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  • Looking for Sierra...

    Wandering around the halls of the HQ absently, a thought struck in Vegas mind, causing him to pause in mid step. A potent thought, one which was indeed worthy of talking to Sierra about. Rubbing his chin in thought with one hand, he pondered where he would find the daughter of Rama Sha as he continued to walk past the rooms of his comrades.

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    Down the hall, Vega saw something turn the corner and head towards his direction quite rapidly. As soon as he blinked, a streak of yellow, black and red rushed passed him. Vega's trench flapped against his leg and slowly slid back to where it was hanging normally.

    Sierra was just coming from a training session and could not wait to get to her room and shower.


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      Blinking as the colourful blur sped past, Vega turned very slowly to look in the direction in which it had head. Jogging after it Vega groaned as his limp nagged at him again, slowing him down.

      Where is that girls room he groaned.

      Aftering a few minutes of lopsided striding around the halls, he finally found a door which was marked as Sierras and rapped his knuckles against it.


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        There was the sound of quick steps that ran back and forth behind the door. Then silence. Finally, it slid opened part of the way as Sierra poked half her head out.



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          Ah Sierra. You're not ahum... busy are you?

          Leaning to the side a little to peer further through the small space that Sierra had given him way of vision through, he smirked lightly.


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            "Get your thoughts out of the gutter. I was taking a shower and you caught me in the middle of changing."

            She ran a hand through her wet hair and looked at Vega.

            "Well? What do you want?


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              Drawing back for a moment he rose one eyebrow before shaking off the brief shock.

              You're from the future... and I was wondering if you could tell me a few things about what it's like there?


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                Her eyes widened. She had expected to have been confronted with a question like this sooner from a member of the Empire. Sierra looked at the Knight with a frown.

                "I don't think that's such a good idea."


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                  Canting his head and posture to the side he placed one hand onto his hip.

                  Why not? What's so bad about knowing what might happen?


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                    She sighed.

                    "Hold on a sec."

                    The door closed and after a few moments it opened. Sierra stepped out in casual clothes, not the normal black and yellow suit she wore.

                    "Since this sounds like either a debate or something important, I figured I should finished getting dressed."

                    She turned around and headed back into her room, leaving it open for the Sith Knight. It was quite barren for one such as her, she really held no possessions yet. There was a door off to the left side that led into another room. In the main room, a simple arrangement of a couch, chairs and a table were seen. Something did catch Vega's attention easily, for it was the only real thing to look at. Metal parts were scattered along he table in front of the couch.

                    "Please sit."

                    She extended her hand to a chair.

                    "This place is so different and so similar to where I'm from. Certain pieces have fallen differently already but some things that I know haven't come to pass. If I say something, it could alter the future in a way that is unacceptable."


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                      Taking the seat which Sierra pointed to he sat down rigidly and nodded.

                      I would imagine it is very confusing to travel through time. And quite a shock possibly... what with the differences and such.

                      His head nodding absently as if a gesture of self comfort before he began to speak again.

                      All I want to know really is... a little about it. I mean, knowing too much could be bad - right?


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                        "There's no way to describe the transition that my mind and body has been put through. I'm still adjusting."

                        She propped herself up on a table that rested against the far wall.

                        "Any knowledge of the future could potentially be bad. I don't think I can help you Vega. The only ones that I've even talked about it in any detail are my parents."