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  • ::Staggering in::

    Yurza walked along the walls trying to use them to hold himself up. When he reached his room he pushed on the door and tried walking in but he had suffered a lot of injuries from his fight with Teka Kenobi. He walked about two steps in the room before falling to his knees. Man, I am so stupid. I have barely had training and Teka has been training for a long time. I fought him at the Academy and lost. I should have been prepared for the same thing considering his has gotten stronger, Yurza thought to himself as he crawled over to his bed. The blow to his head had knocked a lot out of him. He had barely managed to escape. Well, I guess this just means I'll have to try harder next time. He managed to get on to his bed and lay down. He then reached over to his medkit and got out a stimulant to inject in himself before doing anything else.

    "There that ought to keep me awake while I try to bandage up myself."

    He then took out some white clothes from the kit and bandaged up his arm where Teka had cut him. He knew it would leave a scare and he also knew that the cut he had given Teka would leave a scare. Looks like we both have something to finish now. He then but some bandages on his head and he was gonna check himself to see if there were anyother injuries but he passed out from the loss of blood from the wound on his head.

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    Lara walked by and saw an open door. She looked in and saw a man laying unconscious. She walked slowly towards him and looked at his wound on the head. She thought for a second before ripping a piece of her white outfit. she sat down next to him, held his head up and rolled the white piece of clothe around his head, covering his wound. She wiped away the blood silently then stood up and pulled a blanket over him. She smiled, deciding wether to wait for him to wake up or leave before another Sith finds her.

    "Hmm ..."


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      *Walking down the corridor that his apprentice's room was on, MnT felt a slightly puzzled expression make itself visible on his face.. There was another in his room with him, one he did not recognize..*

      *As he turned into the room, MnT saw the look of shock on her face.. He knew she could not have known he was coming, as he always walked silently, and she did not seem to have a very strong grip on the force, if Any.. He bowed in greeting to her, before speaking..*

      ... Good day, my name is Miryan no Trunks, Knight of the Empire.. I see you've already met my.. apparantly unconcious.. apprentice, Yurza.. I'm going to have to take him to the medbay right now, get his wounds properly looked after, but you are welcome to come along if you wish..

      *Even as he spoke, he walked up to the bed where his apprentice lay, and, seemingly effortlessly, took Yurza's wounded body up into his arms.. He then turned to her, awaiting reply, before continuing..*


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        Lara was surprised as the Knight walked in. She turned to him and bowed slightly. She listened to the Knight's instruction, and stared at him stare at her. Their gaze locked for a silent second but she turned her eyes away to the unconscious man. Then she said with a small and monotone voice.

        "I'll come along ... But I don't want to be seen by the others, is that possible, my Knight ?"


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          *Smiling, MnT quickly generated a flat magnetic "board" out of Ki energy, the glow casting a dark purplish hue to the room. He had made it, with a reverse polarity to the ki in Yurza's own body, so he would hover slightly above it, in perfect comfort. He took off his trenchcoat, removing the many armor pads and weapon attachments that added to the normal 350 lb weight of the thing and, bundling them together, held them under his left arm.*

          ... If you wish to not be seen, I imagine this will do well to act as a cloak for you..

          *At that, he handed her his trenchcoat, normally lengthened to fit his own large 6'2" frame.. Standing there in his black tank-top, cargos, and boots, he told her the collar would open into a hood if she undid the snaps, so she could better conceal herself like that..*

          ... I do not know Why you wish to not be seen, but I'm sure all will come out in due time, all things do in this world, you know..

          *As he finished, he waited for her to finish getting ready, and they left the room, Yurza being held up perfectally by the ki pad..*


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            Yurza suddenly awoke to find himself in a whole lot of pain and being carried by someone. It took him a moment before his vision became focused enough to see that MnT was carrying him. He could make out another person there but his mind was to clouded to think if he knew them or not. He was completely delusional about where he was.

            "Awww...where am I?? Oh man I need to tell these people to clean this cafateria is a pig-stye. And what is this? they are painting it red?"


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              Lara followed the Knight silently, hiding her face in his black cloak everytime another Sith walked by. She would walk closer to the Knight everytime. As they arrived to the medbay, Lara glanced around, taking off the cloak slowly. She leaned against a wall, near the Knight, watching him silently take care of his apprentice. She smiled slightly, behind his back.


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                Yurza is still slightly out of it but he can make out where he is for the most part. He looked about him as he was carried around. As he passed a table something caught his eye and he went into a hysterical fit.

                "Oh no....get me out of here. I am not getting stuck by a needle. I would rather take my chances with a rancor. Get those things away from me."

                Yurza was sitting there kicking and screaming trying to get away from that table. The only resaon he didn't get very far is because MnT was holding him down.

                "NNNOOOO. Let me go. Get those things away!!!"


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                  *MnT looked down at his apprentice with more than a little confusion... They were placing him in a bacta tank, and he was refusing, complaining about needles... It seemed that Yurza was delusional from the wounds he suffered in battle...*


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                    Yurza still fought as he looked at the needles. It took him a while to figure out that they were taking him to a bacta tank. He calm down considerabely but he still watched out for the needles. After clearing his head enought to form words he looked at the people around him and for the first time he noticed the lady that was following them was new. He decided to register that for later use. Then he turned to look at his master.

                    " I..going to


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                      *MnT chuckled lightly at the unneccesary worrying of his apprentice, and put his hand on Yurza's shoulder, to calm him..*

                      ... Worry not, the bacta is a good thing.. Your wounds are not really threatening, so you should be healed fully by the end of the day, max..


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                        Lara watched Yurza screaming ... She covered her ears as he did so. She hated screams ... It tore her fragile heart apart. She looked up as he stopped. Breathing heavily but discreetly, she calmed herself silently, watching the Knight reassuring his apprentice.


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                          "I'm not worried about the....tank. I am worried about the needles. They...come near me and someone else is going in those tanks with me."

                          Yurza had calm downed tremenously since when he first came in here. He tried to rest a little, but he kept his eyes trained on the needles.


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                            *MnT listened on, wondering what it was his apprentice was seeing in his mind...*

                            ... Yurza.. There are no needles at all involved in the process... They'll lay you in the tank, with a breather, and the bacta will work on you... And also, I've been in the tanks numerous times myself, not Once have they ever placed two in the same tank.. You've nothing to worry about..

                            *Closing his eyes, he then foused his attention to the lady he'd met in Yurza's room.. She'd not revealed her name to him, but likewise, he had not asked for it.. He felt the discomfort she had been experiancing, from the waves her aura was giving off, and reached out with his mind, telepathically talking to her..*

                            " ... It's ok, he'll calm soon enough.."


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                              Receiving the Knight's message, she just nodded slightly, replying back telepathically, the same way.

                              "I hope so ... Oh, how rude of me. You have given me your name, I still haven't given mine. My name is Lara. Lara May Lee."

                              Lara walked towards the Knight, staring at his apprentice.

                              "I was wondering if I could stay for a few days ... Without no one knowing about it, if it is possible."