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Enters the Med Bay

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  • Enters the Med Bay

    OOC~ Since both me and Sorsha had to miss out on the Bast Castle thread ... this thread and our spar happens right before and during it.

    IC~ Dalethria moved into an unoccupied room and laid Sorsha down gently on the bed. She shoved a med droid away when it was trying to attend to her wounds.

    "Her first!" She didn't mean to yell that so loudly but did give into the request for her to sit down.

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    :: she senses her surroundings in a dream-like state, but her eyes remain closed ::


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      She pulls her chair forward, closer to Sorsha's bed after the droid finishes dressing her wounds. Reluctantly, Dalethria moves her leg out so now she can be taken care of.

      Once again, she wonders why her sister came her to face her. It always ended the same.


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        :: Having senced her even before entering the HQ, Phantom sits in wait. In a darkened corner of the med bay, two red eyes peer out through the darkness ::


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          Dalethria's head rose to stare at the wall in front of her, eyes narrowing in anger.

          "I know you're there and I know what happened on Vjun. Any attacks upon my Sister will be met with a swift punishment."

          She looked back down at Sorsha, "That was a warning no matter what your intentions were for coming here."


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            :: A grin escapes his lips as the images of pain swim through his mind ::

            I think it might be worth it


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              She shoves the droid aside and stands on her own two feet not caring about the pain of her leg or neck. Her eyes turn a bright yellow, burning with rage. Her words were strong, empowered by the Dark Side eventhough it was slightly raspy from her wounds, "While she is here, she is my guest. Is that understood?"

              Then a grin spread across her face, "I also hate to tell your Master you endangered his Sister."


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                mmmm, but its alright for that to attack me?

                :: Nodding to sorsha ::


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                  She let that derogatory comment slide, "She is laying in the med bay. I think you answered your own question and you still know nothing about her."

                  Dalethria sat back down next to Sorsha, "Leave us."


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                    :: Hours pass ... ::


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                      :: ... and Sorsha awakens. Her eyes focus slowly as she looks around ::


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                        Sorsha sees that Dalethria is sitting on a chair, her head resting on the bed as she is fast asleep.


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                          :: she starts pulling the hateful life sensors off her body and hisses as a med droid beeps in protest ::


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                            She awakens, startled by the hiss and looks up. The droid that was near Sorsha rolls back quickly and Dalethria had to grin.

                            "Well, your doing better."

                            Dalethria gets up with a slight limp and gives Sorsha her means to escape the bed.


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                              :: she remains in bed and looks at Dale's leg. she starts to speak but bites her tongue ::