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The flaws in the universe

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  • The flaws in the universe

    *Bi0 returns from Rama's Corner after a little drink session and head's toward the Sith HQ for some needed rest. However, as Bi0 is walking the hallway's, he looks out one of the many windows along the hallway and looks outside*

    (Not much of a view but, the stars and planets are nice)

    *Bi0 looked up toward space to see a ocean of chaos and order. He was only a warrior and didn't know how many planets the Sith Empire might have owned. (The number must be alot) he thought*

    (Of course, the number would be greater if the flaws didn't exist. If they didn't exist, a true order would be achived)

    *Bi0 never liked Jedi's once. He saw them only as flaws in a computer program that needed deletion. There presence was infecting many*

    (The flaws...they fail to see the beauty in the Sith...they probably never will)

    *Bi0 continued to gaze the stars. He wonder if anyone could tell him why these flaws exist*

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    *MnT had been wandering through the hallways, in an active meditation, when he noticed the Yautja staring out the window... He knew little about the warrior, but from what he had seen and heard, he was a thinker, as well as a good fighter.. As he passed, he watched Sir Hazzard's aura flicker in color.. He was obviously distrought, and confused about something.. He walked up beside this member of the species commonly known as Predator, and, joining him in looking out amongst the stars, spoke..*

    ... An awe-inspiring view, no matter how many times one looks upon it, isn't it..?

    *Seeing Sir Hazzard turn his head towards him, any expression hidden by the sensor mask, MnT smiled slightly, before tilting his head slightly to the side, a quizzical expression showing on his face as he continued..*

    ..Forgive me if this is rude, but it seems to me what you're looking to the stars for is not it's beauty, but instead.. Answers....? I know not how vocal and quick to answer the stars may be to you, but if you wish to provide the question, I'll gladly provide the best answer I can...

    *Feeling the change in Bio's aura, as if he were not entirely sure what to make of the man beside him, MnT smiled, and extended his hand in greeting..*

    ... Oh, I'm Miryan no Trunks.. It's a pleasure to meet you..


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      *Bi0 looked at the man extending his hand to shake his*

      (I've never meet this comrade-in-arms before but then again, it's better to talk to a Sith you know little about then a flaw)

      *Bi0 reaches his hand out and shakes it with Trunks*

      "The name's Bi0_Hazzard. Pleasure to meet you...Sir Trunk's was it?"


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        *MnT smiled at the response.. BioHazzard was different than most Yautja he'd ever met.. For one, he actually knew basic, and secondly, he had the formal presence about him, something MnT personally regarded highly*

        ... That it was, Sir Hazzard.. Now, unless tis rude to ask, what were you thinking about? As I said, you seemed as if looking for an answer.. Perhaps one I might be able help you find, if not provide myself..?


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          :: Athena was walking down the hallway when she saw Bio another apprentice to her master and Sir MnT. She stopped in her tracks to watch the two talking. not wanting to enterupt their converstaion. Athena took a seat next to one of the wall and tucked her feet so others could still pass by her. ::


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            *Bi0 looked out the window again*

            "I want to know why the jedi's exist...they seem to serve no other purpose then to be nusiances. Constantly spreading their seeds over the universe which was ours to begin with".

            *Bi0 turned away from the window and faced Trunks*

            "I'm sure you've heard of the creation of the universe yes? Everything in the beginning was chao's. An absolute reign of darkness. Then along came light. No one knows where it came and drove the darkness away from it's home. Now it's slowly gaining power to claim what is rightful it's".

            *Bi0 paused a moment to let this sink into Trunks and then continued*

            "Sorry, this is a conversation, not a lecture. Anyhow, Jedi's are like virus in a bloodstream if you can see it that way. The bloodstream is the universe, the planet's are the blood cells and the virus is the jedi. They come in, spread there so called "Order" over the planet and leave to infect other's. While that's happening, the planet that's infected spreads this "Order" to others and they onto others and so on and so forth. And here's where we come in...".

            *Bi0 paused momentarily*

            "Sorry again if this is a lecture...With this attutide, I should have been a teacher...haha".

            *Bi0 was never known for joking but you got to try it sometime. Bi0 continued his "lecture"*

            "Where was I? Oh yes, We are the T-Cells sent in to rid the planets of this infection. But, it's not enough. The planet could become infected again and where back to the beginning. So it's our job to rid this virus from every coming again...Which brings us back to the very question that got this whole thing started...Why do they exist?"

            *Bi0 turned back to the window to look at the starful sky*

            "They know they can't win but, they still hold on to the tiny thread called "Hope" and pray they will win...I doupt that. This universe began with darkness and will end with it. So why bother fighting a future already written in stone?"

            *Bi0 turned back to face Trunks*

            "So that the question I'm looking for Sir Trunks. To find out why they hold on to this tiny thread when there future has been preordaned?"


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              *MnT sat silent a moment, pondering over what Sir Hazzard had just said... It did indeed make sense, but it also seemed to rely heavily on a relgious outlook on the universe.. Something he did not share... He thought over his own ideas for a moment, and then began to speak..*

              ... That is a good theory Sir Hazzard.. If you don't mind, I wish to share my own..?

              ... There's a dark side and a light side to everything.. That's how the universe works.. However, I do not believe the Jedi to be the Light side of the force.. I believe the force in itself is it's light side..

              ... The Jedi follow an impossible dream.. They believe that they will be somehow able to stop all conflict in the universe.. To do so would recquire complete personality rearranging, of every living thing.. Wars have always existed, they always will exist. Peace can never be possible, because people don't want it..

              ... The reason the Jedi ideals spread so quickly, is because they are indeed attractive ideas.. For everyone everywhere to be able to live in perfect peace and harmony.. Not many would wish for that not to exist.. There is where the problem lays...

              ... Most people are ignorant of the ways of the universe, which is why they'll so willingly take the Jedi beliefs to heart.. The Sith ideas are not as easily spread, because those of weak body and mind, do not wish to be lost to them.. However, it is indeed the Sith that have been keeping control of the universe, since the beginning.. This is because we know what goes on, we understand reality, and we can think, and judge, according to logic, not just blind hope...

              ... I believe the Jedi exist, merely because they do not understand that they should not.. They are not really a threat to us Sith, but because there Is no greater threat, we take them on as our enemies.. As for them, we refuse to give in to their ignorant bliss, and as such, they make us Their enemies..

              ... So, to answer your question.. Yes, I believe the Jedi exist, simply because they do not know any better...


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                *Bi0 smiled from under his mask*

                "Your words strike true Sir Trunks. Maybe you should be the teacher...hahaha".

                *Bi0 quickly stopped laughing and regained his compusure*

                "But, your lecture to me makes more sense then my lecture to you. You apprently are more wiser then me. Don't let it go to waste".

                *Bi0 turned to face the window*

                "It may seem a hard journey to make the light extinct. You and me, even Rama might not live to see that wonderful day when the jedi's are long extinct. But should we pass on, more will rise to follow in our footsteps. Because the jedi's will fall. It won't happen tomorrow, maybe not even for thousand years. But, there hourglass is still running with sand on top. It's only a matter of time before all that sand reaches the bottom...".


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                  *MnT smiled and turned his eyes to gaze out the window himself.. A beautiful nebula of extrordinary color had just come into view..*

                  ... I thank you for your words, Sir Hazzard, you honor me greatly with them..

                  *Suddenly, his smile turned into a full grin..*

                  ... And as for completely eliminating the Jedi.. The goals of some of us might not call for such a long period of waiting..

                  *The grin that continued to play across his face made his thoughts on the subject only too obvious..*


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                    *Bi0 notices Trunks grinning and was dumbfounded by this*

                    "Why do you smile Sir Trunks?"


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                      *MnT turned towards Bio, almost ready to ask what he was talking about, when he indeed realized that he had been grinning.. A soft chuckle escaped his lips, as he began to reply*

                      ... Well, my parents were killed by the Jedi when I was younger. They were innocents, trying to take shelter, and were both shot in the back. No apologies, no anything.. Since then I've learned that the Jedi are a deluded contradiction.. A group that tries to find peace, through battling... Their beliefs disgust me, and as such, I plan on becoming as powerful as I can, and eliminating the way of the Jedi, alltogether...


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                        "...I see. But, don't let the power get to you too much. I've know and heard of people who were destroyed by their own power because they couldn't take the strain. Other became so confident in their power, they fall to see a attack coming from the most unexpected place. So if you will, excessive power will lead to your own demise.
                        Now, I'm not telling you to stop your hunt with the jedi by becoming more powerful. Just don't let it consume you.
                        But then again, your a Sith Knight, I'm sure you already thought of what I'm saying. Maybe my words mean nought".


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                          *MnT smiled and nodded to the Warrior.. *

                          ... My friend, Truer words have never been spoken.. Absolutely, if one lets the quest for power become too much, or they become over confident in their abilities, they will inevitably die because of it.. There's a saying I'm quite fond of.. "Why strive for the power if you don't know what to do with it?".. I sort of live by this.. I have a purpose for becoming as strong as I can, and when I've accomplished that mission, I'll find something to do, perhaps open a martial arts or sith dojo.. Who knows..


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                            "I suppose that will be your retirement plan?"


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                              *At the words, MnT chuckled softly..*

                              ... Yes, friend, something like that.. It will be something to do, when there's no-one to use my power against.. To be able to pass the power on to others, will at least give me something to do with it.. If not, I believe I'd likely go mad..