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  • :Going to a new room:

    Goten walked into his new room and looked around. It was much smaller than his older room but it would do for now. He walked over to the bed and sat his stuff down on it. He then went back out of his room and went to his ship to get his chest with his weapons in it. He then put it down in his room and sat down and laid on his back. A lot has changed, Goten thought to himself as he thought about the old days with him and Pivo together here.

    "Well that was then and this is now. It is time to put the past behind me."

    Goten got up and decided that a little exersice would help him unwind. He looked through his chest until he found his weighted clothing and put them on. He then found the weights that he wore on his arms and feet while training and put them on. All together that made a little over two extra tons of weight on him. The clothes were 150 lbs. and the weights were half a ton each. He then used the Force to increase his physical strength to where he could lift the weights up and move them with only a litle difficulty. He then started punching and kicking, letting the rage of his parents deaths full him and give him the strength he needed.