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:: Open Comm to The Twist of Fate ::

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  • :: Open Comm to The Twist of Fate ::

    :: A priorty one signal came through to the Star Destroyer Twist of Fate for the surface. Captain Sizzen walked over and answered the comm. ::


    Captain Sizzen....

    " Lord Rama, I had heard..."

    Save it.....

    "Yes Sir"

    I want you to keep any ships from leaving the system. Your looking for A Sith infltrator......It has a cloak. So deploy all fighters and take up visual scanning. I Suggest you not let this ship get off world if you value your life.......or the life of your wife and child. Is that understood?

    :: Sizzen gulp and adjusted his collar. ::

    "Yes my lord."


    :: Rama closes the comm. Sizzen turns to his underlings. ::

    " Radio the rest of the fleet.....tell them to deploy all fighters and take up visual scanning. I don't want anything to get off this system."

    :: The crew got to work as the Twist of Fate's to sister ships began to postion themselves. ::

    -Back on the surface-

    :: Rama closes the comm. As he recovered he had slowly regained his link with the force. To his surprise he had senses two precenses very close together. One was his brother and the other was his former apprentice Sorsha. Rama knew of Trace's current mental state, he knew what he wanted, and he knew that he would do whatever it took to get it. And Sorsha would take advantage of that., but Rama was in no condtion to face them phyiscally. But he had to stop them from leaving. Sorsha was not leaving with his brother. ::

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    :: Sorsha makes her way up the <a href=>secret passage </a> to the surface, extending her senses beyond her for other force sensitives. If Phantom was lurking he would choke on his own blood. Trace would make sure of that. She reaches the surface and looks around ::


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      On the Chimera

      :: In what was an almost destroyed warehouse, abandoned and replaced by the populace of the planet after the attack by TSE, Endo sat inside his ship, monitoring communications and air traffic. The ship’s internal systems translated the communiqués into his native dialect, so that he could understand.

      He was aware that they were now being hunted and that escape from this world would not be a simple task. Heaving pulled off an escape from his world once in the past, this would be nothing new, except this time things would be a little trickier. The fighters that filled the sky might pose some problems with being to slip out of the system unnoticed. Sosha would have to be told of this once she arrived. ::


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        :: His anxiousness to get off this world continued to build and his drive to not let anything stand in his way grew with each passing second. They were now outside TSE HQ and he was following Sorsha as she led them through the town and to the outskirts, where an old dilapidated warehouse waited before them.

        Just as they began to enter the building a squad of three fighter craft zipped by overhead, something was amiss. ::


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          :: She looks up them and sneers, then enters the warehouse ::


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            :: His attention is drawn from the computer when an alarm goes off inside the Chimera and the targeting systems suddenly lock on someone entering the refuge he had stowed himself and his ship in. Looking up and seeing it is his associate Sorsha and a guest, he quickly keys in the code so the weapons will not open fire on them.

            The boarding ramp of the craft lowers and he awaits the arrival of Sorsha and Trace, one he had seen a few times before, but never really met in person. Endo finds it curious that Sorsha isn’t alone. Judging by the look on the pale man’s face, there is something very different about him now. ::


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              :: As they enter the warehouse, Trace separates the thoughts of the pilots from the clutter in his mind and realizes that they are searching for him. For now that squad has passed, so he doesn’t bother taking any offensive action against them, but he will definitely remain alert for any others.

              Trace and Sorsha enter the Sith Infiltrator and make their way to the cockpit. ::


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                :: Sorsha sits back in a chair and speaks in Rodian ::

                "Trace is coming with us to Vjun, but I don't imagine Rama likes the idea. He'll do whatever he can to keep us here."


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                  :: The Holoprojector in Rama's quaters jumps to life. Captain Sizzen bows to Rama and then begins to make his report. ::

                  "Sir...several scout ships have reported two idvudials, one a blonde woman and the other matching the discription of your brother. They were heading for a warehouse in the buisness discrit on the surface."

                  She must have hide the ship in the warehouse. Captain.......activate turbolaser battery one and fire a warning shot just in front of that warehouse, then get me a channel to that ship. Send on all frecencys if you have to.

                  "Yes sir"

                  :: The holoprojctor fades ::

                  -Aboard the The Twist of Fate.-

                  :: The Turbo laser battery turns and takes aim, Sizzen adjusts his collar once again ::

                  "Prepare fof planetary bombardment."

                  :: Quickly the gunners take their places ::

                  " Fire a warning shot four meters in front of the entrance to that warehouse. Then infrom the Empire high council that this isn't an attack and we are trying to stop an escape. Then open a channel on all frequencys for Lord Rama."

                  "yes Sir"

                  :: A gren bolt of light leeps from the Star Destroyer and impacts in front of the warehouse. Debris fly high into the air and come crashing down on the roof of the structure. ::


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                    :: Endo listens to Sorsha and deactivates the ship’s external scanners, just before he engages the cloaking device and preps for launch. External scanners are just as useless to the pilot of the ship as they are to any who may be scanning for them so they too will have to rely on visual contact. Though having two Force users on the craft will certainly give them an edge, he thinks to himself. ::

                    We’re going home, a few fighter jockey’s aren’t about to stop that.

                    :: He continues explaining what he knows of the transmission that he intercepted earlier and in regards to the scores of fighters blanketing the planet in search of their ship, making sure Sorsha is aware of the efforts that Rama has already put into keeping them here, so that she and Trace can be prepared to assist if needed.

                    Being a pirate/pilot by profession, Endo already had a few tricks up his sleeve that could help them get away undetected or at least to a safe enough distance that they could engage the hyperdrive.

                    After bringing Sorsha up to speed on what he knows he plots cords into the hyperdrive’s astrogen computer and the Sith Infiltrator slowly rises from the floor of the warehouse, approaching the closed but quite thin and weak door which he had closed behind the ship when he piloted the ship into this place of refuge.

                    The door buckles as the ship goes right through it just as the turbo laser imapcts in front of building. Endo keeps the ship very low to the ground and engages the repulsors at maximum, trying to put some distance between themselves and the location of the TSE HQ. Knowing the best stealth trajectory right now would be as far away from that place as possible. ::


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                      :: The squad of fighters that had passed by earlier had doubled back and were now in pursuit of the ship, though the explosion of the ground and tossing of debris clouded their line of sight somewhat.

                      Trace’s expression becomes one of anger and determination as he pinpoints the pilot’s thoughts and forcefully enters their minds. He manages to take control of the weaker willed of the three and brings him to begin opening fire on the other two. ::


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                        :: Sorsha laughs as laser fire hits one of the fighters. She could hear the mental screams as it collides with the other ship in a ball of flaming metal ::


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                          :: A voice come crakling over the comm ::

                          Very cute.....

                          :: The voice of Rama was transmitting on all frquences. ::

                          There are hundreds of Tie fighters in orbit and they are all looking for you. Even the best piolt cannot escape this. And I have seen your rodian fly.....not exaclty a top notch fighter jock. But then there are the turbo lasers, I doubt you'll make it off the surface.

                          Now we need to talk about some possible soultions to this problem. The way I see it you got three ways outta this. One, you can return Trace to the medbay and you and your ship will be allowed to leave. two, you can try to escape and I can kill you all. And trust me im not above killing you......or my brother. Or three, you can just stay here with us. Although I doubt you will like that last one.

                          I was perfectly happy with you being outta my life, but you just keep coming back there Sorsha. So whats it gonna be?.....clock is ticking. Tick Tock Tick Tock.


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                            :: stumbles her way into the cockpit to find out what's going on. She looks over at the console and notices a blinking light ::

                            "Hey, someone's trying to hail us through the comm."

                            :: looks back and forth at the group and the console ::

                            "Isn't anyone curious what the message is?"


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                              :: Endo looked over at Tirsa and shook his head. ::

                              I’d have to lower the cloak to receive a message and that turbolaser fire we saw back at the warehouse would be more than just a near miss if I do that. As it is there is no way those batteries can get a lock, visual sighting isn’t enough with a moving target.

                              :: He began to change his trajectory of travel somewhat to the left and right, making sure not to fly a straight line as he pulled back on the yoke and pointed the ship skyward. ::

                              It’s up to Sorsha if she wants to risk being shot out of he sky like that.