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  • is forever......

    *K9 dragged Lord Firebird into the surgical room, and instructs the droids to lift him onto the table.*
    K9: Prepair the tools and instruments....Lord Firebird, sir will you require any anistetics?
    Firebird: No, I will not need any of them...Pain is the only thing that will help me see who I am, and what I must do next...
    K9: As you wish sir.
    *K9 pulls away the cloak from Firebird's right arm. K9 sees that the skin of the arm has withered away, leaving bone, mussle and tissue visible and rotting away.*
    K9: We can not save the arm, bring me the plasma torch..
    *K9's arm then makes a quick change into a cutting laser. The droid then heats the blade up so on the plasma torch so that the blade glows slightly. As the droid prepares to cut, Firebird's mind becomes clouded once again with memories popping up at random and out of sequence. He flinches to keep his mind under control as the blade slowly touches his skin, he is about to scream, and in fact does, but he does not hear it. Instead Lord Firebird begins to see parts of his past replayed out...*

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    *In his mind Lord Firebird sees the following images....*
    In a courtyard a group of young boys pick on a pair of brothers they have surounded. The group begins to taunt the older of the boys for some reason. And the younger of the boys threatened to beat the crap out of any who dared come any closer to both of them. Some of the boys tried, and quickly ran to the outside of the circle yelping and crying and swearing to get in again after being beaten by the younger of the boys. Others who got too close to the older of the boys were suddenly thrown back by an invisible hand. After about fifteen minutes of this, an old man walks forward, his face angry with what he is seeing. Immedately the circle of attackers run away after seeing the old man come close. And the younger of the boys tells the older one that it is over, and the old man looks upon this scene and frowns.
    <font color=blue> Council meeting #00162398 Aganda Project: Aries

    Council member 1: This is intorerable, you should of never of let this information go public. The young boys are being hurt by this...especally the older one, he may have some mental problems in the future..

    Council member 2: So what, the project is going well, this way the child will have to be on his guard. The enemy can masqurade as our people, we need him to be paranoid as possible.

    Council member 1: But then how will we trust the child? If he is not going to trust anyone, then who will he trust?

    Council member 3: It is our understanding that his younger brother can be of use in that area. We just have to find the right point to twist him at.

    Council member 1: But won't he see what you are doing through...

    Council member 2: No, because there is one thing you so not know, only the older boy can use the Force.

    @#$%^#$^&!#$^#@%^456543457367Warning, access detected, erasing rest of recording.....</font>


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      *A few weeks pass, and the old man returns to the courtyard. He once again sits down at his bench and begins to read the transcripts of the morning activities. In a few moments, he hears shouts and screams coming from the center of the courtyard. He looks up and he has to check the date. The old man sees the same situation, a boy surrounded by a mob in a circle, but this time it is different. The boy stands directly in the center of the circle, while four other boys begin to try and push their way into the center of the circle. Meanwhile the other boys in the circle once again are throwing insults, threats, and a few rocks. But the old man soon wonders where the younger brother is? If this was the same as a few weeks ago it the younger borther would be there. But instead of being in the center, the younger boy stood a few feet away from the circle, but watching none the less. A few seconds later as the group once again scatters at the old man's comming, he walks over to the younger boy to find out what was going on.*
      <font color=blue>
      Council member 1: The four boys in the center were trying to get to the special boy, not to beat him up, but to somehow have him protect them from the others. But the child somehow kept them at bay. How did this happen?
      Council member 2: All the older kid did was turn the bullys friends against them. And there is no reason to consern ourselves with this problem.
      Council member 1: But this is not how it was supposed to be? He is our protector, not our killer.
      Council member 3: Oh really, were fighting a war where the enemy can come in our mist as our friend, we must be ready to turn people against those who are not on our side.
      Council member 1: But when the Scientist came here, he said that if they had suceeded, that this would not happen.
      The child would be good, logical, and peaceful. But not like this...
      Council member 2: What did the Scientist say...That there may be some setbacks...

      *As the Monitor is turned off, a slim 10 year old boy puts the tape away back in the drawer where he had found it. Well, it's nice to know that someone had my best intrusts at heart. So I won't kill that member of the council. But the other two really can be replaced by robots so they will not be here any longer. The child looks down at the small puddle on the floor, it is flowing from the table where a guard once sat, and still sits with his neck impailed to it like a thumbtack in a poster. Well ,the future Sith wondered , I hope I wasn't disturbing you, but since you don't mind I'll watch the rest of these...*

      *Slowly, Lord Firebird opens his eye, and he notices that he was still alive and kicking, but his right arm felt like it was sore. He tries to move it, but cannot, it feels like it has been frozen in ice for some time now. Slowly Lord Firebird's droid K9 approches his owner.*
      K9: The operation was a sucess, your still alive sir!
      But both your right arm and right eye had to be replaced. But your new arm will take a few more hours to be finished, and then attached. But your eye is finished, and installed.
      Firebird: Installed? What does that mean, and if I have it then why can't I see out of it yet?
      K9: Opps forgot to take the covering off, *removes covering protecting the new eye. * There now, how is it...
      Firebird: I can see out of it, but why is everything orange...
      K9: Oh sorry, it's just one of those extra modes sir. It was in Infra-red mode, but I can get it set up for normal viewing..
      *Lord Firebird looks at K9 rather angerly...*
      Firebird: I think you've done enough for one day, let me find out how to do it...*The eye switches from Infra-red to night vision, to a targeting display, and then to finally normal vision.* There now that was easy, a little painful, but easy.
      K9: But sir, what if you should have a seasure or some weird thing like that...
      Firebird: Oh I won't die, I've got a few billion people to kill...