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  • Resting

    *It had been a long day, and I decided that it was time for me to rest. I lay in my bed comfortably, reading up on historacle documents on the construction of a lightsaber. It seemed simple enough, but it would take a while to study all of the intricacies of the weapon. I get ready to settle in for a long evening of relaxed study......*

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    A soft knock on the door shattered Morino's concentration. Taja stood still in the hall outside, her visage stern and lacking all traces of compassion, head carried low. What was she thinking, coming here without any prior notification and interrupting her fellow Apprentice to Lordess Dalethria? It wasn't in her nature to act in such a manner around any of her usual peers, be they of higher rank or not.

    Shifting her weight to the other foot, the Sith Disciple clasped her hands together behind her back. It was too late to turn back now, anyway ... whatever was to happen, would.


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      *My concentrations was broken at a knock on the door. I wonder to myself who it could possibly be..... I walk to the door and open it. There she stood.... just as captivating to my senses as ever. I was able to control myself so that I wouldn't react.... save for a widening of my eyes that she shouldn't have seen because her own eyes were downcast.*

      *I quickly bow to her.*

      Lady Taja..... I am greatly honored by your presence.... Welcome to my most humble abode...... Please have a seat. Do you require any sort of refreshments?....

      *If Taja was paying attention, she would notice that my normally cool, layed back demeanor was greatly changed from the norm. I seemed to be rather.... distracted... and if I had been paying attention myself, I would have noticed that the pains caused by my visions had decreased dramatically.... and if I had looked at Taja's face... I would have seen a simillar lessening....*


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        Taja smiled slightly, wringing her fingers together. Nervousness, perhaps, but for what? A strange sense of familiarity ... something completely alien to the Disciple.

        "I thank your, sir, for your kind offer, but it will not be necessary."

        Glancing around briefly, she looked down once more.