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  • The Sim (Closed)

    OOC: For all of you who have been wondering what the sim is, this should help give you an idea.

    **Sumor walked down the hall towards a new part of the headquarters. One that was still off-limits to all but a select few. The hall ended in a set of large blast doors. Pulling a keycard from his pocket Sumor swiped it and the doors began opening. Stepping through he waited as the lights on either side of the hallway began to come to life, before starting down the baren hallway again.

    Finally arriving at the end of the hall the turned left and entered a large control room. The lights blinked on with his entrance and he walked over to the main computer console. Sliding his keycard into the appropriate slot the computer started to boot up as he took a seat in the highbacked leather chair in front of the keyboard. As he pulled himself up to the keyboard a message scrolled onto the screen.**

    <font color=red>Security level authorization required....</font>

    Authorization, Sumor-Beta-Six-Two-Seven-Four

    **Although the computer didn't have a complete audio interface it did have audio recognition in it's security feature that allowed for a voice print to be used instead of a retnal scan.**

    <font color=red>Proccessing.......... Black level access approved.

    Welcome Lord Rayial.


    **Sumor smiled mischeviously as he began to type commands and boot up the programs he needed to continue his work. He knew that when the Sim came online for the general use of the entire empire it needed to be perfect, and perfect it would be.**

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    **Sumor sat at the keyboard typing in commands that had no voice recognition as he gave other commands orally.**

    Systems check.

    <font color=red>
    System Readiness
    Power source: 100%
    Holographic projectors: Functioning and active
    Holographic matrix: Stable
    Database computer: Locked and functioning
    Data flow: 500 Yb/s (Yottabytes/second)
    Data buffers: Online</font>

    **Sumor read the output and shook his head in satisfaction.**

    Good open the screen.

    **Suddenly with a slight mechanical noise a large metal covering slid up into the roof of the control center. Suddenly Sumor was looking out into the simulator room. A rectangular room that measured 25 meters cubed. In the exact center sat, what looked like firepit. Sumor wasn't all that sure what it was for but Master Lynch had mentioned something about needing it to make the simulations "real" whatever that meant. His programs ran with a intesive database and a reactive algorithm that let the programs learn and addapt, it would be almost like fighting a real opponent, but not quite, these opponents would be emotionless, souless, empty. Better than nothing Sumor thought. Turning his attention back to his work he typed in a new command.**

    <font color=red>Command>Run Simulation/Humanoid/Test/Ghost</font>

    **Suddenly a solid black humanoid form apeared about 4 feet from the window, it was a smoke black colour and had no features other than the basic shape. Grabbing a datapad that was tied into the main computer Sumor got up and walked out the door of the control room, across the hall and into the passageway that led around the outside of the room. Hitting the access button on the outside of a pair of blast doors, the doors slid open and Sumor stepped in.**


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      **Walking around the silouette a couple times Sumor checked on some of the small details like proportionality of the limbs and head to the torso. Typing a few commands into the data pad the silouette grew 5 inches in hight. Again checking the proportions he made sure that the holo projectors could make the adjustments in size without problems. Next he checked for adaption between male and female. As the silouette changed shape into a more typical female shape the adjustments were again made without problems. Now it was time for the final test, something he had avoided before the transition between sizes could be perfected.**

      <font color=red>Command>Run Simulation/Humanoid/Male/Jagged/</font>

      **Suddenly the silouette flickered and a humanoid figure appeared instead.**

      [c]<img src=>[/c]

      **Walking around the hologram named Jagged Death, Sumor checked to make sure that there were no discrepencies from the data he had programmed into the computer. Finding it purpose he stood in front of the sim and looked into it's eyes. Only seeing a blank stare, the corner of Sumor's mouth pulled back in a slight grimace as he shook his head. There was nothing that he could do about that, the AI that he was using could only adapt to combat at different levels. Oh well, Sumor thought has he headed back to the control center to begin testing the rest of the simulations in "living" colour.**


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        "Enjoying the handy work?" The voice echoed in the room as the Sith Master came into sight. "Marvelous isnt it? A splendid mixture of technology and Sith sorcery" Moving to inspect the hologram named Jagged Death Lynch stood staring into the hollow eyes of the sim image, a low chuckle came from the Siths mouth revealing a set of pointed teeth. The firepit errupted with a dark flame giving off a vapor that began to flow around the room, as it did Lynch put his hands up in front of the holograms empty eyes.

        The hand of Jagged Death moved, its fingers bent and curled into a fist. Removing his hand there in the images once soul less sockets now lay a pair of eyes that shined with a dark inner fire of darkness.


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          **Sumor looked in awe as the once stagnent figure came to life. Smiling evily he shook his head, he should have known that the Sith Master would have something up his sleve when he had mentioned the Sith Magic. Pressing the intercom button Sumor opened the two way communication with the simulator room.**

          I must say, I am most impressed M'lord. I had no idea that such a thing was possible. Though I do wonder how good is it?

          **Grinning with an evil mischeviousness Sumor started typing again.**

          <font color=red>Command>Begin Simulation/Humanoid/Male/Jagged


          <font color=green>Enter User Level:</font> 8


          Program running</font>

          **Suddenly the sim named Jagged Death spun around and sent a spinning heal kick towards the Sith Master. Sumor sat back and watched, this was the first live run for the program and he wanted to make sure that everything was perfect and ready to be presented to the rest of the empire.**


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            Rising his arms to block the spinning heel kick the sims leg smashed into the Siths crossed arms. The Sith smiled, that hurt. It actually hurt. It far. The appearence was honed to perfection, but unless the sims could fight and be real it was all for naught. It was the perfect time to put this to the test. He noted how the sim growled at him as it gritted its teeth, how those eyes glared at him. A creation of technology and Sith was superb.

            Dropping quickly the Sith made a sweep kick at the Sims ankles causing it to fall. Yet only for a was fast and moved to respond quickly. With one open palm he thrusted his arm out to impact upon the sims chest. Such a hit could kill a man when struck upon the body if enough force had been put behind it.


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              **Jagged Death spun to the side and grabbed a hold of the Sith Masters wrist. Continuing the rotation JD impacted Jedah's face with an elbow knocking his head back.

              Letting go of Jedah's wrist JD spun around and into a fighting stance. A fire burned in his eyes and an evil grin traced his lips. The computer that controlled his decisions analyzed all the possible moves the Sith Master might make, the process moving from the technology through Sith magic, making the proccessed data like concious thought. Holding his arm straight out in front of him with the palm up JD curled his fingers back towards him in a signal the Sith Master would surely understand.

              The computer was telling him to fight, but that wasn't why he was fighting, the simulated oponent known as Jagged Death actually wanted to fight.**


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                Lynch was more pleased at the workings of this simulation more and more, not only was it proving the AI to be in working order but now it tried to anger the Sith into attacking it. Lynchs reply answer came in the form of a boot smashing upwards against Jagged Deaths jawbone.

                Using the force to slightly boost his speed the Sith followed up the kick with a spinning kick to the simulants stomach. Grabbing its wrist the Sith forcefully straightened the sims arm while twisting it, knowing the sim to be full to tricks the Sith delievered a karate chop to its throat. The impact upon the throat the Sith could almost believe was real, the feel of skin of being hit, even the raw sound of the impact sounded very real if not must certainly painful.


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                  **Sumor watched with an evil grin on his face. It was turning out better than he could have ever imagined. But there was still one more test. How realisticaly could the sim perform force enhanced moves.

                  Typing in a few commands Sumor added that a "force enhanced" attack should be added to the sims next sequence and then sat back and watched.**


                  **Jagged Death staggered backwards a couple steps due to the impact of the chop, a grimace covering his face like it had actually hurt him.

                  Finally recovering his footing JD's lips curled into a sinister smile as he charged back at the Sith Master. In quick succession JD let a series of quick kicks and punches that Jedah was easily able to block, but the attacks weren't meant to connect but set up, just as Jedah blocked the last punch another one this time enhanced by the "force" connected solidly with Jedah's solar plexus.**


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                    Wincing from the strike the Sith moved his hand up in front of the simulants eyes, as he removed them the Simulant did not move anymore, its eyes looked to lack the essence of life.

                    "That shall do fine for the test, we have proved its capabilities. Do believe its time to open up the Sim for rest of the populace to help train under. Should be intresting..."