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Resting in her room

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  • Resting in her room

    :: Athena can be seen resting on her bed reading a holonovel her master had given her. Intitled<a href=> Sith Powers</a>. Her door is open to allow the air from the hall way to pass threw her room. on her wall is her fathers saber, a picture of her brother, and sisters. To the left far wall is all of her weapons she uses. Her two lightsabers. her sith blade from her master, and 4 daggers. ::

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    ::Sieken was walking down the hall towards his own room, and spyed a pretty young girl laying on her bed...noticeing she was reading the same book he was studeying::

    ~~Knock Knock~~

    " Hey umm..can i join you?"


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      :: Athena was on chapter 14 <a href=>Sith Artifacts</a> when she heard the knock on her somewhat open door. Athena looked up and noticed Sieken and smiled. ::

      " Sure come on in..."

      :: Athena put her book down and placed it on the bed side table. ::


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        *leon was just passing by when he just rememberd he had to tell the sith warrior athena..he noticed the door to her room wasent closed all the way*

        "Hey... mind if I come in?"


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          :: Athena now sitting on her bed and not resting on it looked past Sieken and at Leon. Not having seen him around before, Athena waves him into the room as well. ::

          " Hey there Leon, please join us. "

          :: Athena then moved over so the new person would have a place to sit as well. ::


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            *leon walked in then sat down next to the bed*

            "So, what areyou up to?"


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              :: Athena smiled once more and then pointed to her book. ::

              " Im read about the Sith powers, History, and Artifacts. Master Dara gave it to me. "


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                *leon held back a laugh*



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                  :: Athena watches Leon and notices his fight to hold in a laugh. Athena then wonders if the Disciple cam in to annoy her or for another reason. Athena slids off the bed and walks to a back room and returns with some drinks. a red wine for her and some Ale or brandy for the other two. ::

                  " So what will it be? or should we take this reading party to Rama's? "


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                    Ever try mixing them? *leon laughed* anyway... if were only going to drink lets get to teh bar


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                      :: nods and heads to the bar ::