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In Gitanes room..

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  • In Gitanes room..

    Vega strode in with a determined look upon his face, carrying his apprentice Gitane in his arms. Something had affected her earlier, and he got the idea she'd be better off here then outside of Rama's.

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    --Gitane let out a soft groan as she briefly attempted to push away from Vega, quickly admitting defeat to the task. She rested her head again on his shoulder, mumbling quietly.--

    "Why bring me back...?"


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      You're in no fit state, Gitane... you need some rest..

      Vega walked over to the generic bed in the room, laying Gitane down slowly on it. He nodded more so to himself than to Gitane.

      Will you be OK by yourself..?

      He rubbed the back of his neck with one hand, looking around for a moment, unsure of how to react.


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        --Gitane propped herself up a bit, shaking her head from side to side.

        "I think so... But I just don't know... The strongest thoughts...memories.. They come almost in intervals.. It's impossible to tell.."

        She tugged at a loose thread on the blanket she sat on absently. Her eyes moved slowly to Vega, giving him a slow, faint smile.--


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          He couldn't leave. There was something seriously amiss here. Taking a seat on the edge of her bed he looked at her with a concern look.

          Try and explain to me..?


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            --Gitane bit her lip, the faint taste of blood touching her tongue from where she earlier broke the skin. She probed through her mind for words, her eyes distant as she stared at the blanket. Where could she start..? She shifted her gaze slowly to Vega again, letting out a soft sigh as she began to speak. Her voice carried a tone of what was almost curiosity, as if she had never before known about what she spoke of.

            "I was born into a rather tossled family... My father had wed my and Dalton's mother, being content with her for several years until she simply began to age. He became uncontrolably angry, so many times...She died at his hands one night when I was four years of age.. After that, he grew to despise anything that reminded him of her.. More times than I could imagine, he gave weak attempts to finish off my siblings' and my already meager bodies.. Years passed... The attempts haulted as he found and discarded countless wives... My number of siblings grew, as the amount of attention we recieved shrank.. When I was near the age of nine, those around me started dying, either of starvation or sickness... Soon after, I ran away... Years of living on my own blurred together.. I can't remember much from them.. At times, I'm almost thankful, considering the bits I do remember..."

            She glanced around as she voice fell silent, fingering the loose thread before dropping it slowly. She'd never admitted to the past she lived.. Not to any soul that asked her... Why had things suddenly changed..?--


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              Her past reminded him much of his own. A father who went from wife to wife, producing numerous siblings for Vega. Ket, Cat, Mort, Khaliqua... All the products of Diego Van-Dervelds unsatifiable lust. The years Gitane had spent alone, it reminded him of his years on Karfeddion. It was quite interesting, he thought, to have such memories and events similiar, especially with an apprentice.

              ... You must not fear these memories. Fearing them will allow them to control you. And that is not what you want. You want to be strong and confident... not weak due to your past.

              He glanced up at the ceiling for a moment, pausing.

              Past is past. It can't be changed. All you can change is the future. Yours will either be tailored by your decisions and choices now, or you past...


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                --Gitane gave a small nod, again looking at the blanket she rested upon. She felt herself at a sudden loss for words. A sigh escaped her throat as she rested her forehead against the palms of her hands. A few moments of silence passed on before she finally opened her mouth to speak.

                "Ve-...Master, I know that I musn't let the past control me.. Though, it doesn't fear me.."

                She paused to bit her lip, shifting her gaze to Vega slowly.

                "The outbreak you saw... When they happen, there's no difference between thoughts and reality, fear and bravery..."

                She absently dragged her fingers over her facial scar, again looking down. Her voice became almost hidden with her last few words.--

                "Love and hate... They...all seem blended together as one.."


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                  Love and hate.. they are very strong emotions. As is fear... You must try not to let any of these emotions control all of your actions, only influence them partly. A clear mind can conquer all.

                  He drew his hands away from his grip upon her, resting his palms on his knees. He had become lost for words, a rare occasion. He liked to think of himself as a philsophical person, who could give advice on anything. But now, he was himself unsure on what to comment on.


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                    --Gitane shifted her gaze around the room almost nervously. As her eyes rested upon Vega again, she found her hand reaching out to touch his arm, causing him to meet her line of vision. She glanced away for a brief second before finding her voice.

                    "I...I'll never be able to thank you enough for the friendship and...kindness" She grimaced lightly at the word, unable to think of a better term. "That you've shown me. You couldn't understand how much it's meant to me.."

                    She pulled her hand away, suddenly unsure of herself, not to mention what she was doing. She shut her eyes, turning her head down so that he couldn't fully see her face.--


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                      He remained in silence, looking to Gitane as she turned away. He was very unsure what was going on now, and needed to know otherwise his confusion would remain.

                      ..what are you thinking?


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                        --There was a long moment of silence between the two as Gitane sought for words. What was she thinking? It seemed even she didn't know the answer. She took in a glimpse of Vega before shaking her head, her hands carrying a slight tremble as she hid them in her lap.--

                        "I...I truthfully don't know.."


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                          Now he knew there was not much point in staying. Gitanes mind was in need of a rest, and that's what Vega would allow. He stood up, taking a few steps away.

                          I'll.. just go now, Gitane. You should get some rest..


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                            --Gitane watched him move out the door before her mind clicked into action. She pushed herself from the bed and darted out after him, all the while completely off-balance. She came close to crashing into the wall as she regained her footing, reaching out to lightly grab his arm. She looked up at him with frantic, almost pleading eyes as he turned around.--

                            "Please...Don't go.."


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                              Glancing down, a feeling of guilt fell over him. Yes, she needed rest, but if she needed help or company he should be there. Afterall, not only was he her Master, but her friend.