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  • My new home

    *Neo returns from his house, far away, noone knows just where. His house, affectionatly dubbed the Castle of Azrael, had served him well before he was a member of the Empire, but now he would have to live here. As he brings the moving droids up the transporter to his level, he passes people in the hall he didnt remember meeting before...he felt alone, defensive, and way out of his league, him being 16 and all. He gets to his room, and begins to set it up,leaving his door open, just in case anyone cares to drop in and welcome him. He looks down at his pet, a little squirrel-like creature he calls Diz. He speaks*

    Neo: Diz, I miss her...I miss Mira...I also miss mom...what should I do?

    Diz: Neo, you need to focus on your'll never get anywheres if you keep letting yourself think about that. Use it to channel your will be a great sith, as long as you concentrate during your training.

    Neo: Well, I suppose your right. <sighs> Wanna play a game? I brought the Vidvox.

    Diz: Did you bring my bed?

    Neo: Yes, I'm not dumb.

    *The conversation between Neo and his closest (and almost only) Friend kept on until late in the night.*

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    My new home

    "I don't agree with that."

    *Neo spins around as Ferin enters the room.*

    Neo: What the hell do you want, Ferin?

    Ferin: Well, little brother, <sits down next to Neo>
    I've been thinking. We both have this burning desire to fight, right?

    Neo: Right.

    Ferin: And we keep getting in these brawls, and yet, every time I wonder, why do we need to fight? We're the last of our family...we need to uphold the name...keep it running. Why would we want to subtract from the number of Cloudstalkers in the Universe?

    Neo: Ferin, You know as well as I do about the Prophecy.

    Ferin: I know, but who says it must be fufilled? Why can't we just get along, and if we need to fight, we'll do it when we're sure the time comes. Why can't we get along?

    Neo: I'm not sure. It may have something to do with you bullying me every chance you get.

    Ferin: Well, I'm sure JD bottles to my head have nuthing to do with it...anyways, I'm willing to try if you will.

    Neo: <pauses for a moment> Er--I guess we could. Truce then?

    Ferin: Yes, truce.

    Neo: For now.

    Ferin: Don't think I don't still want to fight you...but we both need to focus on our training.

    Neo: I agree.

    Ferin: Then its settled...Okay, I guess thats it.

    Neo: Good bye Ferin.

    Ferin: See you soon, Neo.

    *And with that, Ferin walks out of the room, back in the direction of the training grounds, to continue his training with Dalethria.*

    OOC: To whom it may concern, we got on IM and did this convo first, so we could post it all at once...didnt want to post something every day and make it a mile long thread when we could do it that way. so there ya go!


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      My new home

      *Neo looks at Diz with a puzzled look on his face*
      What the hell was that? what got into him?
      *Neo then shrugs his shoulders, and looks out to see if anyones in the hall.*