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On his way to medbay...

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  • On his way to medbay...

    *Ferin is not concious of anything now...after his first challange to a Jedi, and promptly getting one of his lungs popped, he is in pain...ever so often, he gets a glance of his brother, first on Thyferra, then in his ship, then in the HQ of TSE, and now he's gone...Ferin seems to wake up*

    Wh-wh...Where am I? Why am I here?

    *Ferin realizes he's in the medbay, but doesn't know how long he's been there...he glances down at his scars, and sees that at least the outside of him was looking decent again...he looks in front of him, and catches one last glimpse of medbay before his medication kicked in and he went out...*

    Who is there? Tell me whats going

    *The person in the room adjusts a few controls, and looks up at Ferin.*

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    Dalethria silently watched as Ferin was being taken care off, probing his mind for answers as well as his condition.


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      *Ferin feels himself floating freely, not a care in the world...he feels as though someone is in his head, knocking about, and trying to figure things out...Ferin screams out in his subconcious: It was the illusionist Jedi! I gave as good a fight as I could, an he STABBED ME IN THE BACK!!!

      After this episode, Ferin becomes docile again, as the feeling of having actual breaths is returning, due to the newly healed status of his once punctured lung...when he thinks of this, he begins to obsess over one word...Revenge.*


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        Re: hmmm

        Sensing Ferin's thoughts, she smiled .. pleased that he would recover and had new fuel for his desires. With nothing more then the door sliding opened, Dalethria left without a sound to let Ferin heal and rest.