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  • Notes something in Eve...

    Dalton's head tilted as he watched Eve Siren pass, one of the many Sith Disciples, friendly and sociable, he guessed. His fingertips wrought of steels and metals tapped to the bulk of folded arms as he painted out a small diagram of histories to himself. He whispered to himself as well...

    "If she's Gitane's blood sister... She's my sister... But then how is this bloodline formed...?"

    His wonder expanded...

    "That means there is human in our blood... Which only leads to further questions... Oh Lordy..."

    Dalton continued on in his thoughts, somewhat stressed by the added mystery to the discovery of his family and where exactly they had originated from. His wings grind uncomfortably against his flesh. <img src= ALT="">

    "..." :|

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    --A soft tug was felt at Dalton's wing, causing him to turn around. Gitane smiled warmly at her brother, her smile faded at the nearly distraught look upon his face. She cocked her head to the side in concern.--

    "Is something bothering you, Dalton?"


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      :: siek took a quick glips at the figer thinking and his new friend Gitane, and smiles slighy, he seemd to get mad when someone was misstresting Eve, or thinking about her in bad ways but he had no idea why...he did not like her in a girlfriend way...mabey he was set a task to keep her safe...he did know, but Siek knew the man was something close to he walked up to Gitane::

      " Hey guys hows you?"


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        OOC: Moving this to the HQ. It seems to fit better in there. If there is a reason for it to be in the Council Room it can be moved back at that time.


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          "Well, you see, Dalton,you're Gitane's true brother. Me, I'm just her friend. But with a blood ritual, we became sisters, but not real ones."

          -- Eve stared at Dalton through her helmet. Her explanation was unfortunately really vague, but maybe he would understand. --