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::Takes care of his wounds in his room.::

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  • ::Takes care of his wounds in his room.::

    ::Chaos sits on his bed putting stitchs in the whole in his leg. Blood covers his bed from where he has been working. He was GArou. He would not go tot the med bay. He will suffer till it heals. He was not ready for battle yet. Dale told him. In turn he will add a memory to make sure he never forgets. Chaos raises a GArou dagger infront of his face. He hold it on one side of his face. He pulls it cutting a diaganal slice across his face. It would leave a nasty scar. One that will remind him to think before he acts.::

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    :: As sieken had walked away earlier when Eve was here...sieken remminded himself to go back there later that day...::

    " the hell happend to you....?"


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      "Battle happened. I won, but ****** Dale off. So I gave myself a wound across that face. That way I will always remeember to listen to my master."

      ::Chaos grunts with pain as he begins to stitch his wound on his face up.::