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Stopped in front of the Medbay

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  • Stopped in front of the Medbay

    -- Eve turned her motor off. She looked back at Vega and Gitane. She took her helmet off. She put Gitane's arm over her shoulders and her free arm behind Vega's back, walking slowly to the medbay's entrance. She made Vega sit on one table first and put Gitane on another one, next to his. She walked back silently as the droids came. She leaned on the wall, next to the entrance. She bit her lips, crossing her arms. Now, she was full with rage, hatred ... and the urge to kill the man who did this. --

    Umm ...

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    --Gitane coughed lightly, muffling it with her hand. She cringed, letting out a small groan of discofort. The gashes over her stomach ached with the slightest movement, especially at the choking gasps. The faint taste of blood still tinted her mouth, but she ignored it. Gitane pryed her eyes open, grimacing at the brightness of her surroundings. She heard the bleep of a droid to the side and slowly glanced around at her surroundings. It took a few moments before she realised she was in the MedBay of the Sith HQ. She sighed before breaking into a quiet series of ragged coughs, not attempting to say anything.--


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      -- Eve walked up do Gitane. She smiled slightly as she put her hand on Gitane's shoulder and squeezing it slightly. --

      You're gonna be fine ...

      -- Eve looked to the side, rage filling her eyes. --

      But he won't be.


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        Wheezing a heavy breath, the Knights body thudded down against the medbay table as his eyes rolled back into his head. The sigh that escaped his lips was one of anguish as he felt the pain of his injuries around his body. Apart from disgruntled sounds, he made no noise.


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          --Gitane felt herself slip in and out of consciousness as time dragged slowly. Her body felt odd; dettached from her mind. Light prod at her eyes until they slit open, barely. She stayed utterly still, taking in a shallow gasp before murmuring, her voice cracked and barely audible.--



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            -- Eve turned to Veg then Gitane. She smiled slightly. Now was time for her to get revenge. She took her helmet and put it back on. --

            I'll leave you two alone ... and work on some unfinished business.


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              "Take Caution..."

              --Gitane choked slightly, already feeling regret for using her small bits of energy to speak to Eve via the Force. She sighed and slowly turned her head enough to see Vega; silently praying for his health.--


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                Wheezing, Vega nodded up to Gitane.

                Are the droids coming to tend to your wounds? he groaned, sitting himself up.


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                  --Gitane gave a slight nod, taking in shallow gulps of air. She didn't even bother an attempt to right herself on the table. The stiff pain across her abdomen was enough.--