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  • Vulnerable.

    -- Eve ran through the halls. Where the bloody hell is that room ? She finally found it, ran in and sat in a chair. She hugged tightly her whole body, shaking. She just kept staring at the ground as the seizures grew more and more violent. It's getting worse every time ... . "Stealing" some Tryptophan wouldn't kill anyone now, would it ? She stood up, shaking and having the hardest time to just reach the door. --

    Gotta try ... or .. gonna go crazy ..

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    He walks down the halls and hears a commotion... He turns into eve's door and goes in without asking..

    "Are you alright?"


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      -- Eve grabs on Sipharus' coat, her hands still shaking. She couldn't even speak right. She could only whispers, loud enough so he can hear :

      Tryptophan ... Medbay .. now ...

      Eve needed Tryptophan now and fast. Even though the seizures were only gonna pass, it hurted her body a lot. Eve let out a soft cry or whimper. --

      Please ...


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        -- Eve fell on her knees, she was breathing heavily. She couldn't take it anymore. Her throat hurted her badly and her mind was having millions of thoughts which she didn't understand at all. --



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          The Knight turned the corner of the corridor, humming a quiet tune to himself as he strolled through the vast halls, not having anything to do.


          A voice from uphead utter a sound of discomfort. He rose his eyes to see Sipharus and Eve Siren. Sipharus looked fine, Eve did not. She was gasping for air, kneeling on the floor.

          Hey! he called out loudly, catching Sipharus' attention. He jogged down to the two, crouching quickly down beside Eve.

          Siph, what's wrong with her..? he said, looking from Sipharus to Eve. Eve?


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            -- Eve whimpered as the seizures was becoming more violent. She whispered between whimpers, putting her hands on Vega's shoulder to not fall down completely. --

            I need Trytophan ... Vega, in the Medbay ...

            -- Then she said softly :

            Please, it hurts ...

            Eve looked down, shutting her eyes hard. --


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              This was twice in the space of a day Vega was 'saving' someone from seizures. Quite interesting.

              Alright. I'll get you down there now..

              He glanced around, shaking his head as he lifted Eve, pulling her arm around his shoulder as he began to walk to the med-bay with Eve.


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                -- Eve kept shaking but she still tried to walk. Mumbling how she was going to kill those researchers for ruining her life two days after she was born and how she was gonna rip Shinta's head off. --


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                  The two walked into the med-bay and immeadiately droids rolled over, whistling commands to each other as they were alerted to Eves condition by Vega.

                  Hurry up.. and do what she says..

                  He let go of Eves arm, allowing her to slip down onto the med-bay table as the droids frantically tried to react.


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                    -- Eve violently grabbed a droid's head. --
                    I just want some Trytophan !

                    -- She pushed back the droids and sits up on the table. --
                    Where are those stupid pills ?!


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                      Vega growled lowly at the droids, swiping his hand out to the side through a pure natural reflex of anger.

                      Hurry up!!


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                        --Gitane heard what seemed to be the clatter of metal down the hall. A light frown creased her lips as she made her way toward the faded sound. She glanced into the Med-Bay as she passed the doors, her foot freezing midair. Concern filled her eyes as they fell upon both her 'sister' and her Master. She shoved her way into the room, nearly toppling over a rushing droid as it whirled past. She gave a low snarl to the droid before returning her gaze to Vega.--

                        "What happened?"


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                          -- Eve held her head in pain. She can't stand it ! Finally, the droids took out the pills. --

                          Trytophan !

                          -- She grabbed the pills and ate them in one shot. Her seizures were getting less and less violent. -

                          Argh ....

                          -- Her gaze was locked on Gitane. --

                          You ...

                          -- Eve stood up, looking down and just walk as if nothing happened ... actually, because she didn't want to explain the seizures. As she walked pass through Gitane, she whispered coldly :

                          I want to talk to you now. I'll be waiting at your room. Come ... alone.

                          Eve then thanked Vega for helping her, she put on her helmet then left with no explanation. --


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                            *he watched in amazment to what Eve did, and he nodded to see her fine and walked away*

                            OOC- sorry, was gone for the whole day yesterday


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                              Vega was puzzled, but said nothing. He simply turned, heading out of the med-bay back towards his original destination.