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::Looking through TSE's history records.::

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  • ::Looking through TSE's history records.::

    ::Chaos sits in his room with a labtop infront of him. the records had to be here. Or atleast an aear to point him in the right direction. He knew what he was after. Something the Sith have not looked for yet. There had to be records on it. Chaos knew he would be unstopable with one if the legends were true. He would find it. A Sith Tailsmen.::

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    Kali somehow got away from her again. Sighing, she was pretty used to this but at least her parents were around more often the not. Which was saying a lot. She was passing by the one of the many rooms of the Empire and the door must have been ajar since light was flickering on the floor. Curiosity got the better of her, like it always did. Poking her head inside, she saw one of the newer recruits. Sneaking her way over to him, Sierra looked over his shoulder.

    "What you reading up on?"


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      ::Chaos spun aroun to see the girl. A slow smile came across his face. This was Rama's girl. Maybe she would know something...::

      "I was looking up info on a Sith artifact. It is called a Sith Tailsmen. There are many types of them. Has you dad ever talked about one by any chance?"


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        She pursed her lips.

        "Well, do you happen to know the name of the talisman or what you want it to do?"

        Looking around the room, she could tell he was really new. Nothing really around to sit on, except the bed <img src= ALT=""> She made her way to the side of it and sat down.

        "Oh, and I'm Nuriko's kid too."

        She flashed a grin and her dark eyes waited a response.


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          "I want it to be able to amplify my power. Like a conducter. I know there is one that can do this, but it drains your energy. I want one that doesn't have that effect. I know it will be hard to create, but it should be posible. Can you help me with this? BTW, I can tel you are her daughter. You are just as cute."

          ::Chaos stoped to think for a second. Maybe he was playing with fire, but it just may be worth it in a few areas. Knowledge he needed. A cute chick, and maybe an ally in Rama Sha. Chaos's master plan may work out yet.::


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            Sierra shook her head in disbelief to what she was hearing.

            "You just joined the Sith and want to make a talisman.'ve set yourself some goals there."

            Then she just stared at him and could not believe just how brash he was acting.

            "Actually, mother is much prettier then me."


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              "If you want to get smart I will make the point of saying there are records of new Recruits making healing Tailsmen for battle to help give them an edge. Also, just because I am new here doesn't mean I know nothing of the Sith arts. My mother and Uncle were trained here."


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                "Yeah, I know that and like I don't know where you come from. Access to such things around here is easy for me to know who was a part of the Empire past, present...... And present."

                She felt stupid for repeating herself. Saying that she knows who are the members of the Empire in the future would have sounded quite odd. She like to keep her oddity to herself. Quickly she changed subjects to get away from such thoughts.

                "Knowing about the Sith arts and practicing them are two different things. You're just learning. takes time. Why I said you set some goals for yourself there."


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                  "Take a look at this then. My father was the one who planed the ground assult the plaied a huge role in destroing the old TSE base. He base is line of thinking to me thank the maker."

                  ::Chaos opens up a file from a disk. Suddenly a bunch of achient Sith writings appeared on the screen.::

                  "In my spare time I have been collecting info from all the Sith Temples still up I found find."

                  ::A group of statues appeared on a 3-d table in a strange formation. They looked strangly like the ones in Exar Kun's temple. A man stood in the center and aftivated the statues. They channeled massive amounts of energy into him the same as Exar Kun did.::

                  "That is how I will get the power to make the tailsmen I need. Then I shall do it again. I will channel the enery of the statues trough the tailsmen into me. Think of the power one would have for that time! Exar Kun did it. Why can a present day Sith? I have a plan to go with this as well. They plan will wor without this, but with this new system it will make my plan 100 times easier and powerful. I ran it by Orge and he said with time It could work. This will just make it go faster."


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                    Moves off the bed and peers over Chaos' shoulder. The schematics were a lot to take in as well as the information shown.

                    "This could take some time? How about a lot of time. Look at how intricate this stuff is. One mess up and your vapped."


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                      ::Chaos laughed::

                      "I know, bt is use on a Jedi till then. It will charge his with Dark energy. That can be really painful. I can't wait to strap Fett into that thing. I will teach him to watch his mouth. Alas you are right though. This will take a long time. i will be a knight by then more that likely, but it will still eincrease my power. I'm thinking of a way t install mini ones into Sith starfighters. It will increase of piloting skills. Increase our state of mind. We may be able to see attacks before that come on a regular bases. This is all in the theroy state right now. I need to finish it all little by little. Rama knows alot about this sort of stuff. Well atleast a lot more that anyone else her. I know that him and your mother don't like me much so I don't think I should ask for there help."


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                        "Fett? What did Fett do...."

                        Then Chaos mentioned Starfighters, one of her passions. She still hadn't had a chance to fly in one yet, being so busy with watching over her sister. It sounded like a good topic to go into further detail with this newcomer but then he mentioned what seemed to be a bit of rivalry between her father and his mother. Sierra knew something about what he said but it was best to steer clear of that mess. Back to to talking about fun stuff.

                        "So, you've actually flown a fighter then? I haven't in a long time."


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                          "He is just an @#%$. Ever sence got a high spot in the GJO, he let it go to his head. I am tired of idiots running things. He has made many a comment toward me that has left a fowl taste in my mouth. Me has acted this way toward me, Sten, and Yurza. That is why I will pay him back 10 fold."


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                            She pursed her lips and stood up straight, understanding this one better.

                            "One of the reasons why you left the Jedi?"


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                              "Yes. To be honest it is the main reason that many of us have left. that and lack of training. They teach that you can be an attacker. Only defender. Then the masters and knights do other wise. I was sick of it. I want battle. War. They offer nothing but lies."