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  • Moonlight Sonata

    -- Groaning slightly out of pain, Eve walked through the hall, trying to find her old room. The HQ is so big. Maybe she was lost. Umm ... Maybe if she rested just a little. She took out her big keyboard, usually attached on her back and pushed on the on button. Running her fingers through the musical object, she smiled slightly as she played a slow song. A sad one. Her favorite song. The Moonlight Sonata. --

    "Umm ..."

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    "...Nice song"

    *Bi0 noticed Eve noticed Eve jumped alittle when she saw Bi0 on the floor, reasting agaisnt a wall*

    "... Didn't mean to scare you Lady Eve...but that song reminds me of my style of music...The City Blues"


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      "Oh, Bi0 ... You startled me."

      -- Eve gave the man a light smile and stopped playing. --

      "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, Sir."


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        *Smiles from under his mask*

        "'s really no trouble at all...I follow a code of silence most of the time but music, especially music that has little to no words, makes me feel at ease".

        *Leans his head back against the wall*

        "So, no need to apolgize Lady Eve".


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          "Alright, whatever you say, Sir."

          -- Eve turned back to her keyboard and just played silently. Closing her eyes as she played, her mind and soul filling with beautiful music. The silence between the two Siths was becoming a little bit weird, so she decided to speak as she plays.--

          "So what brings you here, Bi0 ?"


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            "Bi0 turned his head toward Eve*

            "Me? Sleep wasn't my friend so I came out here to see if any fellow Sith were about...then you came along and you know the rest".

            *Bi0 turned his head back and relaxed*


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              "Tonight is a beautiful night ... but I wouldn't want to disturb the people who can sleep now."

              -- Eve stopped playing, and put her keyboard back. She stood up, hanging on to a wall. The last fight really got to her. --

              "I, on the other hand, are in a great relationship with sleep but I can't get to my room."


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                "You lost Lady Eve? All the doors here have our names on them".


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                  "Not at all, Sir Bi0, I'm just too injured to walk around that much."

                  -- Eve pointed to her injuries at her leg, caused by her last fight. --


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                    "Oh...I see"

                    *Bi0 looks at the wound*

                    "Have you let the medbay droids examine your wounds yet Lady Eve?"


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                      "Yes ... but only time can heal all the wounds."

                      -- Behind those physical wounds, there was another greater wound. One she actually didn't want to admit. She turned her gaze to the sky full of stars. Maybe one day ... --


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                        *Bi0 nods*

                        "But time is second at a time".


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                          "But sixty seconds makes a minute."

                          -- Eve gave a light smile and let out a small sigh. --


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                            *Bi0 smiles under his mask*

                            "Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days...It's all time"

                            *Let's out a sign as well and rubs his stiff neck*


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                              -- Eve looked over her shoulder and gave a small smile. She turned around and held her hand up towards Bi0. --

                              "Help me get up ?"