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The medbay doors burst open..

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  • The medbay doors burst open..

    .. as Dara ushers her apprentice to the nearest empty bed. She lays Athena down and calls for the medic droids to assess her apprentice's condition. The droids make their way to her bed and begin to hook up various medical analysis wires ::

    "Hang on Athena, we'll get you all fixed up."

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    :: eyes open and she sees her master. unable to move her arms due to the riped mussles in them from a knife wound also in her back and legs. Two more can be found in her stomach. a saber wound in each shoulder and a small gash in her torso. her nose broken. she smiles at her master. ::

    " master you should see what i did to him. There is a gift for you in me bag, i took his saber master. to give to you. "


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      :: Dara smiles at her apprentice's enthusiasm for damaging a jedi and it brings joy to the Lordess's black heart ::

      "I look forward to hearing in full detail all about the ways in which you made that jedi bleed and suffer, my apprentice. But right now, my concern is for your health. I'm sure you will want to get right back out there on the battleground and take on another jedi so you must be attended to at this time. Try to remain still."

      :: She nods and steps back so that the droids can begin applying bacta and administering fluids to Athena in order to stabilize her condition ::


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        :: nods once and then closes her eyes after only saying three words ::

        " Yes my Master "


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          Striding into the medbay with his hands in the deep pockets of his trench coats, Vega took a seat against the wall and silently watched as Athena was treated by the droids, pondering to himself what had happened.


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            :: Athena slowly starts to open her eyes. Looking at all the stuff attached to her and feeling some of the pain from her wounds. Trying to sit up her arms still burning with pain. Athena rests back on the bed. Feeling someone her eyes search the room. Thinking to herself they must be in the shadows or near a wall. ::

            " Who's here? Master is it you? "

            :: Athena not sure who is there, is only happy to know shes safe in the HQ. knowing its another sith. ::


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              Jyener calmly stepped into the small, cluttered room, while noticing Vega already standing up against a wall. He walked over to him, nodded, and tried to whisper enough so that he didn't disturb Athena.

              "Greetings.. How's she doing?"


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                :: hears a voice she knows well ::

                " Admiral! is that you? it has to be you! "


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                  Before Vega even had a chance to respond he turned around to find that Athena had him caught.

                  "Yes, yes, it's me.. I never was good at hide and seek. Just stay put if you want to get out of here sooner."


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                    " ok sir, who else is here i asked but they didnt answer me "


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                      *Glanced at Vega in the corner of his eye.*

                      "Uh... Darth Vader..."


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                        :: starts to laugh but her chest fills with pain ::

                        " no laughing stop it sir "


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                          Sorry, I'll stop. I meant Admiral Ackbar, he's come to visit.


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                            " you brought a rebel in here? how dare you. Now really i know its a sith, i can feel the darkness in them "

                            :: Athena rest on the bed with tubes on her arms, legs, stomach, face, and torso. A bandage for her broken nose rest on her face. ::


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                              Hmm, perhaps I can tease you with riddles, or just ruin the fun and give you an answer.. I think I'll play some games..