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Alone now. Alone forever.

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  • Alone now. Alone forever.

    Whew ...

    -- Eve was tired. Of what ? She didn't know herself. She walked around, putting her hand on the walls as she walked, careful and slowly not to fall down. She sighed slightly. Why hasn't Shinta come back yet ? But then, she didn't even started her real training. Something must have happened to Shin. He kept calling her Aurora ... Ugh. She finally found her room, and fell on the bed. Before, when she was young, her and Shinta were really close. When he got scared, he would sleep next to her, just like a real little brother. She turned to the side, nobody. Alone, just incredibly alone. Loneliness ... it's terrifying. --

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    -- Eve sits up on her bed, shaking her head. She got off her bed and stared out the window. Dark, rain, thunder ... everything she liked. --