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::Chaos pulls out his Electric guitar in his room:

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  • ::Chaos pulls out his Electric guitar in his room:

    ::Chaos starts to play a song and sing to himself as he meditates in his room. His low soft voicecan be heard if one was to listen closely. His singing is perfect as with all members of his Garou family. It is one of their other traits. Stoping suddenly he looks at a hell hound in the corner of the room. The hell hound is the size of a car and is rock grey. A solid slab of muscle, the hairless creature opens his eyes as if talking to Chaos with it's mind.::

    "I know, I know Greel, but we will become powerful here."

    ::A slight pause.::

    "Yes, you were right about the Jedi being weak. Just don't let it go to your head. Power will soon be ours."

    ::The creature lays it's head back down.::

    "Your so lazy."

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    -- Eve knocked on Chaos' door slightly. Not really wanting to disturb him, just ... talk. She left her helmet on, waiting for him to let her in. --

    Chaos ..?


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      ::Chaos raises his head::



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        Umm ... You busy ? I came with some bottles of JD, if you want to chat ?

        -- Eve stood out the door, waiting for Chaos to answer. --


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          ::Chaos smiles. He turns to Greel::

          "Let the lady in pup."

          ::The Car sized hound opens the door to Chaos's room with his mouth.::


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            -- Eve was surprised to see the humongous hound. But she always liked animals ... She didn't know if the hound would have like it if she would pat him on the head so she decided not to. She pulled out the bottles of JD and smiled. --

            Let's chat.


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              :;watchs Eve look at Greel with caution and laughs alittle::

              "To not mind Greel. He will not attack unless I tell him to. So, what do you wish to chat about? I for one is interested in the people you talked about earlier, the ones that you are running from."


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                Ah them .... -- Eve sat down on the corner of Chaos' bed, handing him a bottle of JD then opening hers. She took a sip and stared at the ground. --

                They're my "Family".


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                  "Atleast you have a family. I have my uncle. and he is crazy. He turned my and Greel what we are today..."

                  ::Chaos stops short as memorys of how his youth was robbed from him by his uncles harsh experiments. How through genetics Pvo created Greel to watch over Chaos. Chaos looks around at all the weapons on his walls. All things he took fromt he people his uncle forced his to kill. All remeinders of the havok and death he had caused.::


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                    -- Eve stood up and looked around, at the weapons actually. Seeing Chaos' face saddening, she taps him lightly on the shoulder. --

                    I have no real family ... Like you, I'm just an experiment who ran away. They're still after me now ... at least, I hope not.


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                      "My story is long and strange. If you one day have the time I will tell it to you."


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                        I'll be ready whenever you'll be, dear friend.

                        -- Eve sat back down and took another sip of her bottle of JD. She glanced at Greel and smiled slightly. --


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                          "I see you have taken a liking to Greel. He is my dearest friend. When he grows to trust you he may talk to you as well. He can speak into people's mind with the Force."

                          ::Chaos looked at a Garou sword. Taking it down he held it in the air and watched it shine.::

                          "I'll begin with part of my story if you are ready. If not, we can talk about....more imporatant matters."

                          ::Chaos gave Eve a sly grin as he drank some of the JD.::


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                            Oh, you can begin your story.

                            -- Eve took another sip of her bottle of JD, licking her upper lip after. --


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                              OOC: Sorry it took so long to reply. I have been doin' stuff at church almost every day. I just got done. Between that and summer school I had just enough time to do one or two quick posts on my training and get ready for bed.

                              "I am the son of a Jedi and Sith. So I am stronge in the Force in some ways. My father died in a battle and my mother left me. I grew up with my uncle. He is insane. We wanted to be able to control aging. I was his test subject. In two years time I went from 5 to 17. he increased my brain to that of a 17 year old, but I was robbed of my childhood. Greel is the same way. A animal twisted by my uncle's evil mind. Now I am here. I came here looking for power. Whats your story?"