted everything out.. I shall look forward to attending our Masters wedding with you very much, Rain.


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                    *She blinked a few times, her cheeks turning slightly red for an instant before it was quickly surpressed.*

                    "I..I look forward to it as well."


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                      He rose one hand, saluting by pressing two fingers against his right temple, with a light nod and a smile.

                      Excellent.. I'll see you around then.

                      Turning, he walked slowly from the room, a large grin spreading across his face.