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Entering my room.

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  • Entering my room.

    *I slowly walk through the corridors and keep my eyes to the floor. I brush my shoulder length hair out of my face as I finally reach my door. I enter my room and sit on my bed leaving the door unlocked. Sitting in contemplation, I sit and think about how much my life has changed..... and how there were so many different and interesting people here. I just hope that I can meet a few of them someday.....

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    ::Saphire walks past and notices someone she has not yet met::
    ::She smiles politely as she passes the door::


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      -- Reading the big book her Master ordered her to read, she walked through the halls without looking where she was walking. Suddendly, she bumped into Sapphire and the two girls fell down. --

      Oww ...

      -- Eve rubbed her head and noticed Sapphire. --

      Ack, Sorry, Sapphire !


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        *I hear a noise outside of my room and I go out to investigate. I see two charming young ladies at my door. Just this once, I decided that I would brush aside my usual secluded demeanor. Besides, they had honored me already by even giving me and my room a second glance. I bow to each of them.*

        Greetings and honor to you my ladies. Would you have a few minutes of your time so that we may converse and get to know one another better? It is not often that I am in the presence of TWO such lovely young ladies as yourselves...

        *I decide to give them one of my extremely rare smiles as my blue eyes flash. One did not have much to smile about after the things that I had been through....*

        *After speaking, I lowered my eyes to the ground in respect to them as I await their answer.*


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          Uhh ... Give me a hand ?

          -- Eve smiled slightly as she held out her hand. --


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            *For once in my life, my calm demeanor and steel like discipline breaks and I find myself embarrased.....*

            Oh my.... I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. Let me help you up.....

            *I reach down and grab her hand with mine and lift her up. Our gazes meet for just an instant. There was something strange about those eyes.... Those eyes had seen alot..... And then this Sapphire.... very mysterious, but also very charming. I help her up to and manage to smile a little.*

            Would you mind coming in? I'm kinda new around here.... and it would be nice to know a couple of people, especially dazzling ones like yourselves...... I'm rather inexperienced in many things, and would be very grateful if I could have some help, and maybe friends.....

            *I think to myself about how strangely I've been acting. Normally I'm not this open to anyone.... Very strange....*


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              Oh .. Thanks. Well ...

              -- Eve turned around and kneeled down to take her book and stood up. She looked over her shoulder and smirked. --

              If you want to talk, I'll meet you at Rama's Corner.

              -- She gave him a smile and nodded to Sapphire before leaving with her big book. --


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                ::Saphire smiles slightly and gets up herself, nodding to him::

                Nice to meet you. Your new, I havent seen you around. Perhaps I'll see you at Ramas also.


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                  *I smile and nod to them both.*

                  Maybe....... Now that I have a reason to go there.

                  *As they leave I sit on my bed and think to myself.*

                  (Strange, very strange......)