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Sneaks into her Parents room

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  • Sneaks into her Parents room

    "Good, Mom must be busy and Pop ain't around."


    She makes her way into the bedroom and leaves a package on the bed that says

    "For Pop only"

    After poking her head out the bedroom door, she saw that the coast was clear and snuck out the front door. She smiled to herself as she walked down the corridor.

    "That was easier then expected."

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    Nuriko walked to her room from a training session, a white towel drapped around her neck. Her forehead had a small yet noticable cut near the hairline, and she dabbed the bit of blood dry with her towel.

    She rounded a corner and nearly crashed right into Sierra. "Sierra?" Her eyes shift to her quarters, not far off. "Were you visiting Rama and Kali?"

    [c]<IMG SRC= width=400 height=229 alt="Property of Rama Sha">[/c]


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      Sierra was trying to think of something to say but was almost at a lost for words.

      "Uh, hi Mom."

      That was poor, quick think of something to say, she thought to herself.

      "No, actually. I was just passing through."

      She put on her best innocent smile.


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        Nuriko narrowed her eyes at Sierra, but then grinned widely. "For shame, you're my daughter. As your father knows quite well, we're incapable of looking innocent."


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          Pouted for a second and then laughed along with her mother.

          "Yeah well, it was worth a shot in the dark."


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            "So then..." Nuriko crossed her arms and looked at the one in front of her that was barely two years younger than she, yet her daughter. She leaned over and then turned her head towards the hallway before she stood back straight and eyed Sierra. "What were you doing, then?"


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              She unconsciously leaned to the left as her mother looked down the hallway. Her eyes locked to Nuri's and shrugged.

              "Exercising the legs?"

              Nope, didn't work. Sierra could tell. It wasn't that big of a deal to tell her. Besides, she was heading to her quarters anyway and would find out.

              "I left something for Pop on the bed."


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                Nuriko blinked. "Not a corpse I hope. I have to sleep there too, ya know."


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                  "If I had a corpse mom, I would've brought it before all in the Council Room." ^_^


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                    :: Pokes the box with a long pole then jumps back down behind the bed. He waits for the sound of an explosin. When it doesn't come he peaks up over the bed at the package. ::


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                      The package does nothing but sit there, waiting to be opened. Although the note that says:

                      "For Pop Only"

                      has been flipped over


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                        :: Points blaster at package with one hand and opens it with the other. ::


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                          There is a card, sealed of course, and something that is wrapped in tissue paper.


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                            :: opens the card ::


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                              Hey Pop,

                              I know that you've been through alot and are still recovering, so you haven't really had much time to spend with me. Slowly I'm getting to know this new Empire but it isn't the same without you or mom. I also know that you've changed quite dramatically from the father I knew in the future. You were still that man when I first met you and I do miss. I don't understand why you changed but I'll stand by you and our family always.



                              PS: Open the package and no it won't explode. It already did once.