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A battle within

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  • A battle within

    *Neo returns to his room to find Diz, his pet, Playing around.*

    Neo: Diz, this is a load of 'bantha fodder'...everyone here thinks I'm some stupid little kid, and that I'm not worth thier trouble...does it not matter to them that I chose a tough master? Don't they care that I have some decent skills? Dont' they care that I have more scars on my body than most twice my age?

    Diz: Thier Sith, Neo...they don't care about you. There's a good chance they never will. Forget trying to be thier friend, just concentrate on being the best. @#$% the rest of don't need them. Do your duty to the empire, and then, when its all said and done, they might just realize that no kid endures the life you've had.

    Neo: Your prolly right. < lites up a cig> I dunno...I just wish I had a friend.

    *All of a sudden, Neo is aware of a presence at his door, he turns around to see a shadow...*

    Neo: Who is it?

    *The shadow comes into his roomtaking shape as the light hit it...then, it speaks.*

    OOC: whoever wants to hop in is welcome. I just wrote this thread in response to Gitanes comment in Rama's.

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    What are friends, really, Neo?

    *The light hits Snack (who had his dark Sith robes on, the hood drapping along his back) as he entered the room.*


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      *Neo looks down at his feet.*

      Oh, its you. Well, truly, friends are a luxury. I suppose it's not so much that, as it is that I would like respect. Noone will respect me due to my age.<sighs> Oh well, I'll just have to try and prove to them that I am not just some kid.

      * He looks down.*

      After all the $^*! in my life, I still get no respect for being myself. I often wonder why I even bother.


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        *Snack surpressed a little smirk, then walked the rest of the way into Neo's room. He took a seat in the desk's chair, turning it to face Neo.*

        Respect comes with experience and time. Some of our Masters, even ones who use to be on our old council, are the age you are now.

        *He looked around the dark room, then continued.*

        You are still quite new here, Neo. I know the hard life you lived, and all that. Maybe a few people will care, but for the most part, it what you do with your past in the future. Let the hardships from your past fuel your anger. Let that anger fuel your strength. Let that strength fuel you. In your actions, respect will be earned.


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          *Neo takes a swig out of the bottle of Jack in his hand, and passes it to Snack.*

          Your prolly right, Snack. You know, I think today Gitane tried to tell me something, after the fact, after she said something about how tiring it is to be with a child. I took off, because I took it as her talking about me. Maybe thats not what she ment, and she was trying to tell me...I dunno. How did you gain respect around here, Snack?


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            Re: hmmm

            *Snack took the bottle of JD, and brought it to his lips quickly, taking a small swig of it himself. Never actually tasting it before, Snack made a slight face before he shook his head, and set the bottle down.*

            Neo, words and their intentions are almost always misconstrued. Sometimes, you need to have trust in your fellow bretheren. No matter what one says, it is important. Dependent on what was said, it is either on a small or a large scale. How you take and interpret what they say is up to you. As to what Gitane said to you... *Snack shrugged.* Use it to help you better yourself in our ranks.

            As for how I got respect here? Heh heh... I"m tyring to figure that out myself. A Former Jedi Knight, protector of all that is Good and Justice, born enemy of the Sith...

            *Snack smiled while he shook his head. He looked at the floor, letting out a slight laugh, then brought his eyes up to look at the young Sith Apprentice.*

            I let my actions speak for me. To be truthful, I honestly don't know half of those who make their homes here in TSE. Few friends here.. probably because of my Jedi background. But I followed Master Ogre's instructions, and time and again, I proved my loyalty to him, and to the Empire. I showed, through my actions, that I am willing to do what it takes for the betterment of the Empire, and that I will always live and one day die for the Empire. I guess other respect me for that fact alone...

            *Snack shrugged and reached for the bottle of JD. He grasped it in his hand, and took one more sip from it, taking it better this time around, before handing it back to Neo.*