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  • a walk

    (bladeice walks throw the halls checking out his new sorroundings. this place being very new to him he reliezed it was very big and had many strange and new things in it had never seen in his life) I think i could get use to this place.

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    "Hey there."

    Sierra came up from behind BladeIce with a curious look.

    "You lost trying to find a room? Place is pretty big and it can be confusing."


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      no i'm not lost i'm just checking out my surroundings and who might you be. yes this place is big.


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        "Most people get lost. There are so many hallways that it is easy to loose your bearings."

        She laughs a little and extends a hand.

        "I'm Sierra Sha, training under Mari Bean, daughter of Rama and Nuriko Sha."


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          (shakes her hand) Well its nice to meet you I'm blade ice I'm training under Sumor Rayial and as for my parents I don't know them ( he thinks to him self I wish i i knew my past all I really know for shure is that I'm an orphan). so have you lived her all your life sierra. aw i got a good since of direction i can find my way pretty well.


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            Her cheek twitched a bit in response to Blade's question.

            "Well, yes and no. I haven't really lived here all my life. Messed up story."

            She leaned up against the wall and crossed her arms.

            "From what I know, Sums is a good Master. You should learn a lot."


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              a long story I know those kinda stories. Ya thats why i picked him is cause he is a good master.


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                She stepped forward and eyed him

                "Really? How do you know he is a good Master if you haven't trained with him for that long?"

                Sierra was curious for she too held such thoughts about her original Master at one time.


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                  I don't know i just felt it when i came here and they asked me who i wanted as a master sumar the name called me and said he was the one to teach me.


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                    All to familiar to her. A touch of regret crossed her face.

                    "I wish you better luck then I had."


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                      (noticing her facel expretions change)
                      What do you mean by that sierra
                      (thinks to himself she is more like me then any other person he had ever met in his long or short life depending on how you look at it. even thow he knew about as much about his life as any person here in this new place.)
                      Life is complicated that I do know.


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                        She leaned on the wall, eyes facing down.

                        "Sometimes you make decisions, knowing you're right. Then later on, things get all complicated and you question them. After that, the chance to fix things for better or worse get taken away from you.... Aw hell. <img src= ALT="">

                        I'm sorry for rambling."


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                          no problem I would rather hear someone elses story then have sit and think about my own and wonder who i really am and where i'm headed and what my past was and if i will ever find out what my past is. At least you know who you are for shure and where your from and you know your past. all I know about myself before i was 15 is that i was an orphan every thing else was a blank.


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                            "You don't remember anything? What is the first thing you remember?"

                            Hearing Blade, Sierra was indeed fortunate to remember everything. Whether or not it was a blessing or a curse was another thing.


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                              all I remember is waking up on the ground freezing cold and naked all I had was necklace and and a dagger by my side. I was about 50 yards away from a building I walked to it. It was an orphanage I walked in everyone was looking at me strange there as if they knew me but didn't. a nurse there walked up to me she said my face looked familiar but she wasn't for shure who i was. then after they gave me some close they judge my age to be around 15 luckly around the year the where figuring me to be entered there was only one boy but nothing else was mentioned so they figured me to be that boy nothing else of my past could be found not a name no nothing so i gave myself a name. i got my name i call my self by the reason i was freezing cold when i awoke and i had a blade at my side hence the name blade ice. After all that i went on my own and for the last 4 years tell now I was an assasin. so i guess I got 4 years of memories.
                              (it pained him to talk about this cause he didn't even understand it himself)the planet the orphanage was on azbrian i believe if i remember right. ya races fear the future and have there pasts to cling on to but i guess I have the future.