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" going away? i am....?"

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  • " going away? i am....?"

    Nuriko sat at a small desk in her's and Rama's quarters. She grit her teeth in frustration as she read over the paper again and quickly crossed those words out. She grabbed the next sheet of clean paper and began to write. She looked at the clock.

    It was hard to time Rama by a clock. She had been told he was with his new apprentice Eve. Perhaps he wouldn't come at all. It wouldn't surprise her. It would probably be better this way, she mused.

    She felt guilty, as if she'd be playing the role of abandoner once again. She had left Kali once, and now not only would the girl feel as if she was being left twice but now Sierra might feel that way as well.

    Nuriko slapped herself on the forehead, willing herself to hurry up and write this and get the hell out of here. The walls...

    ...were crushing her in.

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    :: Rama entered the room and Promtely fell into the bed. He had been in the libiray all day, not so much hard work......but confuseing. A thousand images had run through his head. He had hoped writting them down would make more sense of what had come to him, but it had not. He turns his head as he heard the nosie of a pencil against paper. He sees His wife hard at work. ::

    What you doing?


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      She turned around, her eyes somewhat wide. "Master, you're back. I didn't hear you come in."

      She bit her lip and folded the papers neatly. She didn't want to do this face-to-face. Perhaps that made her a coward but she wasn't prepared to...


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        Well im sneaky like that.

        What you writting?


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          "Ah, well, I..." She eyes shifted away from him. "Just something." She shoved the papers in a drawer.

          Nuriko looked back at him. "You look tired."


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            :: Rama rubbed his hands on his face and then though his hair ::

            Not so much tired as confused.


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              "Confused? About what?"


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                :: Rama unrolls the scroll he was carring and hands it to her ::

                "And in that time the Sith shall suffer greatly, there will be wars amongest themselves and rumors of wars. It will be dark times for the Sith as a whole. But then shall come one who was Jedi. Seduced by the Darkside....seduced by lust. The Chosen shall reunite the Sith. They shall tread their feet on the sands of Tattoine, and shall rest on the steps of Courscant. The Chosen shall lead the Sith to victory. But their will be those who wish to destroy the chosen. They will want the power for themselves. It falls the the protectors of the Chosen, the Masks of Fae, to defend the chosen. To find the one and protect them till such time as the chosen can bring about a 1000 years of Sith rule in the Gaxaly."

                It came to me while I was out......I think it's a Phophecy.


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                  Nuriko scanned it over. "I think it's a delusion..."


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                    Yeah well...

                    :: Rama pulls the scroll back ::

                    You didn't see what I saw.


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                      She sighed somewhat and looked back at that drawer. "No... I didn't." She kept silent for a moment and then spoke once more, her tone very even and her eyes still diverted. "I.... I need a seperation."


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                        :: Rama bit his upper lip. ::

                        So after the whole speech on the Twist of Fate and all, now your gonna turn around and do the same thing?


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                          "Is it the same thing? You... you don't know how much it broke me when you left." She looked at him. "Even now, I still don't think you have any idea. You were my life here and then you left without me, without a word to me. And you wouldn't even come back. You gave me a few minutes on a that ship and then you left to face the Black Hand? Without me again! You could've DIED! You almost did!

                          What part of needing you didn't you understand?" She covered her face with her hands. "I haven't seen Kali and Sierra since the day you left. I haven't even been able to face them; I've been so terrible but..."

                          She turned away. "I realize how @#%$ pathetic this sounds, but I lost my will completely when you left. It just crumbled away, and I felt all alone again. Even when you returned, it was like you were still gone.... Rama.... I don't feel like your wife, I feel like your accessory that you can just toss around and place on a shelf and think nothing of.

                          I was mistaken... when I said I was 'all right'. I'm sorry."


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                            Well right now your not really acting like my wife. You always try to run away instead of faceing your problems like the rest of us.

                            :: Rama turned away from her ::

                            When I woke up in that med bay you were the first person I wanted to see......but you weren't there. When Kali and Sierra came in I asked them were you were, and they had no idea. Your gonna have to face the fact that one day I am gonna die. If I had told you I was going to Vjun.......had I let you come with me. I would have killed us both. And there is a big differnce between getting yourself killed and getting someone you loved killed. One day you might die too....and I choose not to think about that I would rather enjoy the days we have together, but you seem content to run away from things. Running away never makes things better. You'll just keep running the rest of your life.

                            Now im here for you.......thats why I came back. Not for my postion, not for the empire, not for any of the ppl here. I came back for you. And now your gonna turn me away. Maybe I should have just died on that least my memmories would be good one.


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                              Nuriko sinks to her knees. "I just would have been content to die with you."