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  • Medbay: Conclusions

    After his battle with a member of the Death Guard, he entered the Medbay, covered with bandages to keep his wounds from re-opening and an oxygen mask to help his impaired breathing. As he walked in, several nurses quickly escorted him to an 2-1B Medical droid for an examination.

    After about an hour of tests, the droid had determined that he'd undergo bacta treatment had the Knight prepped. Within a half-hour, Var had been immersed in the azure liquid, and the council had been notified of his victory.

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    [[She walked down the hall, making her way to the medbay after hearing of what had happened to Varlon. She had been staying with him, and was allowed to do so under a few conditions of course, the main were stay out of the way and out of trouble. She still wasn't sure if this was the right path for her, however. Though, she did like being around the Sith more than she had liked being around the Raptors back on Coruscant.
    She couldn't understand how she had found her way to the medbay, but nevertheless she had. She looked around, trying to figure out where Varlon might be and finally found him in the bacta tank. A frown appeared on her lips as she sat to the right of the tank and watched him, knowing that she would be there awhile.]]

    ~"Please be okay..."~


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      :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial was alerted that one of her apprentices was in medbay, and she made her way quickly there to see who it was and to check on their condition.

      Stepping inside she saw the young woman she had met in Rama's with Sith Knight Darth Varlon, sitting next to the bacta tank with her apprentice floating inside. Dara touched her hand to the tank and spoke to Varlon via the Dark Side ::

      Greetings, my apprentice. I am proud of your victory and will look forward to you telling me all about it soon.

      :: The Lordess then turned to Oni and spoke quietly ::

      "He will be alright soon. There is much strength in the darkness in him. Now, how are you doing?"


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        [[She kept her gaze on the tank and smiled every so slightly at the Lordess' reassuring words before she turned to face her.]]

        ~"I'm doing well, thank you. It's been strange though, adjusting to everything, to basic life, again. Where I used to live, you had to struggle to just live from day to day, here I actually relax and enjoy things. And it's been very pleasant~"

        [[She glanced back at the tank and smiled]]

        ~"He's been taking care of me. It's surprising to say the least to see someone that thrives on chaos and destruction be so kind to someone like me. I mean, it's amazing to just see the way this group works, you all care for each other it seems even though in all honesty, you represent evil at its finest. It's almost frightening, but strangely comforting at the same time. All I can really say is, I like it here, I'm just sure if I have the abilities to be a Sith."~


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          After a few days, Var awoke to the feeling of his breathing mask's oxygen tube being tugged slightly. Swimming upward, he was hauled out of the bacta tank before being set down on the grate that had shut above it, allowing the bacta that was trickling off his body to re-enter the tube. He wasted no time throwing on a pair of jumpsuit pants and running to the main medbay room, where he greeted Oni with a hug.

          "Thanks for waiting for me here. It would have been lonier than hell if I hadn't had your company." He said before turning and smiling at Dara. "Thank you too, master."