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  • In the Morning Hour

    [OOC: This takes place after Rama's departure and before LV's thread in the council room.]

    Nuriko breathed a sigh of relief as she made it back to her room. The halls were empty. She opened the door and shut it tight. She was exhausted... she and Jedah had spent hours locked in the Empire Council room alone, discussing between themselves tirelessly that first night.

    She understood why so many had cracked under this type of pressure. Nuriko had always been a second, leaving herself as far out of important decisions as she possibly could. Only coming in to aid Lady Dia and smooth out the occassional debate gone sour...

    This is what Rama did... but not...

    ...but not anymore.

    Nuriko shut her eyes. These chambers were so quiet. No husband... no daughter. She looked towards Kali's room. Due to her recent load of work, she had to send Kali with Sierra. Time with either of them was looking to be more and more of an impossibility.

    Kill them.

    Nuriko looked up and around.

    These people are impossible! You know it's the truth! They ***** about the system, this Empire you've come to love so much... they complain about the leadership, they complain about not being part of the leadership, they complain about everything. None of them even trying to constructive.... all of them just waiting for their "rewards"! For what they feel they deserve instead of what's best for the whole group!

    Jedah and Nuriko had worked too hard. That final seat on the council went from needing to be filled to needing to be left vacant. If only the others could've seen it... Jedah had to keep her from cutting it in half with her sabre.

    No matter who you put there, they wouldn't be satisfied....

    "I have to try..." she found herself saying weakly.


    Her eyes snapped open. Nuriko placed her hand on her head.

    Deep in your heart... you want them to burn. They deceive you... they judge you... they're nothing but hypocrites. You WANT them to BURN.

    She was tired... and lonely. If she was lucky, the next day would be hopefully prove to not be so equally eventful. Perhaps some resolution would be found and faith would find itself well-placed.

    Nuriko looked at her wedding ring. She had threatened to leave Rama before... if any of the bad feelings he felt were half as bad as what she felt now, she could only feel greater regret and sorrow. He hadn't divorced her though... he had simply left.

    She had sent some hired help to track him down after she had gotten word he had left. They weren't able to keep on his trail but judging by the direction he went, she could only assume one place. "First he abandons us... then he goes there without me."

    Nuriko staggered to the bed and sprawled on it, looking around the room. She spotted something draped on a chair and went towards it, picked it up, and held it. Rama's jacket.

    She curled on the bed holding it and went to sleep.

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    :: Shatan stood on the bridge of the Star Destroyer "Twist of Fate" The Ships had not moved to far for Monto Curdo, just far enough away to avoid their sensors, and the rest of the Dark Side users. But Rama's bound with his wife was more powerful then with anyone elses. He could feel her distress. He reached out with the Force to her. ::

    "My love......."


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      Nuriko still lay there, half asleep. She open her eyes slightly and shut them again. "Rama..." She stroked his jacket and remained at rest. "I wish you were here..."


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        :: Through the Force he beckoned her ::

        "Come to me....."


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          Nuriko kept hearing his voice. She lay on her back and opened her eyes, half-wondering if she was going mad. "Where are you...?"


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            "I will guide you.....Your ship. You must use your ship."


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              She began to tear up. "I... I can't."


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                "You can do anything."


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                  Nuriko prayed this was real. She knew she and Rama had a special connection to each other, but... She sighed and closed her eyes again.

                  "You don't understand... I need to stay here now. There's something I need to do today. It won't wait. But... I want to see you so much."


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                    " What is it you have to do?"


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                      She paused for a minute and smiled. "Council @#%$. You know how it is...."

                      She needed to stay, but this was her mate calling out to her. Nuriko sat up. She looked back at his jacket, putting it on. Nuriko walked up to a panel and pressed a couple of buttons.

                      "Yes, Lordess Sha?"

                      "Prep my ship."

                      "Yes, Lordess."

                      She exited the room, making it a point to not make eye contact with anyone.


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                        :: Rama sensed his love was on her way. He tuns to the Captain of the Twist of Fate. ::

                        Send a squadron of Ties out....They are to locate and escort the Ship Moonrunner Libe back here. The pilot is royality so make sure she is treated as such.

                        :: the Captain bows ::

                        "Yes my lord."

                        :: Rama turns back and looks out the viewport at the small speck that is Monto Curdo. ::


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                          As expected a few disciples and warriors approached her as she went to her ship. Asking her questions, wondering what was happening... a couple expressing regret on the depature of Master Rama. She did her best to not brush them off, while counting the seconds it was taking to get to the damn hanger.

                          It seemed like an eternity to just take off.... but within a matter of minutes, the ship streaked away from the planet.


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                            :: Soon a Tie Fighter Streaks by The Moonrunner Libe. It turns quickly and pulls up beside Nuri's Ship. The voice of the pilot comes over the comm. ::

                            "Moonrunner Libe...We are instrusted to escort you to the Twist of Fate."

                            :: Several other Ties pulls up beside Nuri's Ship and take Guard Postions, the lead fighter pulls out in front of her. ::

                            "Follow me in"

                            :: Soon the distant specks of Grey matter begin to take shape. There Star Destroyers and three War Freighter. The Tie Leads her towards the lead ship. Soon the ship is looming over head, the moonrunner shakes as the Tractor beam takes hold of the ship. The Small scout ship is broguht up into the docking bay and then guided into one of the Side hangers. The ship sets down next to the Larger Star Phoenix II. Before Nuri can even get outta of her seat seat several royal guards come outta of the hanger access door and line up making a path to the door. Then the Captain of the Twist of Fate comes down and towards the ship. He waits for her to exit the ship ::


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                              Nuriko had no idea he was this close... She felt elated, saddened, and anxious all at once. She jumped out of her seat and lowered the ramp to exit the ship.

                              *BEEP!* Her astromech bumped at her leg.

                              "Stay here."

                              The astromech whistled and rolled off back to its place on the ship.

                              Nuriko walked down the ramp and looked up, blinking in slight surprise, seeing several royal guards lined up. She shouldn't have been so surprised, but being greeted like this was something she still wasn't used to... even after being married to Rama all this time.

                              She walked down the ramp, greeting by one obviously of high rank on this craft. She nods to him but says nothing...